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9 Smart Ways to Overcome Negativity at Work

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Are you in a workplace filled with so much negativity? Anytime you remember you are going back there on the next working day, your heart skips.

Are you a team director in your workplace, and your team members are the types that grumble a lot, roll eyes at each other during meetings, and deliberately turn down suggestions from fellow team members?

Negativity at work happens and is something that we shouldn’t overlook. It can cause a diversion from important projects that require maximum cooperation of various teams. It can lead to a decline in your work output.

Have you noticed some workplace negativity like bad energy, discouragement, complaints, threats, and little or no motivation? Then it is time to do something to save your company from hitting the rocks! In this article, I shared 9 easy ways to tackle negativity in the workplace!

Start with “You”


You can’t cause an effective change in any environment when you are still struggling in those areas you want that change to happen.

Do you often see yourself grumbling at work over any task you’re to perform? Or do you throw in the towel easily whenever you fail in a task? It could even be that you lack emotional intelligence when relating with your team members.

Understand that you have to change your attitude before changing your team members or others. You’ve got to do the first things first!

Avoid Spreading Negative Vibes

Your response to one difficulty can create a new problem that aggravates the original difficulty. Therefore, you must resist the urge to spread negativity at work, resulting in complications and issues.

For example, resist the urge to sow a seed of discord among your fellow employees. It can hinder the attainment of the desired goal.

“We don’t appreciate negative vibes here; move along.” – Unknown.

Maintain A Positive Outlook


Be the kind of person that boosts the energy level of other employees. Intentionally create a comfortable atmosphere that can relax your team members and make them enjoy each other’s company. 

Always maintain a positive outlook even if the rest are panicking and complaining about a particular issue. Give a word of encouragement to your team; this can go a long way in igniting possibilities in them.

Keep Your Team Abreast of the Company’s Rules and Regulations

A quote from an article published by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative reports said: “A well-written code of conduct clarifies an organization’s mission, values, and principles, linking them with standards of professional conduct.”

An absence of a well-spelled code of conduct provided for all employees increases the risk of putting yourself and your company at risk of workplace negativity. Always ensure your employees are up-to-date with all your company’s rules and regulations.

Confront Defaulting Team Members Spreading Negativity at the Workplace

It is not enough that the rules and regulations guiding your company are being reviewed from time to time. Also, ensure it is adhered to and upheld by the employees as they directly reflect your company’s core values and ethics.

Any set of employees you notice negatively impacting others or the work environment should be confronted and cautioned. However, do so privately so as not to contribute to negativity.

Celebrate Your Small Wins

You don’t have to wait to hit big before celebrating your wins. A negative atmosphere at work makes it easy to overlook the good. Intentionally go out of your way to kick out the negativity. Recognize and celebrate your achievements and that of your team members.

See Challenges as Stepping Stones


Encourage your team to see challenges as part of their growth process as they journey to gaining mastery. Let them know that it is okay to fail as it will help them discover new ways to try out tasks. Make them understand that challenges come to toughen them and help them develop grit. 

Journal What You Like Most About Your Job

That is an effective way of kicking out negativity at work. Negativity can make you detest your job that you will never see anything good about it.

Before you think of quitting your job because of negativity, try this technique! What do you appreciate most about your job? List those things causing positive vibes in your work, and encourage your team members to make their list. That will help you maintain a positive mental perspective about the job.

Develop A Patient Spirit


Be patient with yourself as you strive to drive your mindset towards positivity at the workplace. Also, understand that your team’s negative attitude won’t change overnight. Don’t be discouraged when you see that your efforts are not yielding as positive results rapidly as you wish. Only keep at it; the changes you desire will come at the right time.

Last Words

Many employees and employers surround themselves with negativity at work. It’s a bad energy that you should handle for more productivity and effectiveness in the workplace. We hope to have provided you with simple tips that will help eliminate every negativity at your workplace. Practice the tips and see them work like a charm. Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment session below.

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