Joy Ayaya

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Joy Ayaya


How Old to Work at Wingstop? Wingstop’s Employment Requirements

Just like every other organization has a certain age requirement for employment, Wingstop as an organization, also has one. Navigating through the appropriate age of employment at Wingstop, anyone with a yearning for crispy, tasty chicken might be easily drawn in by the aroma of sizzling wings emanating from a Wingstop restaurant. Young people looking ...

Joy Ayaya


Do Men Like To Be Chased? 12 Viewpoints

The answer to this question is a very tricky one. One has to consider many things when getting the right answer. As the years evolve, things change. Many things we saw as abnormal in the past are becoming normal now. The journey and story of love have always portrayed men as hunters and women as ...

Joy Ayaya


When A Guy Talks About Marriage Too Soon

While it might not be entirely out of place to talk about marriage so soon in a relationship when you meet someone you love, it might also look so awkward in a new relationship, making her uncomfortable. Time has proven to be everything. One of the ways to prove that you love her is to ...