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Comfort Etim


5 Signs The No Contact Rule Is Not Working

There are different reasons people decide to observe the no contact rule. Maybe you got cheated on and decided to cut off all forms of contact with your partner to check if he’s truly remorseful, or maybe your seemingly cool relationship was abruptly brought to an end and you were left in the dark by ...

Desire Uways


10 Hidden Signs of Negative Energy in a Person

The way you interact with people has an impact on you. Also, the kind of energy someone has can affect our lives, either for the better or for the worse. In this article, we are particularly concerned with the signs of negative energy in a person. We hope that by the end of this article, ...

Chioma Owolabi


9 Sneaky Signs He Just Wants To Be Friends

Signs he just wants to be friends are always present; you either ignore them or are unaware of them. Being friend-zoned isn’t a pleasant experience, especially when you’ve invested in the relationship. Some signs that he wants to be just friends with you are; introducing you as just a friend, advising you to date other ...

Grace Nwajiaku


10 Types Of Toxic Partners – How to Handle Them

Today’s article will go over the various types of toxic partners. The essence of this discussion is to help you know them whenever you meet them. Some partners are difficult, domineering, egoistic, and nagging. These partners love to control whoever they are in a relationship with, and they do not see anything wrong with it. ...