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Perris Homeowners

Understanding Unique Factors That Impact Home Insurance in Virginia

Your home insurance policy is critical to protecting your home and property. Your insurance policy protects you against theft, natural disasters, and other unexpected events. Homeowners insurance gives you the financial security you need to protect your home. You also get peace of mind knowing you’re protected against the unexpected. There are many different kinds ...

Salman Rahat

Gift Experiences to Your Clients This Year as a Realtor

A real estate agent must cultivate enduring connections with their clients that extend far beyond the consummate transaction. The “closing gift” has been the dominant (and anticipated) practice for years. We know genuine client loyalty is built by displaying care from the onset, yet some real estate agents would never give up the standard closing ...


Disadvantages of Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust

An Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust (IDGT) is a trust in which the grantor creates particular arrangements to ensure that, following their death, any assets remaining in the trust would be taxed at one or more levels prior to being transferred to beneficiaries. IDGTs are an effective estate planning option for those who desire to leave ...

Hassan Javed

Top Use Cases for Gator Lending in Real Estate Investing

Top Use Cases for Gator Lending in Real Estate Investing

In recent years, gator lending has become a reliable option for real estate investors who have found it difficult to raise money from traditional lenders. Since Pace Morby launched the idea, gator lending has become popular and has taken various forms, meeting the needs of different real estate investors.   In what follows, we highlight the ...