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Benjamin Ibeh


18 Clear Signs You’re His Dream Girl

Love is a beautiful thing, and a girl wants to hear about how much she’s loved and dreamed of as often as possible. If a man is in love with you but you haven’t heard him say you’re his dream girl, there’s really no cause for alarm. While you’re waiting for the magic words, take ...

Comfort Etim


Confused About A Guy? 10 Ways To Go About It

Every girl wants to feel secure in a relationship; however, it becomes a tough nut to crack when you meet a guy, like him enough; he ticks all your boxes, but then you don’t know where you stand in his life or where he stands in yours. That’s simply how one is confused about a ...


10 Clear Signs A Guy Is Unhappy In His Relationship 

Relationships are complex and demand continuous effort from both partners to maintain happiness and satisfaction. However, even in the most perfect partnerships, moments of unhappiness can occur. While the female counterparts are often stereotyped as being more expressive about their emotions, the males also experience a range of feelings, including unhappiness in their relationships. Identifying ...