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6 Signs My Wife Is Not Attracted To Me – The Remedy

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The marriage relationship is a beautiful one hinged on pure, selfless love. It’s a lifetime commitment to be fully devoted to your partner. However, it’s very important to keep practicing those things that will keep the fire of love burning in your home. If I notice some changes in my wife’s behavior, which are a turn-off for me. That could be showing signs my wife is not attracted to me.

This might start after a few months or years of marriage; you both live as strangers or as roommates. No intimacy, no communication, and you no longer feel that burning sensation to pounce on her whenever you see her. The sight of her does not appeal to you, and you no more have that longing to rush home after work to see her. You may also notice she’s withdrawn from you, hardly tells you her plans, and is too busy to give you attention.

If you’re overwhelmed by the recent changes in your wife’s behavior and are confused about what is going on. These are signs of no attraction towards you, and in this article, I’ll show you signs my wife is not attracted to me. You’ll get to learn how to win back the first love and affection you both had for each other. Let’s dive in.

Signs My Wife Is Not Attracted To Me

There are many reasons why your wife may not be attracted to you anymore. It could result from childbirth, menopause, and some underlying personal problems that she doesn’t want to discuss yet. All these and more can make her withdraw from you and lower her sexual desire. However, let’s consider some signs my wife is not sexually attracted to me.

1. Zero Emotional Sparks – Lack Of Fun


You desire to have fun, play, and gist with her, but she’s not interested. Naturally, women love to gist about how their day went and have fun with it, but suddenly your wife becomes all serious and uninterested in gisting with you.

This is one of the signs that she is losing attraction toward you. It may not necessarily mean that she doesn’t love you anymore. But when you don’t frequently engage in some activities that spice up a marriage, attraction and the rush of emotions toward your partner can take a downward slide.

However, to remedy this challenge, you’ll need to do things that make your wife happy intentionally. Endeavor to bridge that communication gap first. Say reassuring words to her and constantly remind her how attractive she is.

Desist from dwelling on her negative side and talk more about positivity when you’re together. All these and more will help to ignite passion, attraction, and love.

2. Always Busy And Paying Less Attention

When my wife is too busy with work to spend time with me, that’s a sign my wife is not attracted to me.

That can be emotionally draining for us. There should be a balance between work and home. Giving your work more time than you give your home is a wrong signal to the health of your marriage.

Also, your wife may be working longer at the office to avoid coming back to you or having certain problems at home. So many couples use this method as an opportunity to stay away from home, and over time intimacy and attraction for each other become a thing of the past. Sometimes your wife may be getting something at work that she isn’t getting from home, resulting in spending more time at home than at home.

To remedy this issue, make your home conducive and interesting for your spouse (this applies to both husband and wife). But for the man, give attention to that vacuum in your wife that is filling up by spending more time at work and finding a way to fill it up at home. In simpler terms, please give her a full dose of what she’s missing at home. Above all, communication and teamwork are key to building a successful marriage relationship.

3. She’s Not Interested In Sex

My wife doesn’t respond to my sexual advances to her, and it’s draining me; that’s a sign my wife is not attracted to me any longer.

Some things turn a woman off about sex. For example, if you don’t maintain proper hygiene on your body and underwear, it’ll be a turn-off for your wife.

Also, being selfish about your satisfaction without considering what your wife wants will make her lose interest in sex. Women are wired differently regarding sexual satisfaction and orgasm. A woman needs enough foreplay to get ignited for sex. And if you’re just interested in having sex immediately, you get in the mood without having some fun moments with your wife. With time she’d become withdrawn from sex.

Hence to remedy this situation, maintain good and healthy hygiene for your body and underwear, and ensure to groom yourself regularly. Give attention to foreplay and be intentional about her sexual satisfaction; you’ll see her always expecting more fun times with you.

4. She Keeps Secrets

Keeping secrets kills love and affection and brings a lack of trust among partners. If your wife loses attraction towards you, she will keep more secrets from you because of strained communication. Or if you discover that she has some past life she kept to herself, this is a bad one for your marriage. It’s beyond attraction, and this may pose some risk to your marriage.

However, the remedy is to create time to speak about it and trash it. Tell her to open up to you, and if you need to see a counselor, suggest it to her. Also, be calm and gentle in your request, and do not stop until you find all the answers you need.

5. She Gets Pissed Off With You Easily


Nothing I do now pleases her. She gets so pissed off by my little mistakes and would show signs of anger. Those are obvious signs my wife is not attracted to me again.

If your wife is always angry over little and unnecessary things, it’s a glaring sign of resentment towards you. Know that this attitude kills attraction towards a man. There might be some bottled-up anger due to offenses you committed.

This makes her apprehensive and annoys her with you over every little discussion. Please find time to speak with her to discover the exact problem.

To remedy this issue fast, ask her if she’s bearing any grudge against you and find out from her if you offended her at any time. Try and make amends and bridge every communication gap in your home.

6. You Nag A Lot And Appreciate Her Less

Nobody wants to have a nagging and less appreciative husband. You focus more on her wrongdoings and nag about them often than on her positive sides. Note that most women feel confident, fulfilled, and happy when their husband praises and appreciates every little effort they make.

If your wife feels unappreciated with time, she’ll lose attraction towards you. Appreciation ignites love and attraction to your partner. You’d need to practice it more often and reduce nagging.

The remedy is to quit nagging and focus more on her good sides. Praise her often and ensure to be full of appreciation. That will boost her confidence and increase her attraction toward you.

Wrapping Up On Signs My Wife Is Not Attracted To Me


Hopefully, I’ve shown you some signs my wife is not attracted to me and how to handle them. Love is one of the bedrocks of every marriage, and if there’s no more love for one another, automatically there’ll be no attraction. Hence, make sure to fan the flame of love in your home often and desist from things that tamper with the love in your home.

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