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10 Bible Verses about Relationships

  Christians believe their entire life should be guided by the Bible; therefore, they find a justification for everything they do within the pages of the Bible. From business secrets to choosing a career to morals and relationships, there are no exceptions. In fact, the Bible talks more about relationships than other things because relationships ...


10 Different Handshakes

Different handshakes can have different meanings. Handshakes have now become a part of our daily activities and they can be viewed as a universal language because they are a common way to greet someone or say goodbye even when the two parties do not speak the same language. The different handshakes could vary based on ...


All You Need to Know about Middle Child Syndrome

Middle child syndrome” may not be a formal mental health diagnosis but it can sum up a middle child’s experiences pretty well. Middle children can feel neglected, which can lead to some distinct personality traits. Like all children, middle children will have unique needs that may be compounded by their birth order. For instance, they ...


Dating coach

5 Signs It’s Time to Seek Help from a Dating Coach

Image source Do you ever feel like you’re going in circles in the dating world? You match with someone online, go on a few dates, things fizzle out, and then you’re back to swiping again. If this cycle sounds all too familiar, it might be time to call in an expert – a dating coach.  ...