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What A Mature Woman Wants In A Relationship

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The word “mature” does not always mean old. I’m stating this plainly because that’s the first impression you might have as you settle to read this article. To be mature means to be fully aware of yourself emotionally and mentally, and this can occur at any age in life. If you ask any man on the street who he wants to have a relationship with, he will tell you he doesn’t want an immature woman.

Who is a mature woman? A mature woman is a woman who is self-aware and knows what she wants for her life. Do mature women want a relationship? Yes, they do. However, they have standards and expect certain kinds of behavior from their men.

This article is for men who are in a relationship or aspire to be in a relationship and want to know what a mature woman wants in a relationship. Here, you’ll find the characteristics of a mature woman and what she wants in a relationship.

Let’s begin.

Characteristics of a mature Woman

We’ve already known who a mature woman is; now we learn how to identify her. The characters of the mature woman examined in this article make her stand apart from every other woman you could possibly meet. It makes her attractive and worthy of respect. They include:

1. She Has Control Over Her Emotions

A mature woman has the ability to control her emotions, and before you ask, showing emotions is not a sign of weakness; it is what you do with your emotions that matters. A mature woman never allows her emotions to take over the way she reasons. Instead, she rules over emotions, choosing which to express and when and how to express them.

2. She Chooses Her Words Carefully

A mature woman is not talkative. She knows when to speak and when to keep quiet. She knows that words spoken cannot be retrieved and can tear people down or build them up; therefore, she is careful of what she says and how she says it. Before she speaks, she thinks and weighs her options.

3. She Takes Responsibility for Everything She does

A mature woman always owns up to everything she says or does. She doesn’t pretend or blame other people for something she is responsible for. If she made the wrong call, she owns up to it. She understands teamwork and is willing to take on any responsibility she is assigned. She does not sit idle and allow someone else to handle all the work.

4. She Is Confident in Herself

A mature woman is not a pushover. She does not allow people to sway her one way or the other. She has a mind of her own and thinks through problems before taking action. She doesn’t panic like other people in the face of problems. She takes a decision and stands by it.

5. She is well-mannered

A mature woman has refined manners. She knows when to ignore and when to take action. She accords everyone the respect due to them and apologizes when she is in the wrong. She will never be found fighting dirty or insulting people, no matter the circumstances.

What A Mature Woman wants In Relationship

Now that we know the characteristics of a mature woman, we can now look at what a mature woman wants in a relationship.

1. A Mature Woman Wants Peace

What a mature woman wants in a relationship is peace. As a woman who minds her business, she doesn’t want any form of drama in her relationship.

She desires to have peace of mind in every area of her life, relationships included, and as such, she wants a man whose life is together. Cheating, physical and emotional abuse, and irresponsible behaviors like jealousy and drunkenness from her partner would not be tolerated at all. She doesn’t want a man who magnifies minor problems or struggles with insecurity.

Just as she wants a relationship free from drama, she too will ensure not to bring any drama into the relationship. When you give her peace, she will give it all.

2. A Mature Woman wants Honesty

Nothing says “run” to a mature woman more than dishonesty. Lie once and that is enough to cut you off from her life. A mature woman wants a man who will tell the truth at all times. She wants a man who is genuine, transparent, and straightforward in his dealings.

She wants her relationship to be free from lies, misdirection, or purposely hiding or omitting the truth. She wants to be completely open about things that are bothering you or her in the relationship—something that upsets you or something you both admire and want to practice. What a mature woman wants in a relationship is honesty.

3. A Mature Woman wants Genuine Love

What a mature woman wants in a relationship is genuine love. She is not interested in butterflies in her belly. She is focused on the practical. A mature woman wants to be loved unconditionally and selflessly. She wants to be a priority on her man’s list.

She wants him to put her needs before his own. She wants to be free—no jealousy, no drama, no hurt. She wants her man to understand and accept the differences that come with being them and most of all, she wants to feel content. Being a mature woman also means that she reciprocates everything she wants from a man in their relationship.

4. A Mature Woman Wants a Visionary Man

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A mature woman wants a man who has a plan for his life and their life together. She is not a teenage girl who can easily be swayed by words and promises, no! She knows a man without vision and goals is going nowhere and will only waste her own time.

She wants to know what his plans are for his life, business, career, and family, and how he is working towards actualizing those plans. When she knows this, she can gladly pool together her time and resources to help him achieve his goals and dreams.

Therefore, what a mature woman wants in a relationship is a man who has goals and dreams and is working to accomplish them.

5. A Mature Woman Wants Commitment

A mature woman wants to receive the same energy she is investing in the relationship. If she is all into it, she deserves the same from her man.

A man who has a phobia of commitment is a big red flag for a mature woman. He will always find excuses for one thing or another and blame the woman for any shortcomings in their relationship.

If he is not investing his time, effort, money, space, and resources into the relationship, then he isn’t what she wants. Thus, what a mature woman wants in a relationship is commitment from her partner.

6. A Mature Woman Wants a Companion

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What a mature woman wants in a relationship is someone to do life with. A man who would be by her side through thick and thin, through good times and bad times. She wants someone to hold her hand, someone to gist with, someone to share her happiness and good moments with.

She wants a best friend and if you can’t be that to her, then she doesn’t want a relationship with you.

7. A Mature Woman Wants Loyalty

Loyalty is something no one can do without; however, to a mature woman, loyalty is a deal-breaker. She wants to be sure you have her back at any time and any day, just as she has your back.

She wants a man who is faithful to her. Whether in her presence or absence, you have to be for her and her alone. No cheating, no flirting, no lying, no blackmailing her to her colleagues and family or sabotaging her behind her back. Loyalty is what a mature woman wants in a relationship.

8. A Mature Woman Wants a Confident Man

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A mature woman wants a man who has balls, and not in a literal sense. As a woman who is sure of herself and carries herself with confidence, she expects the same from her man.

She doesn’t want a weak man who can’t stand by his word or who compromises his beliefs at every slight notice.

She doesn’t want a man who feels threatened by her, her successes, or her money. She wants a man who is sure of himself, no matter what.

9. A Mature Woman Wants a Trustworthy Man

A mature woman wants a man she can depend on. She wants to be able to trust you with her money, her resources, her family, and her life. Trust is the foundation of a relationship, because why would you want to be vulnerable with someone who hasn’t got your back?

She wants someone she can rely on and someone she can feel safe with. She wants someone she can share all her secrets with and not be afraid of betrayal. She doesn’t want gossip or talebearers as a partner.

10. A Mature Woman Wants A Man Who Values Her achievements.

What a mature woman wants in a relationship is a man who values her accomplishments. Having worked hard to get everything she has, she doesn’t want someone who will make her feel she doesn’t deserve her wins or taunt her for her accomplishments because he hasn’t gotten much of them.

She doesn’t want a man who feels a woman’s place is beside hers and is not working on her own to be independent.

She wants a man who is proud of her and all she has achieved and who will appreciate and support her as she achieves more.

Mature women do not ask for much; they just want a few things. The best thing about relationships with mature women is that they know what they want and won’t settle for less, and they also bring those characters they want into the relationship. Being in a relationship with a mature woman is heaven on earth for many men and that’s why they’re all looking for mature women to date.

Finally, dear men, I hope this article has been able to explain clearly and bring to your attention what a mature woman wants in a relationship. I pray you find the mature woman you seek.

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