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16 Signs You Are Unattractive (The Remedy)

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Ever wondered about your looks? Do you feel a little awkward about your facial looks in particular? Do you think you are unattractive? If yes, that’s why we’ve put out these “16 signs you are unattractive” to help assuage your thoughts.

The problem might not be in your face. Oftentimes, people seem unattractive due to unappealing traits, habits, and lifestyle choices. All this paints an unflattering picture of their personalities.

Being unattractive facially or generally does not in any way make you any less of a great person. All you need might be a little self-confidence and some conscious work to prop up your attractiveness.

This article will talk extensively about 16 signs you are unattractive. If you think you are unattractive to people, then read on to ascertain if you are truly unattractive, and what to do about it.

16 Signs You Are Unattractive

Let’s dive in!

1. You Lack Self Confidence

This is number one on our list because your self-confidence is key to being attractive. If you are not confident about your looks and are always trying to wear a hoodie in a bid to cover your face, that could be a telltale sign that you are unattractive.

You could be uncomfortable in your own skin, wishing you were a bit fairer or darker. Then you go ahead and get bleaching and skin tanning creams to help you look the way you want. That could be a sign that you are also unattractive.

You don’t care about the health risks those chemicals can pose to your skin and overall health. There is no better sign you could have gotten for yourself than the one you already have. Lack of self-confidence is one of the 16 signs you are unattractive. This article about building a positive mental attitude can be a launching pad for building your self-confidence.

2. You are Often Bullied and Segregated


When you notice that you are often bullied by your peers and excluded from an event they’re planning, it could be a great sign you are unattractive.

For instance, a friend of yours was asked to get some of her beautiful friends for an ushering event. She informs everyone in your circle but you. They all went together for the event, leaving you out. You may be unattractive.

Being often bullied and left out of important things by so-called friends could be a sign they don’t want to identify with you publicly or in a particular way. So, if you experience that often, watch out; maybe your friends don’t find you attractive. That is one of the 16 signs you are unattractive.

3.  You Hardly or Overly Receive Compliments

Compliments are a reliable indicator of attractiveness. If people rarely give you compliments concerning your looks, it could be a sign that you are unattractive.

In some cases, you may get compliments like “your dress is beautiful,”  but you may never get a “you are beautiful” compliment. This should be a tell-tale sign that you are unattractive.

On the other hand, if your friends and family compliment you more than necessary, it could be a sign that you’re unattractive. They were only trying to make you feel good, or maybe tease you. Probably. Watch out for the extremes.

4. You are Uncomfortable Around Attractive People

How do you react when you encounter a truly beautiful person? Unattractive people often become frustrated when they are with pretty people. The inferiority complex sets in, and you begin to see what those attractive people possess that you don’t.

Attractive people don’t react negatively to other beautiful people. They know they are also beautiful. If pretty people drive you crazy, then it’s a sign that you are unattractive. The funny thing is that you have to first look attractive to yourself before others.

Probably, you feel inferior because you hate your natural build. You have to believe in yourself and love your unique looks because you can’t change them. That’s the first step to breaking out from self-hate.

The issue may not be your facial appearance but your overall looks. Nobody looks down on a well-dressed person. People will often grade your attraction level based on your looks.

5. You Barely Get Dates

If, as a lady, you hardly get attention from potential partners, you immediately blame your looks. There is a tendency to think that the real problem might be something else entirely.

If you get outshone by your very beautiful friends and colleagues and men don’t chase or retain you, it could be a sign that you are unattractive. It might be due to both your undesirable character and your unattractive appearance.

Yes, our character, attitude, and overall approach towards people and life in general can either make or mar our attractiveness before others. People easily feel attracted to positive people because of the soothing effect it has. Be positive, true, and kind; that may be all you need to nail that date.

6. Your Girlfriend Rarely Posts Your Pictures Online

We get to post things and people we love online. We do that often because we want people to know they are ours. You can’t possibly post things or people you are not proud of on social media.

If your partner seems to post various things and people online but never or rarely posts a picture of you, it could be that she’s embarrassed by you. Consider it a sign you are unattractive. As childish as that may sound, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

7. People are More Interested in Your Friends

People may get close to you not because they like you but because they want to be close to your best friend. If you find people you consider friends always asking about your best friend and speaking well of them, it could be a sign that you are unattractive.

Pay attention to what they are saying about you behind your back. You find out those so-called friends totally find you unattractive.

8. It’s Tough to Take a Good Photo


The camera never lies, especially one with high pixels. If you often find it hard to get a nice photo of yourself using your camera, it’s an obvious sign you don’t find yourself unattractive. You are likely going to portray that mindset about yourself to others if you believe that.

Attractiveness isn’t only tied to our natural build. You can look attractive even if “society” doesn’t consider you beautiful. Pay attention to your clothing. Stick to the style that fits you best. Couple that with a good character, and you are bound to look very attractive.

“Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Physical beauty fades, but our inner beauty sticks forever. A good character is the only beauty that can stand the test of time.

9. People Avoid Eye Contact With You

When someone looks into your eyes, face to face, it’s a way of saying, “I am attracted to you.” If the opposite sex never does that to you, it’s a tell-tale sign you are unattractive.

People avoid eye contact with people they find unattractive. They also may not allow you to touch their faces or hold hands with them while taking a walk because they feel embarrassed by you.

One of the 16 signs you are unattractive is that people avoid making eye contact with you, especially those of the opposite sex.

10. Maintaining Poor Hygiene

You may not pay attention to it, but poor hygienic care for something as little as your nails may be a deal breaker for many partners. Your fingernails are a strong indicator of your overall hygiene.

If you have dirt under your long, overgrown nails, potential partners may perceive you as being dirty. How do you care for the rest of the body when you can’t take care of something as little as the fingernails? If you neglect basic body hygiene, you are likely unattractive to people. That is a sign you are an unattractive person.

11. Lousy Posture and Walking steps

Your posture is crucial to your attractiveness. Each time you slump your shoulders or hunch your back when you walk, you change how others perceive you.

Posture is one of the most common pieces of body language that many people analyze to understand how a person feels or behaves. Lousy posture sends the wrong messages of low self-esteem, fear, and weakness to people. Studies also prove that expansive postures are more attractive and are more likely to get men a “yes” to a date.

People who walk, talk, and hold their heads high look highly attractive. It makes them seem proud, confident, and self-assured. If you carry yourself any less than these, then it’s a sign you are unattractive.

12. Boisterous Behavior

Do people frequently ask you to quiet down? Socially awkward habits like this can negatively affect your physical appeal. In general, we are attracted to people who are calm and observe social norms. People who are mindful of the people around them while speaking easily command respect and attraction.

Unattractive people are usually loud and boisterous. They show their confidence and excitement in a loud and embarrassing way. If people tend to bow their heads in shame or shut you up while you speak, it could be a sign that your actions and insensitivity make you look unattractive.

13. Wearing Baggy or Undersized Outfits


Many people choose clothes that don’t match their age, body proportions, or body type. Some women wear baggy clothes to conceal their physical insecurities. Some others make the opposite mistake of wearing extremely tight and undersized clothes in a bid to accentuate their body figures.

The truth is that neither of these stylistic choices makes you a more attractive person; rather, they make you more unattractive. You may think you’re doing your body a favor by dressing inappropriately, but most people look far better in outfits that fit their body and shape.

If people, especially your close friends, complain regularly about your dress sense, then it is a great sign that you are unattractive. Stop choosing unflattering outfits. It’s time to change your wardrobe. Select clothes that fit and suit your body type and age.

14. People Feel Uncomfortable Around You

Comfort is an essential aspect of physical and emotional attraction. We’re naturally drawn to people who make us feel comfortable, secure, and confident in our space. On the other hand, we avoid people who create awkward moments and make us feel uncomfortable when we’re with them.

If people generally feel uncomfortable around you, it’s a great sign that you are unattractive. You may not be that bad-looking, but your awkward social habits may make you look unattractive.

15. Not Being Well Articulate

You may have appealing physical features, but people may ignore you because you have nothing interesting to say. Humans are naturally drawn to people with whom they can have lively, exciting, and enthusiastic conversations.

Attractive people display a happy and confident version of themselves, which others find irresistible. If people don’t find your conversations with them thrilling and exciting, chances are you are unattractive.

Work on your communication, interpersonal, and public speaking skills to make yourself more appealing to other people. Learn to add a touch of humor and fun to your speech and conversations. This might be the magic you need to spice up your personal interactions with people.

16. A Shabby Look

Do you pay attention to the length and style of your hair? Hairstyles are one of the many qualities that distinguish the most attractive people. They use their hair to complement the shape of their faces and overall style.

If you usually ignore or pay less attention to your hair, it is a clear-cut sign that you are unattractive.

You may not be able to afford expensive haircuts and styles. Having a simple hairstyle like cornrows on your head adds to your physical appeal.

The Takeaway From the 16 Signs You Are Unattractive

We all have the force of attraction working in us. Inasmuch as you are capable of perceiving others as attractive, you have the potential to be attractive yourself. Every person craves some form of attraction from others.

If you aren’t beefed up to your taste, you won’t appear attractive to others, at least in your mind. Hopefully, the 16 signs you are unattractive listed here have opened your eyes to areas you may need to adjust to look super attractive anywhere.

You don’t want to stand out, except for good reasons. Being attractive is one easy way to stand out from the crowd in a good way. You want to be sure you are doing everything necessary to stay attractive and appealing to yourself and others. Actually, it begins with you.


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