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18 Clear Signs You’re His Dream Girl

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Love is a beautiful thing, and a girl wants to hear about how much she’s loved and dreamed of as often as possible. If a man is in love with you but you haven’t heard him say you’re his dream girl, there’s really no cause for alarm. While you’re waiting for the magic words, take a minute to understand that for men, actions speak louder than words.

A man may not have told you how much you mean to him, but deep down, you feel it.
Therefore, a man may not necessarily tell you that you’re his dream girl, but there are certain clear signs that speak so loud. These signs are visible in your relationship, but you’ve yet to see them.
This article will bring each of these signs to your attention.

18 clear signs you’re his dream girl

1. He feels at ease around you

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You notice how much he feels at ease around you? Whenever he’s going through so much stress, seeing your face lights up his face. Whenever he’s with you, he instantly becomes really happy because of your presence alone.
Being next to you puts him at ease and instantly triggers happiness; that’s a sign you’re his dream girl.

2. He is always available for you

If your man is always available for you and tries to help you out in any way possible, that’s a sign that you’re his dream girl. It shows he loves you and wants to be there for you whenever you need him, even if it means going out of his way. He doesn’t mind. He can never be too busy to listen to you.
However, if a man always puts you off and calls you busy every time you ask a favor, you need to question your place in his life.

3. He is not interested in other women

Another clear sign that you’re his dream girl is that he’s become uninterested in other women. He doesn’t notice them in a romantic way; he doesn’t think about cheating on you; he only has eyes for you. This is because he sees you as his one and only; he thinks you are unique and irreplaceable. All in all, he has a heightened sense of respect for you.

4. He lets you in on his life

A man who feels you’re his dream girl is comfortable opening his heart out to you and sharing emotional moments with you. He also reveals his flaws and quirks without fear of judgment.

5. He talks about marriage and the future with you

A man who talks about his future with you sees you as his dream girl. Marriage is a big step, one that is not to be taken too lightly; therefore, if he can’t wait to get married to you, get babies, and raise a family, it shows he is serious about you. He talks about his future with you because he can’t imagine spending it with someone else; it’s you he wants to spend forever with.

6. He puts you as a priority

When a man sees you as his dream girl, you are no longer an option for him; you become a priority. He puts your needs at the top of his mind; he makes time for you and does his best to balance your needs with his job, career, hobbies, and social life. He makes decisions that work in favor of the relationship; he is not selfish in his dealings with you and tags your happiness as important.

7. You can feel it

Your intuition will always tell you something about him.
You know you are the woman of his dreams when you feel like you are, because if you feel like he doesn’t love you, then he doesn’t love you. So if you feel it deep inside you that he values and respects you and that he’s making you feel wanted, that’s a sign you’re his dream girl.

8. You can talk about anything with him.

When a man listens to you, understands you, and focuses his attention on you while you tell your long, sometimes tiring stories, that’s a sign you’re his dream girl. He always makes an effort to be with you and build mutual rapport; he makes plans with you and looks for little reasons to talk to you or be around you; he loves spending personal time alone with you; rest assured that you’re his dream girl.

9. He tells you so.

Showing signs is one thing, but hearing the words hits differently. If your man constantly tells you that you’re his dream girl, then believe it. His words are his feelings; his feelings are the sign you need. When a guy sees you as the woman of his dreams, he makes damn sure to show it to you as well. He does everything for you to make you feel special with his words, actions, and gestures.

10. He wants to meet your family, and he wants you to meet his family

If he asks about your family, wants to know each member of your family, and asks to meet them, that’s a sign that you’re his dream girl. A man who wants to meet your family wants to spend the rest of his life with you. Furthermore, if he decides to introduce you to his family, he’s indirectly telling you that you’ve become a part of his life, and he wants his parents and siblings to see you as such. It means you’re his dream girl.

11. He makes investments for the future

A lot of men love planning for the future because they want to ensure the convenience and comfort of their future spouses and kids. They might start up a business, build a house, buy a car, etc. If he usually talks to you or asks your opinion about several investments he plans to make, then he’s definitely planning something. He wants to spend his life with you, and you’re obviously his dream girl.

12. He compliments and praises you.

If a guy likes you, he won’t mind moving heaven and earth just to make you smile. He becomes your compliment bank, showering you with sweet names and compliments when you do something exceptional or when he just feels like it. His compliments make you understand your worth when you feel low and boost your confidence level; that’s a sign you’re his dream girl.

13. You share his dreams and values

If you notice him developing an interest in the activities you love, he consciously or unconsciously aligns his hobbies and interests to fit with yours. It shows how similar you both are; that’s a sign you’re his dream girl.

14. There’s love in his eyes.

Research shows that when a man stares at a woman for up to 8 seconds or more, it means he feels a connection to her. The eye is the mirror of our hearts. Therefore, the way he looks at you says a lot about his feelings for you. Eye contact is one of the best ways to show interest.
If you catch him staring at you at times with a deep level of intensity such that you feel your heart flutter or he looks straight into your eyes when you cross paths, that’s a sign you’re his dream girl.

15. He takes your stand

A man who holds you up, watches your back, and keeps you company loves you. He is the one who supports you in the crowd, takes your stand, and prevents you from being humiliated. He knows you’re his dream girl, and he feels it’s his duty to keep you from harm.

16. His friends love and accept you

A very clear sign you’re his dream girl is when his friends love and accept you. Men do not joke with their friendships; therefore, he would definitely introduce someone he wants to spend his life with to his family and friends. It shows that he considers you his own family.

17. He unconsciously mirrors your actions

A man who sees you as his dream girl unconsciously mirrors your actions.
Imitation is said to be the sincerest form of flattery. Therefore, mirroring someone’s action is like a genuine compliment. He subconsciously copies your gestures, attitude, or body language. It’s a sign that he admires you and shares your energy.

18. He seeks your approval

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Whenever he wants to make any decision, privately or publicly, he wants to know your reaction. He would consider your viewpoint and approval before coming to a conclusion.

On a final note

Being a man’s dream girl is the dream of many girls. These dreams come true for some because a man who loves you and wants to spend forever with you will either tell you or show you.
It’s true that men can do all these sweet things and disappoint you later, but in order to be in the safe lane, you’ll always spot a red flag during your talking stage, so you should know how to handle it.
If you are his dream girl, you’ll know.
The signs are always there, and a man’s actions speak louder than his words. Keep this tip at your fingertips.

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