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7 Unhealthy Behaviors In Relationships – Avoid At All Cost

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Relationships are the first and fundamental propagation of our society. 99% of humans have someone they link up with emotionally. There is always the need to feel safe in your relationship.

Truly, nobody’s relationship is a perfect model, and people make several mistakes due to unhealthy behaviors in relationships. But if by any chance you don’t feel comfortable in a relationship, or you feel bad about yourself in your relationship, that might mean you are in the wrong relationship and should not continue in it.

Either emotionally, verbally, or physically, you get this ill feeling when you are in the wrong relationship. The scariest is when you don’t see the signs coming. Here are some tips to help you recognize an unhealthy relationship and get some help.

Unhealthy Behaviors In Relationships

The beauty of a relationship isn’t seen when these traits are found in any relationship. Watch out for them.

1. Dishonesty

Dishonesty will disavow every true relationship. Trust and Love are measured based on the level of confidence you have developed in a relationship, though there is an exception of the effect of a difference in backgrounds. But, when lying and deception are perceived or seen in a relationship, the backbone of that relationship is affected. It starts to swim toward failure.

You need to know that pleasant words are a bridge apart from lying and false description. Know the difference and know peace because once there is dishonesty, then you are certainly showing proof of unhealthy behaviors in relationships.

2. Being Too Possessive

This is a very toxic and manipulative attribute that destroys the beauty of any relationship. You can prove to be caring and loving without being possessive. Holding your partner responsible for everything they do and always wanting to influence their activities, actions, and acts is manipulative. It is not fair to seize your partner’s autonomy and freedom.

A possessive person will always want to make their partner believe all the constraints and policing are for their good. While in reality, it’s a fine and smooth flight to a crashing relationship.

3. Avoiding Conflict Settlement


Truly, it’s more of a head-wrecking experience to settle conflicts than to start one. The confidence required in causing yourself trouble is less than the confidence required to settle one.

When building a healthy relationship, you need to know that it’s an obligation to be open to your spouse and trust the process of openness. Give attention to peace talks and be sincere about it. That’s how to build a peaceful relationship.

4. Abuses And Emotional Blackmails



Abuse in a relationship is not only when someone is hit or physically harassed. Abuse can range from seen and unseen, heard and unheard, verbal and silent. The similarity here is the singleness of the aims behind the abuse, i.e., to hurt your partner, and achieved when the self-esteem of the partner involved is affected.

Sexual harassment is a part of abuse on its own and doesn’t matter if there is a relationship involved or not, and it’s seen when you don’t consent to sexual activity with your spouse. Also, there is verbal abuse which comes in the form of name-calling, put-downs and using words to hurt your partner. Emotional abuse occurs when your partner tries to make you feel bad about yourself; it affects your self-esteem.

5. Disorientations In Concepts

Relationships are avenues to explore the gift of Love and become a better person to everyone, starting with your spouse. You see these unhealthy behaviors in relationships when there is disorientation. That is ideally the ice-breaker in every relationship; when party ‘A’ keeps referring responsibilities to part ‘B’ and vice versa.

The main target of this kind of unhealthy behavior is to change the other person into what you want. The focus is often more than expected, all about changing the other person or every other person aside from yourself. However, trying to mold someone else into your ideal image is like turning the main plan, if not all, for an Executive meeting into a gathering of tales about your lifestyle back at home.

6. Insecurityunhealthy-behaviors-in-relationships-1

Every single person indeed has their insecurities, but this isn’t to be unleashed on a partner. There is a high demand for daily faithfulness among partners. Insecurity is a damning issue when not identified and dealt with in relationships.

Relationships, especially marriage, should be fulfilling physically and emotionally for both parties. In an unhealthy relationship, partners attack self-confidence to their partners. The effect of this unhealthy behavior in relationships is like a repellant to the force of Love. Unfair criticism and nagging are some chief causes of insecurities in marital relationships.

7. Codependency or Being Petty

Codependency can’t be narrowed to when one person perpetuates another’s addiction or harmful behavior to get their way or is possessive of someone. A Codependent partner is a taker in the relationship while the other is the giver. That is unhealthy behavior in relationships when you desire support and validation from a partner in a clingy manner.

That, in any relationship, brings in imbalances, increasing emotional distress and depression. You will want to ensure there is balance and interdependence in your relationships

4 Negativity In Unhealthy Relationships



Intimidation makes you stunted when not handled properly. Your personal growth in life becomes stalled, and you lose your self-confidence and tenacity towards your dreams and goals. There is a loss of interest in your life pursuit. You are lost, lost in your world.

Without dealing with it the right way, you cannot survive through these conditions because your body won’t move if your soul doesn’t feel like it. Stagnation, lack of flexibility, no grace of a fighting spirit. And then, when all the vibes are gone. You become an entity that lacks inspiration, so you aren’t on the same level as your mates.

Once you discover that you can’t cope with the demands of your age anymore, you start seeing less of yourself, and timidity sets in. Wow! You never knew it would come to that. Yes! Bolden up. Face life squarely, and stop bowing down from challenges.


You come across young folks who wear the-oppressed look everywhere they go. It’s embarrassing and shocking to know that most of them are like that due to the impact of a wing relationship draining their life. Depression kills faster than the intake of poison. It’s oxymoronic to say so, but it’s true.

Depression usually precedes unhealthy behaviors in relationships. And as research has shown also, we have more depressed people in our society than happy people.


Dominance, Sovereignty, Absolute Rulership, Ultimate Supremacy, Tyranny, Autocracy, despotism, dictatorship, monarchy, the list goes on; all arouse fear and reasons to discounter comfort. A fearful person dies a thousand times before death itself comes knocking.

When fear lurks around a relationship, it’s like the relationship between the hunter and the prey. Every pray panics before the hunter. Do you panic before challenges, confrontations, and criticisms? Especially when it has to do with your spouse or partner, then you are in the dirt caused by unhealthy behavior in relationships.

Shake off fear and see through every situation with the eyes of love. Truly, perfect love casts out fear.


Anger is a virtue, habit, and a negative lifestyle. It is a personified entity that we occasionally wear as a garment. You’d usually find it at the root of wickedness, which is proof of every wickedness felt.

Final Words

When these unhealthy behaviors in relationships are frequent in your life and hurt you to a fault, and then you are provoked to the extreme, you might forget your sweet nature and become tormented by the aura of regrets and frustration. Everything around you becomes a plantation of provocation and discomfort when that happens. Now you have a clue about the negative behaviors to deal with in your relationships if you want a fulfilling life.

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