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How To Overcome Negative Thoughts Today!

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Negative thoughts are feelings in life, states of mind that paralyze us and prevent our potential from developing. They could be detrimental to our state of reality, as they tend to pose a threat to our success as humans. They build a system around you that enables you to see everything negatively.

Know that everyone has this type of intrusive and invasive thought as we all have an imagination. Remember, however, that these thoughts are just thoughts. No more, no less. And if “thinking” were enough to create reality, we would all be beautiful, rich, and immortal, right?

And yeah, everyone feels or thinks negatively at some point in their life. But, life would have no meaning if you did not understand how to overcome those negative thoughts.

Do you feel trapped in your worries? Do you rehash negative thoughts? Do they occupy your mind, invade you? And you don’t know how to overcome it?

Would you like to fight your negative thoughts? Would you like to overcome your negative thoughts?

In order not to spoil your life with negative thoughts, here are some tips to eliminate them.

2 timeless tips to overcome negative thoughts

1. Accept The Thoughts – To Overcome Your Negative Thoughts, Accept Them

As paradoxical as it may seem, to overcome your negative thoughts, it is necessary to accept and tolerate them instead of stopping or masking them. Indeed, there is no question here of putting under the carpet your invasive thoughts, because it does not work. Having negative thoughts is perfectly human, everyone has them.

On the other hand, according to several studies, it has been shown that the more you try to stop having negative thoughts the more the probability that they occupy your mind becomes greater. The book Positive psychology by Rébecca Shankland and Sophie Lantheaume discusses this phenomenon in more detail. You can also take the test now, for example trying not to think about… a giraffe.


What do you think about it? The reason is that no matter what you think, your brain is visualizing it. It is precisely in your right brain where the subconscious part of your brain resides.

The subconscious mind is in charge of memories and emotions. One of its peculiarities is that it does not understand negation . For example, if you say, “don’t think negatively,” your subconscious understands that you mean “think negatively.”

A much more effective solution is to let them come and go while worrying about other things. Like filtering out background noise and focusing on what’s important to you. A bit like the ticking of a clock, for example. As soon as your attention is focused on something else, you no longer hear it.

2. Boost Your Self-esteem

You are a living magnet and you attract people and circumstances into your life in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

– Brian Tracy

If your self-esteem is low, for example, it is this that makes you believe that your limiting thoughts are real facts, and therefore you take them for real. Without realizing it, you are thus enclosing yourself in a circle of negativity in which you are giving all your attention. Your mood worsens further and contributes to your life rotting rather than going in a more fulfilling direction.

The more you maintain a negative internal dialogue, the more you reinforce the negative image that you have of yourself or of the world around you. This traps you in the vicious circle of low self-esteem and pessimism.


You now understand that by focusing on your negative thoughts, you are giving them importance. They become invasive and you imagine getting rid of them becoming more and more distant.

To change this thought pattern taking care of yourself is a great way to focus your attention on something constructive. Especially since there are only benefits to be drawn from it. Relaxation is particularly ideal for this, you will discover a technique that is as effective as it is surprising.


There is a saying often credited to Saint Ignatius of Loyola: “Pray as if God will take care of all; act as if it’s all yours.”

This is a strong way of living, using your faith to fuel positive thinking and positive action every day. Overcome your negativity!!! Choose positivity today.

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