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How To Place a Lunch Order on The Train?


The train is a fun and scenic way to travel. Plan for meals on the train to ensure you get a good one. Thanks to services and technology, doing PNR status check and ordering lunch on the train is now easier than ever. From getting ready to place your order, this guide will walk you through the steps for lunch order in train and give tips to improve your dining experience.

Preparing to Place an Order

To make sure you have a good lunch when you order it on the train, you need to plan. Remember to consider food delivery time, ordering options and the delivery station. Let us understand these aspects in detail: 

Timing considerations

It depends on the time of day and how to order lunch. There are many things to consider:

  • Assess the duration of the trip. For longer trips, you should order more than one meal or bigger portions to stay full.
  • Write down the stops your train will make, or keep checking your train route on a mobile app. You can get food from vendors or go to nearby restaurants at major train stations with longer stops.
  • Figure out how hungry you are and plan your meals around that. You should plan your meals around how you usually eat and then change them to fit the train schedule.

Available Options for Ordering

Before lunch order in train, take a look at these options:

  • Many trains have pantry cars or staff who sell food to passengers. Most of the time, they only serve freshly prepared meals and snacks.
  • E-catering services are top-rated because they let people order food from many restaurants with various food options. People can use these platforms to order food online or over the phone, which will be brought to their seats at certain train stations.
  • Train apps that deliver food make it easier to place an order. These apps simplify ordering by giving you real-time tracking, safe payment options and an easy-to-use interface.

Necessary Information to Have on Hand

To make ordering more accessible and accurate, certain information must be easy to find:

  • Write down the train number, the station where it leaves from, and where it’s going.
  • Know your seat or berth number so your meal can be brought to your seat.

Methods of Placing Lunch Orders

Every method of lunch order in train has its pros and cons. Let’s look at each way:

Onboard Catering Services

The Indian Railways offers onboard pantry carts or catering services in long-distance trains. You can book your meal with your ticket or after boarding the train.

The Indian Railways’ pantry cart offers several regional delights and staple favorites in food options. There is a wide variety, from piping hot chai to savory snacks and wholesome meals.

To place an order, simply flag down the pantry attendant as they pass through your coach. Browse the menu or just ask for the options available and order food to be delivered to your seat. Depending on the facilities on board, meals can be paid for in cash or digitally. 

E-Catering Services Via Website or Apps

E-catering services have changed how people order food on trains by giving them more convenient and varied options. The usual steps for ordering via the e-catering website or apps are as follows:

  • Passengers can place food orders online through the IRCTC website or e-catering platforms run by third-party vendors such as Railofy. 
  • It is an easy process where passengers can log into the platform of their choice and enter their PNR number to check the train schedule.
  • This will display the halts of their train online, and it is easy to see the stations marked for the availability of food delivery.
    One can place the order depending upon the suitable time and the next feasible halt. 
  • E-catering platforms offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and regional specialties and foods worldwide.
  • Partner restaurants or catering services make meals to order and deliver them to the passenger’s seat whenever the train arrives at the chosen station. 

WhatsApp bots

IRCTC-authorized third-party WhatsApp bots, such as the Railofy Whatsapp Bot and Railofy Hotplate, have made it easier to order food on the train. To place your lunch order in train via a food booking WhatsApp bot, take the following steps:

  • WhatsApp your PNR status check number to the WhatsApp bot number of your choice. 
  • When prompted by the bot, confirm your journey details.
  • Select the station for food delivery. 
  • Once you have done this, you will be guided to select your favourite cuisine. Pick the same and select from the array of available meals from the options. 
  • You can then proceed to make a secure payment and confirm your order. 
  • The same will be delivered to your seat when the designated train halt arrives. 

Tips To Use While Placing Food Orders

Some of the tips that are super helpful while placing lunch order in train are:  

  • Make plans and place orders ahead of time: To avoid problems at the last minute and ensure your preferred meal is available, make plans and place your order well before your trip.
  • Check Your Train Schedule and Catering Services: Before you place lunch order in train, check your train schedule, PNR status check and catering options. Avoid delays and service interruptions that come out of the blue with this.
  • Read reviews and ratings of vendors or catering services: Before you order food from e-catering platforms or mobile apps, read reviews from other customers to find out how good the food is and how reliable the service is.
  • When choosing menu items, think about dietary needs and restrictions: When you place your order, be sure to let them know if you are a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or halal person.


Lunch order in train can make your trip easy by giving you a tasty and filling meal. This complete guide will make it easy to place your order and have a memorable train meal. Train dining can be a pleasure if you plan and pay attention to the little things like PNR status check and food availability, whether you use onboard catering e-catering platforms or mobile apps.


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