7 Obvious Signs He Likes You (Know his interest level)

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Men are pros at hiding their feelings. They will not let you know how they feel until they are sure of it themselves. As a woman endowed with the fifth sense, you can detect obvious signs he likes you but is never certain.

If you want to decode a man’s feelings, you must first be sure to look in the right place. The signs that he does like you are there in his body language. His actions will depict that too.

Women generally have the tendency to listen to what a man says rather than watch his body language. Needless to say, his body language tells it all, whether he likes you or not. Pay more attention, and you’d realize that.

Here are 7 obvious signs he likes you that you should look out for. With these signs, you are sure to not go wrong but rather validate his feelings for you.

1.  He Stares at You

When a guy stares at you, especially with his jaw-dropping, it is an obvious sign that he likes you. He may not get to stare at you when you’re watching, so you won’t know. I’ll tell you how you’d find out if he’s staring at you behind your back.

You can walk in front of him and ask someone to check if he’s watching you while you are walking. Walk like you normally do, with no extras. If he follows you with his eyes while you’re walking, it is an obvious sign that he likes you.

2. He Slows Down for You

Studies have shown that anatomically, by default, men are made larger, with longer legs. They tend to walk faster than women do, especially when the woman is on heels.

So, when a man likes you, he will slow down to match your pace while taking a stroll with you. He does that because he wants to be with you.

There’s a dominant gene in man that will make him want to walk fast and lead the path. But, when he likes you, he will slow down while walking with you, to build a connection with you.

3. He Starts Mirroring You

When two people like each other, they tend to act like each other. You probably noticed this with your best friend. You must have heard people around you saying that you both talk and act like each other. Yeah, it happens.

When you’re on a date with someone and he likes you, there’s a tendency that he’ll start mirroring your body language. You lean in, he leans in too; you yawn, and he yawns too; he grins at you and spends a lot of time fidgeting.

If you are on a date or having a conversation with a guy and he starts mirroring your body language, that is an obvious sign that he likes you. If you notice he practically mimics most body movements and facial gestures you make, then keep in mind that he likes you.

4. He Finds Your Every Joke Funny

When we like somebody, we tend to like the things they do or say and find them fun. When a man is interested in you, he will laugh at your every joke, even when it’s not that funny.

It’s not that he is proving something fake or just trying to win your approval. He genuinely thinks you’re funny. He really thinks you are a comedian because he likes you. So if you find a man who is interested in laughing and likes the things that you like, that should be an obvious sign that he likes you.

5. He Makes Long Eye Contact With You


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As humans, we generally like to make eye contact with people we like. We avoid eye contact with people we don’t like. Studies have shown that maintaining eye contact releases a chemical in us called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a bonding chemical that the brain releases. The more a man stares at you, the more he releases chemicals. The more the chemical is released, the more he feels bonded to you and the more he feels attracted to you.

What’s interesting is that you will notice his pupils dilate while making eye contact with you. Scientific studies have shown that our pupils dilate when we’re attracted to someone.

Even graphic artists and editors know this. They use that theory when editing photos, particularly for Cosmo magazine. They artificially enlarge the pupil of the model on the cover because they know that will make her look more attractive.

So, if you see his pupils dilate while making eye contact with you, that is one of the 7 obvious signs he likes you but is hiding it.

6. He Helps You Out

We would naturally help someone we love or are attracted to when they needed it, and as much as we could. If a guy offers to help you with a project, carry luggage, lace your shoes, etc., that is probably an obvious sign that he likes you but is hiding it.

Offering to provide for you often comes from his primal desire to provide for you. Even when you object, he insists on helping you. Helping you in every possible way makes him happy. That is one obvious sign that he likes you.

7. He Alters His Routine for You

When a man really likes you, he will alter his normal daily routine so he can be close to you. He may leave where he’s supposed to be to come check on you in your classroom or office. He might stay late at work, waiting for you, and walking you out to your car.

You text him, saying, “Hey, I’m at the coffee shop; do you want to grab a cup?” and he abandons his desire to go to the gym or meet a need in order to come to you. He’s probably enthralled by your beauty and can’t let go of any opportunity to see your face. If he does all that, then it’s an obvious sign that he likes you.


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