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10 Sad Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

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Most research has shown that men don’t naturally feel bad, sorry, or rejected after having sex, while most young women do. These 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you will help save you from heartbreak and regret.

These signs are often obvious and significant when on display. Yes, men do indeed react in certain ways whenever they are going through hard times, but that doesn’t mean they should treat you like a bag of trash. Such signs include calling you only whenever his sexual desire is high, shouting at you when you try to unlock his phone, not being dedicated to having any discussion about marriage with you, and so on.

Furthermore, when a man is less concerned with your family members or your future, that might be a sign he only wants your body and nothing else. Here are 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you so as not to feel used and heartbroken.

Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

Numerous signs will tell you if a guy is not serious and has no intention of getting married to you, or if he is serious and has plans to settle down with you.

Here are 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you.

1. He Only Becomes Loving at Night

This is a subtle sign, but it is also one of the 10 sad signs he wants to sleep with you. Keep an eye on him if, during the day, he claims to be always busy and easily irritated but acts caring and understanding at night.

Practically, he becomes irritated with anything you do but automatically falls in love with you when it’s late at night; this could be one of the signs he’s a player, and he might only be interested in your body.

2. He Is Always Protecting His Phone From Infiltration

This is one of the 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you. With the introduction of the internet and its wonders, cheating has become easier and more professional without ever being caught.

A guy can maintain more than two relationships, provided his cell phone is well protected from infiltration. Nothing will go wrong for him.

When all he wants from you is less demand for commitment and openness, then you know he is a cheater at a professional level, especially when his security concern for privacy is shadowing around his phone when you are close by. It’s proof that he is a player and only wants to get something from you—mostly sex and nothing else.

3. He Is Reluctant To Talk About The Future With You


When he is reluctant to talk about certain things with you, especially those concerning the future, that could be a bad sign. The hidden truth is that you aren’t even in his future plans, which is one of the 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you and is more glaring than some of the other signs.

This may seem directed at men, but keep in mind that women are just as capable of displaying deceptive behavior as men are. When he is reluctant to talk to you about the future, you should know that you aren’t in the picture of his future, which can also imprint that you are a temporary tool that passes with time.

4. If He Is Committed To His Conditions

In this, he is a forward, authoritative person who pushes and doesn’t want to be pushed at all; he does things by himself and has his way in all things he does. Take note and consider whether he ever agrees to do anything you suggest or if he is only concerned with his own path.

Your concepts are heard but never used; he doesn’t even consider what you have to say. Ask yourself these questions: “How often does he agree on what I want?” If the answer tends toward the negative, that’s one of the 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you. Please remember that if this happens frequently, he is probably just trying to sleep with you for his own sexual gratification.

5. If He Is A “Follow The Flow” Kind Of Man

When you first start dating someone, you often have the urge to ask him to define your relationship with him. When a man only wants to sleep with you, he usually tries to avoid having serious conversations about the nature of the relationship.

However, he tries to explain to you why he thinks you both should keep it simple and “follow the flow” and also maintain your friendship within the friend-zone limit, even if you are already sleeping with each other.

It’s a clear sign that he’s not going to be willing to foster a relationship beyond sex.

6. He Never Calls

A guy can go days without calling, and you can be sure it’s because he is occupied with reasonable issues. However, sometimes when a man is not interested in you and does not want to keep you hanging on, he stays away from calling you. Although some guys won’t call you at all, they’ll only call you when there’s an erotica party next door. That’s a sign he’s only interested in your body.

7. He Prefers to Plan Indoor Dates

Relationships are always geared toward hanging out and always wanting to see the fun out there together. However, if you notice that he only wants to hang out with you in private places or only values indoor dates or hangouts, this is one of the 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you and move on.

8. Everything Is Tied to Sex


It’s likely he is after your body if every conversation always veers toward sex and feelings. If you discover that no matter how innocent and new your discussions are, he still finds a way to bring sex into the equation, it’s not a good sign.

9. He is Less Interested In Your Friends And Family

Most of the time, a short-term relationship is not considered too serious or demanding. It’s commonly believed that short-term and long-term relationships have something in common, and that is the desire to connect with the people who are close to the person you’re dating or seeing.

When a man is less interested in meeting with your friends or family members and even stops you from talking about your relationship with your friends or family members for no genuine reason, monitor him closely. He is most likely displaying one of the 10 sad signs that he just wants to sleep with you.

10. He Only Replies to Your Text When He Wants Sex

Does he only reply to your texts immediately, especially if he thinks the discussion will lead to sex? This question is an eye-opener for you and can prove in many ways that you are in the wrong relationship. He is only interested in your body for sex.


Don’t be so carried away in your relationship with him that you ignore these 10 sad signs he just wants to sleep with you when they are shown to you. Don’t be a sex tool to anyone so you don’t have to live with the consequences later.


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