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16 Signs You are an Unattractive Woman (Plus fixes)

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Have you ever been told you are unattractive? Has someone called you ugly before? Are you all over yourself thinking you are very attractive? Well, you can’t be so sure. Some things you do might be ruining your attractiveness before others. Reverse engineer these 16 signs you are an unattractive woman to boost your attractiveness. You already have some attractive traits within you. Fix these issues to look very charming.

Keep in mind that we are sharing this not to hurt your feelings. This should instead make you understand the situation at hand and what you should do to become a better person, and look more attractive.

Also, note that people have different perceptions of a person. That shouldn’t be your headache. It doesn’t mean you’re an overall bad person. It could just be that you’re doing some things wrong. These “16 signs you are an unattractive woman” will help you detect what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

1. Not Getting Advances from the Opposite Sex

Women, whether married or not, will always receive advances from men. Sometimes, it’s even embarrassing because even after telling the man you are not interested or that you’re married, they still get persistent about it. They don’t take “no” for an answer.

One of the 16 signs you are an unattractive woman is that you hardly get advances from men. You went out with a group of friends, and your friends got asked out by various men, leaving you all alone at the table. However, that’s not totally the case all the time. Just make sure the fault isn’t from you.

2. Difficulty in Keeping a Serious Relationship

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When a guy finds you unattractive, he will not be bent on making the relationship a serious one. He’ll only invite you to his crib to watch Netflix and relax, nothing else. You’re not his dream girl. Maybe he’s just waiting for the perfect time to let you know that.

Unattractive women find it difficult to maintain long-standing relationships. However, as the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You don’t need to remain in such a relationship. Move on.

Keep in mind that it’s never going to get better with such a dude. No matter how many demands you make or ultimatums you give him, he may never get to marry you. So just go ahead and move on. Someday you’ll find someone who truly values and appreciates you for who you are.

3. Your Girlfriends are Confident You can’t Steal Their Boyfriends

It’s no news that some women do have their boyfriends snatched from them by their friends. Blood-related sisters are not out of the question nowadays. So women who want to preserve their relationship or marriage do all they can to keep their friends away from their partners.

If your friends have no fear at all of you stealing their boyfriends, then it’s a subtle sign they find you unattractive. Your friends are not to be so relaxed, leaving you alone with their partners. Being unattractive probably gave them such confidence.

4. You Rarely or Overly Get Compliments

Humans generally love getting compliments. Compliments validate our attractiveness. When you rarely get compliments from people, it’s a sign you are an unattractive woman.

On the other hand, when people compliment you too much, it could be a sign you are an unattractive woman. They may be trying to make you feel better about your looks.

5. People Avoid Making Eye Contact with You

When people make eye contact with you, it goes a long way to show that they are attracted to you. The eye is like a see-through door to the heart. Studies have shown that maintaining long eye contact releases a chemical called Oxytocin that is responsible for bonding.

One of the 16 signs you are an unattractive woman is when people avoid making eye contact with you. Even if they do, they don’t do that for long. It is an obvious sign they find you unattractive. That may not be that you are generally unattractive but you are probably not their type.

6. Lack of Confidence

Being confident is key to looking attractive. You would have to see yourself a certain way first before you could make others see you in that light too. Confidence is attractive on its own.

Do you lack self-confidence? What do you think of yourself as, and how do you present yourself to others? Even if you look physically unattractive, adorning yourself with some confidence can make you look really attractive. It’s the allure of a woman.

One of the 16 signs you are an unattractive woman is the lack of self-confidence. If you think lowly of yourself and carry yourself with little or no charisma, chances are you are an unattractive woman.

7. You Wear Too Much Make-up

As a woman, you might think that loading up on concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipstick makes you look the most attractive. Piling on makeup doesn’t look attractive to guys.

Truthfully, a considerable amount of makeup might make a woman look prettier and more attractive. However, a little too much can ruin your intent. Applying too much makeup can make you look really unattractive as a woman.

8. Gossiping

Women generally love gossip. It might seem fun to share the newest rumors with your family. In a much deeper sense, being a serial gossip is a major turnoff to men. It is a bad trait to have and makes you unattractive.

When people know you as gossip, they’ll avoid you. They do that because their own lives and privacy are at risk too. If you are a gossip, it is a sign you are an unattractive woman. So desist from that bad habit today. You want to start learning how to be quiet and listen more.

9. Having no Life

Men find it attractive to be with a resourceful and productive partner. It’s awful when you’re clingy, don’t have anything to do, and always want him to be by your side 24/7. It is a sign you are an unattractive woman. Why? Nobody values what’s always available. You want to make yourself scarce sometimes to boost your value and attractiveness.

Men like to have their alone time, and it can be really unattractive when you’re so clingy and won’t let them be. Why not take the opportunity and make yourself useful while he’s busy with his own matters?

Take that course, learn that instrument you love, see that movie you’ve always wanted to watch, and make yourself happy. Then hang out afterward and share your experiences with each other. This makes you seem more independent and gives him time to miss you more.

10. Being Overly Confident

Having self-esteem is a good quality that men find attractive. It’s also important to know that there’s a fine line between being confident and being conceited and full of oneself. You should definitely believe in yourself and be confident about your worth.

However, showing off is a major turn-off for most men. You might assume your self-proclaimed amazingness is attractive to men. Having a big ego is actually a big turnoff.

You don’t need to constantly remind people of how awesome you are. They’ll figure it out themselves and sing your praises. If you are overly confident and self-proclaim your praise, it could be sending the wrong signals to others, making you look unattractive.

11. Having no Ambition or Purpose

Even though a man enjoys feeling needed most times, he doesn’t want to feel like you are a burden to him. You are not an attractive woman if you quit or turn down jobs all the time, change your major in school, and don’t have any goals.

Men don’t want to be with a woman without purpose or ambition for their lives.

If you seem like you don’t know what to do with your life, it can make you seem unstable and unattractive. This might be especially true if he has a clear vision for his own future. It might be hard to picture you by his side if you don’t know what you are doing with your own life.

12. Being a Negative Person


Nobody likes being around someone who always has something negative to say about everything and everyone. It’s not healthy for your mental health, and it can also have a negative effect on the people around you.

Men find women less attractive if their personalities seem negative. A woman’s attitude can be a very big turnoff, even if she looks good. So instead of worrying about makeup and clothes, make it a priority to be a more positive person.

13. Having Catty Fights with Other Girls

It’s important that you speak your mind and stand up for yourself in situations that make you feel threatened. However, it can be really unattractive if you seem addicted to drama and make an effort to be mean to others.

There’s a thin line between standing up for yourself and being immature and engaging in petty fights. Making lots of drama is a sign you are an unattractive woman. You can put your best self on display without bringing anyone down.

Instead of fighting, there are some things you can do to make yourself look more attractive. You can do things like get a promotion at work, train for a marathon, or invest in being your best self.

14. Having a High Pitched Voice

A high-pitched voice is very unattractive to people around it. It sounds disrespectful and shouty and is mostly faked by girls. That’s particularly repulsive to men. Studies have shown that guys find the female voice more attractive when it is breathy and calm.

In all, whatever your voice range is, don’t try to fake it or force it. You shouldn’t change yourself to make anyone happy. If you have a high-pitched voice naturally, don’t try to change it.

If a high-pitched voice is not your natural voice, don’t try to force it. Be comfortable with your own voice and use it attractively. The right guy will love it just the way it sounds.

15. Being Too Needy

As much as guys love it when you’re needy and need their help, making it seem like an exploitation spree is draining. No man enjoys being the sole provider and bearer of the burden in a relationship.

It is more attractive if you are an independent woman. Telling a guy, “It’s okay; I can sort it out,” makes you look more attractive to him. If you are dependent only on every penny he gives you, then it’s a sign you are an unattractive woman.

Get something substantial done that can help me make ends meet. Pay that bill and help him get rid of that financial burden. Save up to buy him some special gifts, and he’ll find you more attractive.

16. Unhygienic Practices


Nobody is attracted to a lady who cannot keep her hair, fingernails, teeth, underarms, or dress clean and neat. When a lady appears unkempt and dirty, it is a huge turn-off for men. These are more signs you are unattractive as a woman.

Even though you don’t have good looks, maintaining healthy hygiene practices can make you look very attractive. Men are naturally drawn to women who pay attention to their general outlook.

Wash and dress your hair often, bathe regularly with good-smelling liquids, and dress properly to look attractive. Also, pay attention to tiny details like keeping your best finger and toenails, shaving off your overgrown pubic hair, and giving your teeth a nice treat.




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