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Things to Talk about before Starting a Relationship: 14 Best Questions

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It’s usually an exciting moment when we find someone we love. Everything looks so good in the beginning because we are getting all the love and attention from the one we love.

Even the flutter of butterflies in our stomachs when we think of them or talk to them adds to the charm. Undoubtedly, love is a very beautiful thing!

But then again, they say, Love is not enough. This may stem from the recognition that there are other vital elements to making a relationship successful.

There is a need to know about your partner well before committing to a relationship with them. There are a lot of important things to discuss before you conclude that you want to be in a relationship with someone.

It’s beyond just the euphoria and the butterflies in your belly; there is more to sustaining a relationship. This is the mistake so many people make before deciding to be in a relationship; it’s only after they’ve been committed to the relationship that they realize they can’t be with that person.

People need to understand that sometimes it’s not everyone they love they can date. This is why we are going to consider the important things to talk about before starting a relationship. 

Things to Talk about Before Starting a Relationship

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1. Beliefs 

It’s important to know the beliefs of your partner. It’s a very important subject to consider before you agree to be in a relationship with someone.

If you and your partner have opposing beliefs, this might cause a lot of problems in the relationship. 

 This is why one of the things to talk about before starting a relationship is belief. You need to have open communication about your religion, ethnic background, customs, and life philosophies so that you will know if it’s something that the two parties can work with. This will help prevent any future conflict associated with religion, ethnicity, and life philosophies. 

 2. Genotype 

One of the reasons I said that is that not everyone you love you can be in a relationship with. You will be wasting your time or making a costly mistake with someone without knowing their genotype. 

 You need to be sure that your genotype is compatible with theirs and the only way to find out that is by having a conversation.

The ideal reason for getting into a relationship is to get married; there are other reasons why other people get into a relationship. 

 Especially if your reason for getting into a relationship is to get married, you need to know your partner’s genotype. If you’re AS or SS don’t consider a relationship with someone who is AS or SS. You need to look for an AA partner.

This is one of the things we talk about before starting a relationship. 

 3. Expectations from the relationship 

 When someone asks you to be in a relationship with them, do not always assume that they have the same expectations as you about the relationship.

You do not know what is going on in the other person’s mind. They might just want to have an open relationship, a sort of relationship that is not exactly serious, while you feel that they are committed or want something serious. 

 You need to discuss your expectations and the things you are looking forward to in the relationship, ask questions, and be clear about the intentions of the other person to ensure that both parties are on the same page. 

 Expectations from the relationship are important things to talk about before starting a relationship. It’s important to set clear boundaries and prevent future conflict and misunderstanding. 

4. Your family 

 Many people may feel that talking about one’s family before starting a relationship is not important but it is very important. Before starting a relationship, you must talk about your family.

 Your relationship with your family and most importantly, if there is any practice or tradition in your family you need to let your partner know about these things.

You can’t tell if it might be something they have an issue with or are not comfortable with; they should know before you agree to have a relationship with anyone. In addition to this, talking about family also helps 

5. Finance 

Many times, people try to shy away from this topic before starting a relationship but it is usually a big deal because this has a very significant impact on relationships. Many relationships have ended due to finances. 

 The things you need to talk about before starting a relationship about your finances include your money-spending habits, as different people have different attitudes towards money.

Some people are bad at saving money; understanding this early enough before starting a relationship will help one understand how to compromise if there is a need for it.

How much do you earn and what would the financial aspect be like if you started a relationship? Do you intend to split bills with your partner or what is it going to look like? All of these things need to be discussed to avoid any form of argument about money.  

6. Boundaries 

Boundaries should be discussed before starting a relationship. The individuals need to understand each other’s limits and expectations to ensure mutual respect in the relationship.

While boundaries are important for respect in a relationship, they also help the two individuals know where to draw the line to avoid overstepping.

Knowing each other’s boundaries fosters understanding in a relationship. It also allows the two parties to support each other and avoid unnecessary disagreement.  

7. Strengths and weaknesses 

 There are several reasons why one needs to talk about strengths and weaknesses before starting a relationship. One of the reasons is to promote understanding and help the two individuals know each other better. 

 They know what to expect from each other and they do not have unrealistic expectations of each other. It also helps the two individuals to know areas where they complement each other, areas where they need to compromise, and how they can support each other to overcome their weaknesses. 

 8. Your goals

Also, among the things to talk about before starting a relationship. Talk about your short-term and long-term goals. Your ambition and business plan if there is any.

This is a very important need to understand that it is not everyone you love that will support your goals or life choices.

 It does not work that way. While someone has a goal to achieve a great milestone in their career, it will be surprising to you that some people are not looking for a career person or someone ambitious. 

 You need to have an open conversation with your partner where you let them know about your goals in life and also find out about theirs if it’s something that the two individuals are satisfied with or work with without any clash.

It is better to find someone who believes in your dreams and goals in life, as they will also be able to support you to ensure that you achieve your set goals. 

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9. love languages 

 Our love languages are different; if you are indeed planning a serious relationship with someone you need to know what makes them happy, what makes them feel loved, and how they receive love. 

 There are different ways people receive love and what counts as love language to you might not be the same for other people. There are different love languages for different people. 

 For some, their love language is gifts, while for others, it is spending quality time with them. Understanding love languages before starting a relationship is important, as it helps create a strong emotional and fulfilling connection. 

 10. Fears and insecurities 

 One must discuss one’s vulnerabilities before starting a relationship. This way, you are preparing your partner to know what to expect and why they may behave or act a certain way. It’s a way to ensure understanding in a relationship.

Also, being aware of each other’s fears and insecurities helps the two individuals know how to be empathetic towards each other, identify triggers, and avoid them.

When these insecurities are not spoken about or discussed before starting a relationship, it may lead to conflict and misunderstanding in the relationship at a later time.

 11. Hobbies and interest

There is a need for common interest in a relationship to build a strong emotional connection between two individuals. Sharing one’s hobbies and interests before starting a relationship will help individuals realize their common interests and what fun activities they can enjoy together. 

 This is important in a relationship because it is one of the ways to create a strong bond and spend quality time together when engaging in mutual interest.

It is not always the case that the interests will be mutual but in cases where there are diverse interests or hobbies, it’s an opportunity to explore and learn new fun activities. It also helps in understanding areas where there might be a need for compromise. 

 12. Personality Type 

Given the fact that different people have different personality traits, it is important to understand the personality of an individual before starting a relationship.

Understanding the personality type of someone before starting a relationship will help you understand their behavior. Also, understanding the personality types of each other is useful for compatibility. 

13. Past Relationships 

 Discussing how and what your past relationship looks like is one of the things to talk about before starting a relationship. This will help the individuals know the things that they value in a relationship as they discuss them and it will also help them know the things that are unacceptable to them before starting the relationship.

If it is someone who is intentional and serious about you. They make an effort to avoid the same mistake that happened in your past relationship to avoid breaking up or hurting your feelings.

It is also a good way to ensure openness and transparency in the relationship. 

14. Health status 

 There is a need for you to be open about your health status before starting a relationship. There is no need to hide such an important thing from someone before you start dating. You need to ask questions if they have an underlying health issue.

This is very necessary because it helps one understand the status of their well-being and also gets them ready for any potential challenge that may arise in the future.

It also helps individuals know what they can do to support and care for each other during health-related crises.


Having open communication is very important before starting a relationship. It’s one of the ways to get to know someone well before starting a relationship.

It’s most important that you are clear about the intention of someone before starting a relationship. Do not assume and generalize based on your desire. 

Also, discussing your expectations before starting a relationship is very important to avoid disappointment. If one has the right conversation before starting a relationship, a lot of issues will be avoided, and this is why some of the things that have been mentioned above are important things to talk about before starting a relationship. 

 Most importantly, the essence of having these conversations before starting a relationship is to know if your value and that of the person you are planning to be in a relationship with align or not before you commit yourself to such a relationship. 

The moment you find out the important things about the person you are trying to be in a relationship with, it will help you know if they are people you can be with. If you notice there are differences that you can not put up with, it’s better to end things.

Don’t get into a relationship with the intention that you will change your partner. That is a dream that will never be true. You can’t change people, no matter how much you love them. It’s better to let go. 

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