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12 Common Substitute for White Vinegar 

Making a recipe that calls for white vinegar and you don’t have it? White vinegar is a type of vinegar that’s made from distilled grain alcohol. It has a strong, harsh flavor and is often used in pickling recipes and even as a cleaner. It’s a versatile ingredient that adds a serious hit of acidity ...

Hassan Javed

Lunch Order

How To Place a Lunch Order on The Train?

The train is a fun and scenic way to travel. Plan for meals on the train to ensure you get a good one. Thanks to services and technology, doing PNR status check and ordering lunch on the train is now easier than ever. From getting ready to place your order, this guide will walk you ...


11 Best Sides for Walking Tacos

Walking tacos have become a popular choice at casual parties and outdoor events. The portability of these handheld pleasures, stuffed with a delectable combination of meat, cheese and toppings, makes them popular with both children and adults. However, hostesses and party planners frequently consider what to offer alongside these wonderful delights. While the walking taco ...