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8 Negative Thoughts About Marriage + Remedies

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A lot of singles have fears about marriage. For ladies, they wonder if they’ll ever be good wives and mothers; for men, some are afraid of not being brave enough to take care of their family needs. Those are common examples of negativity about marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful union between two mature adults (man and woman) willing to handle whatever life throws at them effectively. It is intended to be enjoyed, not endured. However, some challenges can hit home, take away the joy in the home and leave everyone in sorrow. Some of these challenges can cause panic inside your heart and may spring up some negativity about getting married.

Negativity in marriage is all about having unrealistic high expectations before or after getting married. When these goals and desires are not achieved or met, it begins to spark outrage or hatred towards your spouse. At some point, you may begin to quarrel and trouble your partner. 

Occasionally, marriage relationships suffer damage because of some negative concepts brought into them. So many fears of the unknown can saturate your mind, leading to resentment towards marriage or directly towards your spouse, which can jeopardize your marriage’s well-being.

Know that marriages have their moments of highs and lows. Suppose it’s starting to hurt your emotional and physical well-being. In that case, you can take time off to clear your head of every trouble. Engage more in what makes you happy; consider meeting at refreshing spots to discuss the way forward. Make necessary amendments, and in the end, you’ll see that you’ll come back stronger.

Some Negative Thoughts About Marriage

Negativity About Marriage #1 Fear Of Facing Financial Challenges

Finance plays a major role in having a smooth-running home; if it’s in deficit, it can cause problems for your marriage. Most times, people nurse the fear of not meeting up with a family’s financial demands, and then they decide to remain unmarried.

For the married, money problems are one of the biggest challenges couples face in marriage. That’s why most people want to marry a financially stable person to avoid facing money challenges.

Negativity About Marriage #2 What If “I’m Faced With Domestic Violence” In My Marriage

Many marriages undergo severe domestic violence, and sometimes one of the spouses can end up losing their life. That alone may steer up negativity about marriage, and the fear of facing violence can make you delay getting married or not marrying.


Negativity About Marriage #3 Fear Of Marrying The Wrong Person

Singles are faced with these fears. The number of bad marriages in society can cause worry in your heart, which may create a negative bias about marriage.

Seeing some marriage counselors or your mentor experience bad marriage can decrease your desire to marry. Also, if you were raised in a broken home, you would be afraid of marriage.


Negativity About Marriage #4 Sacrificing My Career For Marriage

Most unmarried working-class women often believe that marriage will cut short their dreams and aspirations. For example, models who are ladies find it hard to start a family because they don’t want their bodies to be altered by pregnancy. Another group of ladies are bankers. Their job is very demanding and leaves them with no time for their families.

Of course, marriages come with sacrifices, but your fears about sacrificing your career can hinder you from giving marriage a chance.

Negativity About Marriage #5 Fear Of Delay In Conception

I’ve seen singles nurse this fear. You might be afraid of having a delay in conception. Your mind keeps telling you that you’re incapable of being a mother and raising children. You might have seen homes torn apart by experiencing a delay in childbirth, and before you know it, you begin to build up negativity in your life concerning marriage. 

Negativity About Marriage #6 Fear Of Having Unfriendly In-Laws

Someone said that she wants to marry a man whose mother is late. In other words, she doesn’t want to have a mother-in-law. Fear of being married into an unfriendly family is one reason why you might find it difficult to get settled in marriage.

Negativity About Marriage #7 Fear Of Being Saddled With Responsibilities

Marriage comes with a lot of responsibility which can scare you from getting married. You may find it difficult to make ends meet and provide for yourself, and you don’t want to be burdened with the responsibility of marriage.

A friend of mine once said that he’s not ready for all the responsibilities of marriage. He’d rather remain single and enjoy life at its peak than be weighed down with any marriage commitment.


Negativity About Marriage #8 Fear Of Having A Cheating Spouse

This thought can stimulate negativity about marriage. You’ll agree that no one desires to have a cheating spouse, not even you, but nowadays, we see different cases of men or women cheating in marriage. That creates many negative attitudes in marriage, which can even lead to divorce. You don’t want to be divorced, so this can negate your desire to get married.

How To Overcome Negativity About Marriage

Have Positive Money Goals

Decide that you’ll spend wisely and never live above your means. Reject every thought of going into bankruptcy in marriage. Differentiate your needs from your wants, focus more on your needs and avoid unnecessary spending. While you’re still single, save more and reduce the rate you live extravagantly. Buy durable household properties as a single and adequately prepare yourself financially for marriage.

Don’t Settle For Less

Know that you can marry a very responsible man who will adore you and never hit you. Don’t allow what society believes in to settle in you. Take your time to learn and understand anyone you encounter; don’t give room or condone the tiniest form of abuse. Be around those with good marriages and be open to learning from them.

Marriage is not a bed of roses; there are unhappy moments and times of ups and downs. Understand that it’s not a time to fight each other physically but a time to have heart-to-heart conversations and resolve all conflicts amicably.


Be Determined To Choose Wisely

You are the one to choose who you’ll spend your life with. Make sure to choose someone in tandem with your dreams, who’s willing to help you smash all your goals, and who’ll be the support and backbone you need to succeed.

Be willing to work on yourself and be a better person. That will help you handle your relationship and be committed to making it work. Endeavor to marry who your heart resonates with, someone you enjoy being with because your spouse determines to a large extent how far you’ll go in achieving success in your dreams. When you carefully observe this, you won’t have to consider your spouse a wrong choice.


Decide To Pursue Your Dreams Even In Marriage

Don’t allow your dreams and goals to die because of marriage. You can always get to any height you want to as a married person. Several married people regret being married because their dreams died because of marriage. Know that your dreams terminate when you allow it; therefore, don’t give up on yourself. If you lose a job, seek another one.

Practice Constant Affirmation

Let there be a constant affirmation that you’ll be a great mother and conceive in due time. Practicing this daily will help set your mind in a positive direction.

Furthermore, be positive about having great in-laws, don’t be afraid of them, and be friendly to them, whether they reciprocate or not.

Again, determine in your heart that you won’t cheat, nor will your spouse cheat. Good communication should be observed, and endeavor to stay through to each other.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Negatives Of Getting Married?

Being cut up with a lot of responsibility can be draining, and losing your spouse or child can be devastating because this is someone your heart is knit with.

Why Do I Regret Getting Married?

Because you might be considering your spouse the wrong choice, and you end up not working it out with them to enjoy your marriage. Also, when you’re faced with hard times in a marriage, you end up living with regrets.

Who Are Happier Married Or Single?

Happiness doesn’t always come from being married or single. There’s no rationale to measure happiness. Happiness can come in any form; in other words, they can be equally happy.

What Occupation Has The Highest Divorce

 Game managers like casinos have the highest divorce rates in the US, at 52.9 percent. Followed by Bartenders at 52.7 percent. According to

Can Marriage Ruin Your Life?

Of course, a bad marriage can ruin your life. When faced with domestic violence, your marriage will suffer a lot, which can also end your life.

Is Getting Married Worth It?

When you’re happily married, it’s worth every bit of it. Marriage is a beautiful union and is designed to be enjoyed.




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