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Negativity Attracts Negativity: 8 Reasons Why your Life is Full of Negativity

Negativity, negativity attraction

Ever wondered why you are suddenly attracted to negative people and situations? You keep asking the same question almost every day: “why is my life filled with negativity?”

Well, studies have shown that people who complain a lot, criticize and find fault with others will most likely attract negative people and situations into their lives. That explains one of the laws of attraction that says like attracts like. In other words, negativity attracts negativity

If you’re the kind of person who always thinks negative thoughts? You never believe something positive could come out of a somewhat biased experience. Then, you are most likely to see the outcome of that experience being manifested in the direction of your thoughts.

You don’t need to force it; it happens naturally; negativity breeds negativity.

No sane positive thinker will want to associate with a negative thinker. They will prefer to move with like minds so as not to corrupt their minds with negativity.

Ever heard of the phrase? “Whatever you can conceive in your mind, you can achieve it.”

Yes! If you accept that you are already defeated or already a failure in your mind even before you ever tried then, that will be your experience!


One way to know if your life is surrounded by negativity or negative people is to reflect on how you feel after being around someone who is ungrateful, finds fault over little matters, and often complains.

Medical practitioners have linked certain ailments like degenerative brain diseases and cardiovascular diseases to most people with high levels of negativity. More so, the recovery of these people from sickness is much slower than people with a positive mindset.

Why is Your Life Filled with Negativity?

Are you often bothered about why your life is full of negativity? You are surrounded by negative people, family, colleagues, and friends.

Are you also thinking you can’t break out of negativity? Well, negativity is a habit, and habits can be broken. Experts claim that It takes at least 21 days to break a habit. Unfortunately, it’s not always the same case for good habits.


This article will show you the reasons why your life is full of negativity.

Always Playing the Blame Game

Avoid running away from taking responsibility for your life. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. Reject the feeling that you are a victim of only bad events.

Learn to start taking full responsibility for the choices or mistakes you make. Through that, you will learn to make wise decisions and intentionally trash any habit that will get in the way of your progress in life, including negativity.

On the other hand, stop blaming yourself for everything. If you are guilty of something, admit you are. If you are not, simply say ‘you are not to blame.’ Stop trying to please everybody in the room!

Thoughts: They Mold Us


If you always focus your thoughts on negative experiences or failed opportunities in the past, you’ll miss out on the beauty of life. The positive experiences around you are more than enough to bring you joy and satisfaction when you leverage them. Avoid negativity in life by channeling your thoughts toward positivity. There is enough positivity in life to think about than negativity. Unfortunately, man naturally tends toward negativity, making it seem like that’s all life has to give. You’ve got to re-align your thoughts today.

Thinking to the Extremes

The belief that something or people must be extremely bad because they failed, not perfect, or made mistakes. That’s not always the case; always give others the benefit of doubt. It’s also a way to free your mind of negativity.


Settling for Disasters

Just as the name implies, this is about accepting that disaster is inescapable. You never believe you could pull through any situation. Just because you fell off the swing yesterday does not mean you will today. It’s a mind game. Consciously make positive confessions asserting your success. Nothing can stop a man who is ready to talk his way to success.


Ever had this constant feeling of distrust for people and their motives? You quickly find faults with people, and because of that, you find it hard to work with them effectively.

Or it can even be that you always expect people to flop in their given task. That is an attitude of negativity. Try not to be critical of people.

Always Antagonistic

Are you unfriendly towards people? Whenever friends or colleagues try coming close to you, you attack them like a dog attacks chickens. People find it difficult to relate to you. They avoid you because you spread negative energy around. Most times, that attitude isn’t deliberate. You act like that because your mind interprets other people’s actions as an attack on your person. Make it good today by consciously arresting your mind when he wants to throw those tantrums. Make him see the positivity in others. You can’t attract what you attack!

Intentionally practice developing positive relationships with people, and negativity will go away.

Making Rash Conclusions

Do you often catch yourself concluding so fast on people, even your friends? For example, you requested money from a friend, and they weren’t prepared at the moment to give it out; then you quickly conclude they are stingy. It could even be that a friend wouldn’t visit when you were ill, meaning they hate you, right? Learn to trust people. Do not be quick to conclude on negativity; throw that energy on positivity.

Taking Things Too Personal


You feel others do certain just things to get at you. For example, your friend knew you were coming and cooked her favorite meal, not knowing you won’t like the meal. And you conclude she did it intentionally to keep you hungry.

Do not take everything too personally. Understand that everything happening around is not all about you. Sometimes, deliberately refuse to accept the thought that people or your friends want to hurt your feelings.

Final Words on Negativity Attracts Negativity

Negativity begets negativity. Turn your back on those habits, friends, people, or environments that fuel negativity in your life. Deliberately reframe your thoughts towards positivity. There is always a positive side to every unpleasant experience. Look for it and stay there the moment you find it.

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