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Would A Player Text You Everyday? Possible Reasons He Keep Texting Everyday

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You met a new guy, and you started talking. Everything is so sweet, exciting, and refreshing. You tease each other and flirt back and forth, and you really think something is coming out of this. However, you’re a tiny bit worried because you want to be sure this guy is genuine and not a player who would toy with your feelings and dump you later or refuse to commit.

In the early stages of dating, it is quite difficult to sniff out a player because it is usually a perfect situation, and it is even more difficult if the major means of communication between you both is through text messages.

This leads us to the question: Would a player text you everyday? The answer to this question is not clear-cut and is both yes and no. So first, let’s look at the characteristics of a player, then answer the question, “Would a player text you every day?”

Characteristics of a PLAYER

  • A player is dishonest and withholds information about himself from the people he is dating.
  • A player only wants to exploit people to get something from them, after which the people are dumped.
  • A player converses on the surface, not really wanting to know so much about you and not really wanting to commit.
  • A player dates multiple people at a time while promising each of them exclusivity.


Now to the question: would a player text you every day? Yes, he would, and here’s why:

1. He Wants to Have Sex With You

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One of the major goals of a player is to have sex with you, and to achieve that goal, he would text you every day.

At first, you may feel flattered and loved, but if you pay attention to the pattern of the texts, you will discover that they have a lot of sexual undertones. Sometimes, you would find yourself very involved in sexting.

The whole conversation revolves around sex because that is what he wants, and through texts or sexting, he would gradually break down your walls of defense until you agreed to have sex with him. You have to be very careful if that is not what you want from him either. Read between the lines and understand what he is doing.

Would a player text you every day? Yes, if he wants to have sex with you.

2. He Wants to Keep You Interested in Him

Would a player text you every day? Yes, he would if he wanted to keep you interested in him. Some ladies are so smart that they quickly discover from the beginning that this guy they met is not who he says he is. Most times, when players notice that the girls have caught on to what they are doing, they switch tactics to keep them interested.

They become so cordial and affectionate and even try to create in-depth conversations that would keep you in.

He does this so he will have someone waiting for him when he is bored with his other activities and wants some fun. He will need you later, so he makes sure he keeps his memory fresh in your mind for when that time comes.

3. He Wants to Earn Your Trust

Trust is a very important part of a relationship. Once you trust someone, you can do absolutely anything for them.

A player understands this, so he will text you every day so he can gain your trust.

He will ask about your life, share some information about himself, share some bad things he did, and open up about his past to you. He’ll tell you anything at all that will make you feel comfortable with him and trust him.

He will make his words so believable that you will think you’re the only one for him. Once he has gained your trust, he can now do anything he wants with you—sex, exploit you for money or fame, ask for favors that would hurt you and benefit him, and others.

Would a player text you every day? Yes, because he wants to gain your trust.

4. He Doesn’t Have Anything To Do

Would a player text you every day? Yes, he would if he didn’t have anything to do.

A player often sees girls as a means of entertainment. When his life is uninteresting, he’ll engage you through texts to keep his life interesting. He notices you are excited to chat with him, and he’ll use it for his own gain.

If you notice the pattern of the conversation, you’ll find out it’s always about him. He is the central focus of the texts, and the minute something exciting comes up, he will abandon you and turn to it.

5. He Wants to Boost His Ego

Players have low self-esteem, but they hide it well. A player wants to always feel like people want him, and that’s why he’s going after different ladies at a time.

The thrill he gets from the different ladies around boosts his ego and gives him bragging rights among his guys.

This makes him feel superior to the other guys and also satisfies his need to be wanted.

Now that is the yes answer to: would a player text you every day? Let’s look at the other side of the coin.


This answer is relevant when the player has already got you in his grips. When you’re head-over-heels and have completely given your trust to a player, he stops texting you every day. Let’s find out why.

1. He Is Not A Texter

A player would not text you every day if he were not a texter. He might prefer calling you or meeting you in person.

Maybe he doesn’t know how to craft words in a way that is appealing and relies instead on his physical looks and mannerisms to charm you off your feet.

Or maybe he is more of a talker and feels better expressing himself in person than behind a phone.

2. He Wants You to Get Hooked on Him

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You may wonder how he can do that. A player knows exactly how to get any lady he wants and has mastered the tactics to a “t.” A player would not text you because he wants you to chase him instead and wants to know he has hooked you.

So after sweetening you for a while (please excuse the language) and getting your attention, he then goes cold and sluggish to text you. You love the attention you’ve been getting, so when you don’t see it anymore, you begin to text him back.

That’s all he wanted.

3. He Gets Bored Easily

Would a player text you every day? No, because he gets bored easily.

It is not easy for a player to keep up with the number of ladies he has to entertain. Between texting, calling, and organizing dates, he would get bored and tired. This would make him not text you every day.

In conclusion, a player’s only interests are his ego, meeting his sexual needs, and toying with ladies’ emotions. He doesn’t care about pursuing a meaningful relationship with you or anyone, and his actions prove otherwise.

In order to keep you interested in him, boost his ego, earn your trust, fill up his free time, and have sex with you, he will text you every day, but once he’s gotten what he wants, it’s goodbye.

So now that you know, it’s up to you to decide what to do.

I’m hoping you’ll make the right choice.

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