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Hassnain Baloch

Debt Consolidation

A Wide Field of Market Players in Debt Consolidation

Loans and financing are big business today. That fact is proven by the growing number of financial institutions working in the field and providing related services directly to consumers. Most of them fall into specific categories, targeting certain parts of the market versus trying to be financing generalists. These include: Student loan consolidation Revolving debt ...


What Are Statutory Deductions?

A statutory body or statutory authority is a body set up by law (statute) that is authorized to execute certain legislation on behalf of the relevant country or state, sometimes by being authorized or delegated to set rules (for example, regulations or statutory instruments) in their field. In Nigeria, what are statutory deductions? is not ...

Salman Rahat

Understanding Stock Price Manipulation to avoid losses

The term stock price manipulation refers to several unlawful actions intended to artificially increase or decrease the value of a publicly listed stock. These actions are against the law, damage investors, and jeopardize the integrity of the financial markets, with dire repercussions for those engaged. Different Stock Price Manipulation Techniques 1. Pump & Dump Agreements ...


The Comprehensive Role of Insurance Agencies

In a world that’s always changing and full of surprises, looking out for your assets, health, and loved ones is key. That’s where insurance agencies come in as vital partners in your financial journey. They act as go-betweens for people and insurance companies, offering a variety of policies to suit different needs. In this blog ...