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9 Sneaky Signs He Just Wants To Be Friends

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Signs he just wants to be friends are always present; you either ignore them or are unaware of them. Being friend-zoned isn’t a pleasant experience, especially when you’ve invested in the relationship.

Some signs that he wants to be just friends with you are; introducing you as just a friend, advising you to date other guys, not maintaining physical contact with you, being uninterested in your emotional life, undefined the relationship with you, and lots more.

If you’re in an undefined relationship or confused about your place in that relationship, hang on; let’s give you some clarity. This piece will delve into some sneaky signs he just wants to be friends with you, to help you make an informed decision. So let’s get started.

Signs He Just Wants To Be Friends

There are some telltale signs that your acclaimed boyfriend simply wants to be friends with you, no strings attached. Hence, let’s consider nine salient signs he friend-zoned you.

Sign 1: If He Is Not taking a step

Guys are generally desperate on purpose and chase after any lady they like. So if he enjoys flirting with you without taking any step further, that can be a strong sign he is not going to ask you out.

Most times, these signs that he just wants to be friends with you can be so real and right before your eyes. But you were hopeful the relationship would progress, or maybe you just didn’t notice them.

Sign 2: He Introduces You As A Friend


For instance, if you are hanging out with him and bump into your friends, who believe you’re courting, unfortunately, he introduces you as “just a friend.” Wait no further; that’s one of the signs he just wants to be friends with you.

However, he might be a very secretive guy who wants all of his life to be private. Nonetheless, he should not hide his relationship from his closest friends. If he hides your relationship with him from them, this very scenario shows a sign that he just wants to be a friend.

Sign 3: He Avoids Physical Contact

If a guy likes you, most of the things he does will reflect that. Sometimes, when he tries to hide these feelings or wants to play “Hard to Get,” he just can’t. This is because a guy will find it hard to stay away when they are in love and want a relationship.

However, keeping a distance is one of the true signs he just wants to be friends, so don’t get carried away. Most of a guy’s time and personal space go in the direction he seems to care about the most. So the saying goes, “Where the heart of a man is, is where his woman lies.” When he maintains this kind of distance, then he isn’t interested in you.

Sign 4: When He Wants You To Date Other Guys

Relationships can be very interesting and weird at the same time. But it gets weirder when he convinces you to date someone else even when you’re still together. Despite the fact that this appears to be the type of guy who doesn’t want to be all possessive and such, that attitude conceals a deeply hidden secret. It could be a sign that he has friend-zoned you.

Most men are naturally jealous and wouldn’t want to share the love of their life with anyone. Hence, getting this permission from your acclaimed boyfriend is a red flag. Watch out. On the other hand, you can have a dialogue with him to know what’s on his mind.

Sign 5: Follow Your Instincts

This is one significant sign that he just wants to be friends; however, don’t allow your feelings to cloud your judgment. Women have that strong instinct that speaks to them loud and clear, which 85% of guys don’t have.

When these voices speak from within your head, listen; and when your heart says no, obey. Following your instincts may confuse you and break your heart at times, but it will undoubtedly benefit you in the long run.

You must let go of all your feelings and hopes that you will receive love in proportion to what you give. Whenever your heart says stop, please stop, pause, and ponder.

Sign 6: He Makes Advances To Your Friends

Some funny scenarios can play out, and you’d notice your guy making some advancements to your friend right in front of you. This is the wrong move, and when a card like this is pulled out, that’s a sign he just wants to be friends.

You must frown immediately at that advancement toward your friend. You’ll need to define your relationship with him to know your next course of action.

Sign 7: He Believes You Both Can Just Be Friends


Relationships either become messy or good enough to make you happy. Yet instead of a push for a relationship,  you discover he is a strong believer in “we can just be friends”

This sign that he just wants to be friends might not be so far-fetched or hidden. This is so that you won’t say you were unaware of his carefree attitude toward the relationship.

You might be overestimating his feelings for you, especially when he hasn’t said anything in that light beforehand. But unfortunately, he might be a strong believer in “Can’t we be friends?”

Sign 8: He Often Splits Every Bill

If he’s interested in being more than a friend with you, he’ll settle every bill without asking you for help. A guy who earns more but still strictly shares bills with you doesn’t want to have any emotional attachment to you. However, this may not be considered a red flag, but it’s a bad sign if you’re expecting something more than just a friend.

Sign 9: Too Busy To Spend Time With You

Two hearts beat as one, as the saying goes. If you’re emotionally connected, you’ll have time for each other. But when he’s too busy to set aside quality time for you, then he sees you as “just friends” with no strings attached. As a result, you’d need to make time to tell him how you feel and understand his perspective on the relationship.

Signs He Just Wants To Be Friends – Conclusion

You should now be able to tell when he’s interested in you and when he’s just looking to hook up for a little while before moving on.

Now that you’re aware of the signs he just wants to be friends, the question is: why hold on to the relationship until he says so himself? If he shows one of these or more, kindly create a communication medium and understand his position and intentions in the relationship.



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