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11 Clear Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

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A friend is a person, typically someone other than a family member, spouse, or lover, whose company one enjoys and towards whom one feels affection. A friend, on the other hand, is someone with whom you can share your secrets without fear of losing trust. They are there for you. Not all friends are genuine. Some pretend to love you, but deep down, they don’t. If you notice any signs your friend doesn’t value you, work on the relationship or explore other options like walking away.

When you notice that your friends lie to you, gossip about you, only call you when they need you, belittle you in front of others, are jealous of your success and achievements, are rude to you, mock your parents, and blame you for everything that happens. It’s a sign that they don’t value you and your friendship.

Friendship is all about giving and receiving. That means your friends must be available to you physically, mentally, and emotionally, and vice versa. Unfortunately, it’s not always like that. In this article, we will reveal clear signs your friend doesn’t value you and how to deal with these kinds of friends.

Obvious Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

You get to choose your friends, and you may treat them like family; however, if you notice these signs, you may have to reconsider your friendship with them. Here are 11 obvious signs your friend doesn’t value you.

1. They Don’t Apologize When They Are Wrong

Your friends who don’t value you never admit their mistakes. They find a way to justify their every action and pretend nothing happened earlier. We are humans, and mistakes are inevitable. Some mistakes may end up hurting the people we love most, but it is our responsibility to always apologize where we are at fault.

If your friend always justifies their mistakes and claims to be correct, it’s an obvious sign that they don’t value you.

2. They Are Always Jealous Of Your Success And Achievements

Your friends are meant to be your driving force—the ones supposed to pull you through any obstacles. They are to celebrate your success, knowing that it is also their success.

A friend who is jealous of your success could also plot your downfall, which shows that they don’t have your interest at heart, such types of friends should not be around you because it is a sign your friend doesn’t value you.

3. They Say Negative Things About You While You Are Away

If you notice that your friends say words of praise in your presence but, behind your back,  abuse you or say negative things about you, that is a sign they don’t value you. You should avoid such people because they can ruin and tarnish your reputation.

4. They Lie To You

Lying is not a characteristic of a true and honest friend. If your friend has been lying to you, it’s a sign that they don’t value you or the friendship. A true friend will be very honest and open with you.

5. They Belittle You In Front Of Others

You may notice that your friends always belittle you in front of people or talk down on you. That’s a sign that they don’t value you. Some friends even make fun of and embarrass their friends in public and see nothing wrong with that. Such a friendship is not healthy, as it will hurt your feelings.

6. They Call You Only When They Need Something From You

If your friend only calls you when in need, it signifies that friendship is not valued. Yes, it is normal for your friends to call you when they are in need. But, when it becomes a tradition that on a normal day, they don’t call to check up on you or know how you are doing but only call to get things from you, then it’s abnormal.

7. They Don’t Support Your Dreams


It is not normal for people you call friends not to support your dreams and goals in life. If you notice any of your friends not supporting your dreams or discouraging you from pursuing them. Don’t hesitate to cut them off because they will be a bad influence on you. That’s also an obvious sign your friend doesn’t value you.

8. They Always Want Their Ends To Be Better Off

Another sign your friends don’t value you is that they always want everything to happen to their benefit, thus neglecting you. They would always want you to take their choice of food or clothes, not minding whether you liked them or not. They want others to see them as a good person, not you.

9. They Don’t Reciprocate The Love You Show To Them

Love is meant to be reciprocal, not for only one party. It should not be one-sided. If you notice that you are the only one showing love, caring for, and showing concern, whereas the other party won’t do the same or at least show love a bit, it is a sign that the person doesn’t value you because if they did, they would be concerned about your welfare.

10. They Tell Others Your Secrets

Everyone has a secret, and sharing your secrets with your friends shows you trust them, but instead of keeping your secrets, they tell other people about them and paint a very bad picture of you to other people. Such types of friends should be very far away from you.

11. They Are Not There When You Need Them Most


Lastly, a true friend will always show up when you need them the most, no matter how busy they are or how far they are from you. True friends are meant to be your closest companions.

On the contrary, it’s a sign that they don’t value you when your so-called friends don’t show up when you need them the most and always make silly excuses for their absence but never make up for it.

Last Words On Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Value You

It is wise enough to walk away from friends that don’t value you. You might try talking to them, but if they don’t retrace their steps, walk out or downgrade them to casual friends.

If they value your friendship, they will find their way back. It is better to stay single than be in a toxic friendship. Hopefully, this article helped you discover the signs your friend doesn’t value you. Have you noticed any of these “red flags” in your friendship? If yes, how do you intend to handle it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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