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14 Noticeable Signs He Adores You 

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Having a man who adores you in your life is one of the sweetest things that can happen to any woman. That feeling you get when you realize that someone you love even loves you more. You feel like thanking God every day of your life for bringing such an amazing man into your life.

It’s not just about having a man in your life. Does he adore you? Does he treat you specially and make you feel loved? Do you feel like planting a kiss on his head and saying to him, ‘You  are such a darling’

I love love, and I love men who adore their women more. When he adores you as a woman, the signs are clear and evident. He doesn’t even need to tell you that he adores you before you know that he does. There is a saying that action speaks louder than words. Let’s look at some of the evident signs he adores you.

14 Signs He Adores You

1. He puts you in his plan

One of the first noticeable signs he adores you is that he puts you in his plans. He sees you as a very important part of his life and this is why when he is making any plan, he is not just thinking about himself; he is also thinking about you. It’s a sign that he is selfless. And one of the ways to know if he loves you is that he wouldn’t be selfless.

They say Love is not selfish. Putting you in his future plans is an indicator that he wants you to spend his future with him. Any man who makes you a part of his plan truly loves you and it is one of the signs he adores you.

2. He is interested in the things you love

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Another way to tell if he adores you is that a man who adores you takes an interest in the things that interest you. Just because you love it, he wants to do it with you. He is ready to explore and try out new things because of you.

Sometimes he might not really like it but because doing the things you love with you will allow him to spend quality time with you and also be a way to build stronger bonds, he is ready to do it. If he does this with you, don’t take it for granted because it’s one of the telltale signs he adores you.

3. He tells you everything

Men are generally known to keep a lot of things to themselves. However, it’s usually a different case when a man adores a woman. This is because he would always share everything with her.

One of the sure signs he adores you is that he will always tell you things without holding back anything. He would be so honest and straight with you. He would keep no secret from you and his life would be like an open book to you. A man who adores you will see you as his confidant, so he totally confides in you.

4. He makes sacrifice for you

Do you know that there are times that he would find it inconvenient to do things for you? There are some times that he might have to go a little extra mile to get some things done for you because he wants to make you happy and he doesn’t want to disappoint you.

There are many times when he may have to forgo some things just to ensure that he is there for you. It’s not like these things are not also important to him but just because he loves you, adores you and cares for you, he is willing to put these things aside because you are more important and you’re worth the sacrifice. A man is only willing to go the extra mile for a woman he adores.

5. He always want to be with you


One of the signs he adores you that you would also notice is that he always wants to spend time with you. He enjoys your company and he is always looking forward to spending time with you. Just the thought of getting to see you ordinarily gets him excited. Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of being with the one they love?

6. He is always thinking about you

There is a popular saying that your heart is always with the one you love. Among the numerous signs he adores is noticing that he is always thinking about you.  If a man considers you his sweetheart, you’ll always be in his heart.

If a man adores you, he is always thinking about you and how do you even know that a man is always thinking about you? He would let you know this by checking on you; his calls and text messages would always serve as a reminder that you are on his mind. He would remember every little detail about you; he never forgets you or the things that have to do with you.

7. He asks for your opinion before doing anything

A man who truly loves you values you and respects your judgment. He believes you are intelligent and wise. He feels like the only person who can give him the best advice is you, because he knows that you mean well for him. This is because this is the same way he feels about you.

One of the signs he adores you is that he wants you to give your view on major and important things that concern him before he does them. It’s not like there are no other people that he could talk to or get advice from but he prefers to get advice from you because he values you, he respects you and you mean everything to him.

8. He listens to you

One of the obvious signs he adores you is that he listens to you. This man gives you a listening ear when you want to talk to him; he pays so much attention to the things you want to tell him. Sometimes, he may even have to suspend the things he is doing because he can pay attention to you. It’s a huge sign that he respects you. Let me tell you, if you find a man who does this, it is a sign that he adores you so much.

9. He makes your happiness his priority

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Your happiness comes first when a man adores you. He makes that his priority and this is why he will always put you first in everything he does.

10. He supports your goals and dreams

How else can you tell that a man genuinely loves you if he is not supporting your goals and dreams? If he is not supportive, it means that he doesn’t love you or care about your success. One of the sure signs he adores you is his support for your goals and dreams.

He is interested in your success and he is your biggest fan and greatest cheerleader. He would give you all his support and let you know how much he believes in your ability. He would always urge and encourage you to pursue greatness. This can only be done by a man who adores you.

11. He remembers every details about you

He treats you like a serious business; of course, you are his business. Every detail about you is important to him. He remembers everything that concerns you, even the tiniest detail.

He does not forget. It is a sign of a man who is intentional and has so much interest in you. If he remembers every detail about you, it’s a sign he adores you. Oh, we can as well add that he has a retentive memory. But we only remember things that are important to us, so it only means that you are important to him.

12. He is patient with you

There are times you might not be a sweetheart and times you might be annoying, yet he would tolerate you and wouldn’t flare up. He would ignore so many of your wrongs and be quick to forgive you. Guess why he is this patient with you? Because love is patient and he loves you. It’s a clear sign he adores you.

13. He defends and stand up for you

Your man will stand up for you and defend you if he adores you, even in your absence. He can vouch for you and he would never allow anyone to disrespect you.

14. He appreciates your presence in his life

A man who adores you does not take you for granted. He feels blessed that you are in his life and this is why he adores you. This is why he would always make an effort to make you happy. He would appreciate your presence in his life for giving him so much love, happiness and peace because the truth is, a man only adores you when you also love him, make him happy and give him peace. So, one of the signs he adores you that you might notice is being appreciative; he can say it to you or sometimes express it through gifts or other lovely treatment that he feels you will like.


When you meet a man who adores you,. You would know because he would treat you right in every sense. You would have no doubt in your mind that such a man loves you. This is because a man who adores you will always prioritize your happiness in everything he does. If you are with a man who makes you happy, it is a sign that he adores you.




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