10 Hidden Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

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The way you interact with people has an impact on you. Also, the kind of energy someone has can affect our lives, either for the better or for the worse. In this article, we are particularly concerned with the signs of negative energy in a person.

We hope that by the end of this article, you’ll understand how negative energy affects you and why you should avoid being in a relationship with such people. So, do well to read on.

Everyone who comes into your life brings something unique to the table and always leaves an imprint on you. Now, these are 10 signs of negative energy in a person that will help you know when you are with a negative person.

1. They are Doubting Thomases

One great sign of negative energy in a person you are likely to notice is that they are always full of doubts in their hearts and will always make it clear to you that they do not believe in the possibility of any good thing happening to you. They never see any good in anyone.

When you’re faced with a trying situation, they don’t see any good in that situation or see you coming out of it strong. They are always negative in their outlook.

When you are with such a person, they will make you see things their way. They doubt every possibility, believing only in the negative outcomes.

2. They Always Play the Victim


Another sign of negative energy in a person is that the negative person does not believe that something good can happen to him. Everything that happens to him is bad, and there is nothing that could have been done to prevent those bad things from happening.

They always consider themselves the victims, even if the situation was a self-caused dilemma. They are always the victims, while you are the one at fault. People who live like this never take responsibility for their actions. Rather, they shift the blame to others.

3. Always Making Excuses

The tendency to always make excuses is a strong sign of negative energy in a person. They have an endless supply of excuses in their heads and never tire of making them.

They are ready to give you any kind of excuse, just so they won’t expend any of their emotional energy on you.

4. Always at the Receiving End

People with negative energy will want you to always be there for them, and when things do not go their way, they will become hostile toward you.

If you have a friend that only cares about you when they need something from you, then that’s not friendship. That is a glaring sign of negative energy in a person.

5. They Use People

One subtle sign of negative energy in a person is that they always have the attitude of giving you their attention and support, depending on how long they can use you or how long they can benefit from you. Once that benefit they are getting from you is over, they have no business whatsoever with you anymore.

There are different ways in which a negative person uses you. It could be either for money, transportation, emotional support, or even sex. The fact remains that once all these things stop coming, their friendship with you will suffer a setback.

6. They are Full of Complaints

People with negative energy have no important things to say; they are just experts in making complaints. They can complain about anything. Nothing is ever good enough for them.

No matter how hard you try, a negative person will always find a way to criticize you. They must have something to complain about. In their personal relationship with you, they are always expecting a lot, and no matter how hard you try, they never seem to be satisfied.

7. They Drain you Physically and Emotionally


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Friendship is to be longed for every day, as it is supposed to be filled with positive vibes on each other’s end. The opposite is true when you hang out with a negative person.

Whenever a negative person hangs out with you, it is emotionally draining. You tend to feel anxious just at the thought of spending time with the person. You begin to look for a way out, because even before their arrival, you have been drained of your happiness. That is a sign of negative energy in a person.

8. They Try to Change You

A glaring sign of negative energy in a person is that they will never see you as good enough. They try to change virtually everything about you. A negative person always feels there is something to be changed about any particular situation, and even about you as a person.

Immediately a negative person enters your life, their first target is to make you be like them or try to make you submit to them. There is always something they want to change about you.

Sometimes it could be your hair, the way you dress, your hobbies, or even your personality that they try to change. They will want to change you to suit their needs.

9. They Gossip a Lot

One big sign of negative energy in a person is that they gossip a lot. They are always carrying news, and they never lack information to share. They don’t fail to see something bad in others and gossip about it.

A negative person would bring up conversations about someone else and expect you to join them in laughing at the person. Don’t be surprised if they talk about you to other people too.

10. You Feel More Negative Than Before


The easiest way to recognize the signs of negative energy in a person is by observing how you behave when they’re around you. If your once cheerful and peaceful personality is changing and you’re becoming more troublesome and pessimistic, this is a warning sign. That could be a sign that you’re surrounded by someone with negative energy.

Always being around people with negative energy can have a drastic toll on your life. They will begin to influence you negatively and gradually make you look like them. This will affect and repel the positive people around you, as they would not want to be around an element of negativity.


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