16 Signs You Are An Attractive Man

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Have you ever noticed that ladies pay close attention to whatever you say? They don’t argue, no matter what you are talking about or even when you’re wrong. Your charming looks and demeanor draw ladies and even some men close to you. However, being an attractive man is not so much about looks; the unseen qualities in you can make you attractive to people. Your facial appearance is mostly the first thing people see in physical contact, but it’s just a little fraction of what makes you an attractive man. The content inside of you is what makes you attractive; your looks are just an added advantage. In the 16 signs that you are an attractive man, you will find out who a truly attractive man is and the signs he expresses.

An attractive man is dependable, affectionate, and secure. You can never go wrong with a secure person; insecurities can be toxic, and no one wants to deal with an insecure person. No matter how close the person may be, you can find out the effects of insecurities. An attractive man is faithful to the right course.

Attraction is not only about arousing interest; it’s about alluring people. An attractive man is one that everyone can connect with. An attractive man is one that people are not afraid to show off because of the level of trust he has been able to build with people. Every man naturally wants to be attractive; you can be an attractive man if you are not already. Let’s dive into the 16 signs you are an attractive man to gain more clarity.

16 Signs You Are An Attractive Man

An attractive man combines all types of attractiveness and maintains a balance between them. These types of attractiveness include physical attractiveness, mental attractiveness, and emotional intelligence. Being an attractive man is more than just toned muscles, a V-shaped torso, a packed abdomen, and a handsome face.

An attractive man has struck a very good balance and is neither insecure nor arrogant. In The 16 Signs of an Attractive Man, we will discuss the signs expressed by a truly attractive man in more detail.

1. People are unconsciously drawn to him

An attractive man tends to draw people to himself unconsciously; this is something he does with not much effort but just his presence. This had to do with his physical appearance, first of all, and then the ambience around him. People have different reactions to the presence of an attractive man; it’s either they feel more confident or awkward. Despite their reactions, people still like to stick around an attractive man.

2. An attractive man is kind


RachelScottYoga, Pixabay

A truly attractive man is kind even with his words; an attractive man, no matter his temperament, exudes kindness. They are careful with their use of words because they know the power of words. To use words effectively, kind words generally help them get the desired effects and are much faster at that.

Everyone is capable of making mistakes; those who respond better in the long run by not making such mistakes again are those who were corrected kindly. The effects of kind words are enormous.

3. An attractive man is unable to receive compliments

An attractive man is surprised at the compliments he receives from people. He doesn’t think of himself as attractive; he just believes he is a regular guy. This even increases the attraction people have towards him because his thoughts already proclaim him as someone who is not arrogant or prideful.

An attractive man who is aware of his physical attractiveness doesn’t think much of it. This also makes people like him more and permits them to build trust in him. This is one of the subtle signs of the 16 signs you are an attractive man.

4. He has clarity of purpose

Having clarity of purpose is one of the best things that can happen to a man. Without confusion of purpose, one is always clear about what to get done and how it should be done. An attractive man has a purpose; one is sure of his reason for existence and pursues that purpose with all alacrity. You can find out how to discover your purpose.

A man with clarity of purpose is a man who is void of confusion. An attractive man has a vision he is pursuing. His purpose and pursuit, without his physical appearance, are a source of attraction. His peers will always want to be around him so that they can either like him or compliment him.

5. He is ambitious but content


Monstera Production, Pexels

An attractive man is not too laid-back. Being ambitious means going for what you want with all the strength you have. Being ambitious doesn’t always have to be towards an inordinate object; it can be projected to something good and worthwhile. An attractive man is someone who is motivated to do the right things but is content with himself. He knows when to push forward and when to just stop. This is one of the most pronounced signs out of the 16 signs that you are an attractive man.

6. An attractive man is flexible

An attractive man is flexible and not rigid in any way. Being flexible means he can adapt to any situation and cause it to favor him. In life, not everything will work out your way. An attractive man does not let unfortunate situations deter him, but this doesn’t mean an attractive man is invincible or doesn’t have down times. His ability to bounce back and still perform his duties makes him more attractive. This is one of the amazing signs out of the 16 signs you are an attractive man.

7. An attractive man is dependent

An attractive man is dependable; this is a trait that cannot be overlooked in the 16 signs you are an attractive man. People trust you so much with themselves and things that concern them because you can be depended on.

An attractive man is one whose friends depend on him for quality counsel because they know how dependable he is. Do you have anyone you can always meet for quality counsel and trust that the counsel he or she gives you is always right?

8. An attractive man is honest

An attractive man is honest; honesty is the foundation of trust, and trust is where dependability stems from. An honest man is a very attractive man. This is because a man who is honest manipulates others for his own gain. Honesty facilitates good relationships, and good relationships are what everyone wants.

9. An attractive man is uniquely vulnerable

An attractive man accepts his vulnerabilities and does not see them as weaknesses. Vulnerabilities are necessary for every human because they help us remain balanced, not too high and mighty, and not too low to suffer low self-esteem. A man who accepts his vulnerabilities is not afraid to cry out for help when he needs it.

The old saying that men don’t cry has made many men inaccessible emotionally, and this can lead to terrible breakdowns or violent outbursts, even to the extent of beating up their spouses. Everyone needs help from time to time, and accepting that you cannot do everything on your own is a good way to start accepting your vulnerabilities.

10. He is affectionate yet mature

An attractive man is uniquely affectionate; he is capable of loving himself and others. One who is capable of love knows how best to address people in their good and bad times. An attractive man can connect with others by being affectionate. You can find out how to address people in their trying times.

Maturity goes a long way toward testing one’s emotional intelligence. Men are always looked at as mature because of their body build, but that doesn’t mean every man out there is mature. Maturity is not a function of age but of applied wisdom and learning from your experiences and the experiences of others. A mature man who is affectionate is very attractive.

11. An attractive man is a giver

Giving is something everyone appreciates. The thing about giving is that you gain more from it. An attractive man is a giver, one who is not selfish or stingy with his things. Giving helps you create bonds with people you will not ordinarily have bonds with. If you find it hard to give, you can find out how to inculcate giving as a habit.

12. He has the ability to bounce back

An attractive man can bounce back up after going through traumatic events like the loss of a loved one, heartbreaks, the loss of a job, and so on. Being able to rise back up is one of the amazing signs out of the 16 signs you are an attractive man.

Unfortunate events happen to everyone, regardless of their attractiveness. The ability to stand up after being knocked down in life is a very attractive trait. Not giving up on life despite the circumstances going on around you makes you look attractive. It encourages people to look up to you in a better way than thinking you are just sex on two feet.

13. He has a sure source of income


Jopwell, Pexels

Nothing beats a man who has a sure source of income. A man who has a sure source of income and can carry the weight of bills is a good sign. A good sign is that he is independent and not overly dependent on friends, relatives, and those around him.

14. An attractive man is responsible

An attractive man is a responsible man; he takes responsibility for his actions and doesn’t play the blame game. He doesn’t deny his responsibilities or take them for granted, but he accepts them in good faith. He does what he needs to do when it should be done. He doesn’t blame others for his mistakes; instead, he accepts his faults and works on correcting them.

15. An attractive man is teachable

An attractive man is teachable, and being teachable is one of the best signs out of the 16 signs you are an attractive man. Teachability is the ability to be taught—being able to submit yourself enough to be taught what you don’t know. It’s no news that nobody knows it all; this frees you from the bondage that you must know all things.

You don’t have to know everything for you to be attractive; in accepting that you don’t know everything, the ability to humble yourself and learn is what helps you grow more attractive. An attractive man is not afraid or finds it degrading to learn from his female counterparts or those around him. People below him can be either those in lower positions than himself at work or those younger than him in age.

The emphasis is being placed on those lower than him because it’s much easier to learn from someone above you in the hierarchy than from those lower than you. You may think it’s condescending, but it’s not. There is wisdom in learning from those you might not ordinarily enjoy learning from because everyone goes through different things differently.

16. He has a large intellectual capacity

A large intellectual capacity is a major feature seen in an attractive man. It is a very important sign out of the 16 signs that you are an attractive man. Without looking at the physical appearance of a man, a man who speaks intelligently is always regarded as attractive. Without a shadow of a doubt, a man who thinks and speaks intelligently must have a vast base of knowledge.

This is by no means saying you must know everything; what this implies is that an attractive man must know his onions. Knowing his onions doesn’t mean he should be ignorant about everything else, but he should know a few other things that are also necessary.


An attractive man is a non-conventional man who is also a non-conformist. He goes all out to do what is right for himself and others without compromise. He is someone who checks all the boxes of expectations, but in a unique way. Every man is different from each other, and this includes different temperaments, upbringings, approaches to life, and many other things, but there is a common ground for all attractive men.

The 16 signs you are an attractive man have highlighted the common ground where all attractive men match up. The signs of an attractive man don’t limit you from practicing good health habits like not smoking, not drinking alcohol, drinking enough water, eating fruits regularly, etc., and financially intelligent habits like savings, investments, and so on. If you express all the signs stated above, the better, and if you do not, you can inculcate them. It takes only 30 days to form any habit; do not think you can’t. While trying to inculcate them, be patient with yourself, give yourself enough time to adjust, and always remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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