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Sustainable Restaurant

Making Your Restaurant More Sustainable

With the climate crisis looming over us, the concept of sustainability is rapidly gaining traction across all industries. The restaurant sector is no exception, with many business owners and customers alike calling for more eco-friendly practices. Not only does going green help the environment, but it can also bolster your restaurant’s reputation and can be ...

Mary John


10 Visible Signs Of A Broken Man

What does it mean to be broken? Let’s start from there. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines broken as “shattered into pieces, subdued completely.” Now, when we relate it to a person, saying someone is broken means the person has been subdued and shattered into pieces. Thus, a broken man is a man who has undergone deep, ...

Mary John


Why Do We Want What We Can’t Have – 7 Possible Reasons

It is common knowledge that people always want things that they cannot have. Whether it is the latest clothes, shoes, laptops, gadgets, phones, cars, art pieces, homes, or even a person, We usually summarize it by saying that humans are never satisfied. While everyone has their reasons for wanting those things, one truth remains: the ...