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Smash Negativity Team


Blue Heart Emoji: What Does It Mean?

Smiles and expressions of love and admiration are an essential part of the modern Internet. Users share these little icons while spending time on Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, or publishing blog posts. They do it to say more about what they feel or to tell the audience something that cannot be told in words. Additionally, many ...

Smash Negativity Team


16 Signs You Are An Attractive Man

Have you ever noticed that ladies pay close attention to whatever you say? They don’t argue, no matter what you are talking about or even when you’re wrong. Your charming looks and demeanor draw ladies and even some men close to you. However, being an attractive man is not so much about looks; the unseen ...

Grace Ehimare


12 Clear Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You

Your neighbors are key players in your environment. If you’ve got good ones where you all look out for each other and are happy or sad together, you are truly blessed. If you have nosy, hateful, or grumpy neighbors, then this article is for you. The truth is, no matter how good you are, there’s ...

Joy Ayaya


Why Do Serial Cheaters Want To Stay Married? 9 Possible Reasons

Does it not sound so strange that someone will be married and still decide to cheat, be unfaithful, break the hearts of their partners, and still decide not to let go? Why not remain faithful to your partner or remain unmarried to cheat in peace? Infidelity leaves permanent damage to a relationship and the victims. ...