Your best response to negativity depends on your maturity and level of self-development.  It can be so frustrating when surrounded by negative people. Some derive pleasure in pulling others down, whereas some talk people into negativity. For instance, your good marriage might trigger negativity from a person in a bad marriage, or your colleague in poverty might express negativity towards your wealth.

Those who are unhappy and hopeless with themselves tend to be more negative. However, you must make no room for negativity in your life. You can achieve this by intentionally protecting your positive attitude and surrounding yourself with positive people. Trying to control how others act may seem impossible. However, you can control how you react towards others.

You may be surrounded by negativity, not knowing a way out. Well, here is 10 tips that will help you best respond to negativity and help you remain positive.

Best Response To Negativity

There are several ways to handle negative people without it affecting your positive behavior. That can as well help and encourage them to become positive. Here are the 10 best responses to negativity.

1. Wear A Smile

You might find it difficult to change a person’s attitude. However, you can control your reactions by wearing a smiling face or saying a ‘ thank you ‘ to any negative statement or remark.

You might appear so naive wearing a smile after a negative statement, but it could be the only antidote to changing such a negative attitude.


2. Be Kind And Nice

Be nice, extend your hands of love towards them, applaud them for work well done, and remind them of their happy moments. These could be the only healing they need at such a moment, and they might end up being happy.

They might be going through some rough moments, however, being nice and showing kindness might be the best response to negativity which could help change that negativity positively.


3. Control Your Speech

It can be so tempting to let loose your anger and say those bad words while dealing with a negative person. Instead, control your speech and listen because responding angrily will encourage their negativity. Truly, a soft answer turns away wrath.

Explain your points carefully and intelligently, and try not to make harsh comments. Eventually, when they feel you won’t offer them the reactions they seek, they will take their negativity elsewhere.

4. Don’t Give In To Other People’s Negativity

This is one of the best response to negativity. You may become infected with unhealthy negativity when you buy into other people’s negativity. When you are down, a negative person shouldn’t be your best option. Disarm their negativity, shield yourself from their negativity, and never try to visualize the bright side in any negative counsel because you may end up being negative.


5. Steer Conversations Towards Positivity

Be mature, and handle conversations with wisdom and confidence. A negative attitude can be very contagious. Always inject positivity into your conversations to limit negativity. Ask questions that can help limit negativity if it’s in the atmosphere. Ask questions that point towards a positive future, and inspire others positively towards achieving a bright future. Questions like: “what are some wonderful events you’ve always wanted to attend “? Or “what are your set goals, and how would you like to fulfill them”?

6.  Be Positive

Don’t try to convince them to be positive, but let them know you are positive by responding positively to them. Think of a positive response or questions.

7. Agree With Negative People

Agreeing with people in certain situations and conversations gives you the chance to make positive impacts in their life. It makes them feel relaxed, with an open mind knowing that they are not alone and have someone to rely on. You don’t need to agree with everything negative people do, but through empathy, you can help them out of it.

Please share some of their problems with them so they can feel relaxed and okay.

8. Understand Their Feelings

Negative people may be passing through difficult times, which leads to negativity. Try to find out, and if possible, help them out of it so that they can be positive again.

9. Ignore Them Where Necessary

It’s okay ignoring them because negative people derive pleasure in draining one’s strength. Let go of whatever negative words and comments they have said, ignore them, and continue being positive.

10. Create A Distance

When it seems like the positive response is not working, then create a distance. That’s probably the best response to negativity in this case.

Keep negative people distant from you. Set boundaries because you need space also to clear your head. That doesn’t mean you are avoiding them; you don’t want to be contaminated by their negativity.

Tips To Remain Positive

With the following tips, you can remain positive despite being surrounded by negativity.

  • Smile always.
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
  • Start each day with positive thoughts.
  • Stop being idle or lonely.
  • Write down things you are grateful for.
  • Change your negative perspective about life.
  • Listen to music that makes you happy.
  • Get busy with your passion.


Final Words On The Best Response To Negativity

Now you can handle every difficulty with so much enthusiasm knowing that you have the ten best response to negativity. You can have a long-lasting relationship with a negative person without being stained with negativity. Don’t expect change from a negative person in one day. It’s a gradual process; continue being positive towards them. But, if all prove abortive, ignore them and create a distance.

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