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10 Signs of an Intelligent Woman You Aren’t Aware Of

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Let’s talk about 10 signs of an intelligent woman. Before we go on, let’s define what being intelligent means. Traditionally, we define intelligence as the ability to easily learn, understand, and absorb information. The person should also know how to put the information gathered to good use.

We often determine a person’s level of intelligence by how she excels at academics, writes, and answers questions, either in the exam hall or in a conversation.

There are many forms of intelligence. All of them are acceptable. Some may try to tell you to your face that they are intelligent. How do you know? How do you determine that?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 signs of an intelligent woman that will help you figure out if a woman is truly as intelligent as she claims to be.

10 Signs of An Intelligent Woman

Be on the lookout for these telltale signs of intelligence in women, whether you’re trying to determine your own intelligence or that of a girlfriend, coworker, or partner.

1. She is Always Curious

Curiosity is closely related to intelligence. Research shows that children who are always curious grow up to become very intelligent. Curiosity is the mother of the many scientific inventions we are enjoying today.

If a woman tends to not be satisfied with a simple explanation and would rather explore more, then it’s a sign that the woman is intelligent. When a woman also likes to ask questions related to what she wants to know and spends some time in the library or on the internet researching, then you are seeing the signs of an intelligent woman.

2. She is Sometimes Disorganized

An intelligent woman is often very disorganized. Most of the time, they have a hard time keeping their room and office clean and tidy. There is no study that clarifies why being disorganized and intelligence are closely related.

That may be because they have so much to do or think about at a time that they find no time to clean their rooms. Most people believe that disorganization could help with creativity. It may be the key to creating and imagining new ideas. If you see this trait in a woman, you’re obviously faced with a sign of an intelligent woman.

3. She is Confident


An intelligent woman wears confidence like jewelry. She is confident around other females and even males. She believes in herself and carries herself as such, and she is not jealous of other women.

A woman who is intelligent does not require expensive makeup to prove that she is attractive. She knows who she is, and she is confident about her looks. This is a distinct sign of an intelligent woman you should look out for.

4. Does not Discuss Other People

An intelligent woman is a woman with whom one can be as stupid as one wants. – Paul Valery

An intelligent woman is not a gossip. She doesn’t have time for such things. You can’t catch her discussing bad things about other people with her cliche. In fact, she most likely doesn’t keep a cliche.

An intelligent woman will speak highly of others when she has to. That is because she is not intimidated by other people’s success and won’t have a need to reduce their self-image.

She is disciplined and doesn’t talk too much or unnecessarily. This is one of the top 10 signs of an intelligent woman. Look forward to seeing that in a woman you consider intelligent.

5. They Like Intelligent People

It’s a rare man who can stand being around an intelligent woman, let alone married to her. – Bette Davis

“Show me the friend you have, and I will tell you who you are,” goes a popular saying. An intelligent woman will, of course, like to be around intelligent people like her too.

As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together,” she always likes to be surrounded by like-minded people. People who will fuel and ignite her positively.

A woman who is intelligent will get bored with you too quickly unless you prove to be smart like her. The tendency to always be around intelligent people is a clear sign of an intelligent woman

6. She is Empathetic

An intelligent woman is friendly, empathetic, and often proves to be a good confidant. She understands herself, and in that way, she is able to understand other people too.

A woman who is intelligent is free and open for all to come to for questions, clarifications, and counseling. She loves helping people and putting smiles on their faces because she understands what being sad and lonely feels like. She understands that feeling and will help as many as will come to her come out of such emotional trauma.

With her by your side, you will be able to talk about a number of issues where you need help, and be sure to get some. But be sure not to mess things up, because that’s a turn-off for her.

7. She’s Always Simple and Practice Self-control

An intelligent woman knows the risk of overdoing things. It could be by making a relationship, eating a certain food, or just being a bit ostentatious in general, especially with their clothes. She doesn’t feel obsessed with fashion or makeup.

This is because intelligent women know more about life based on their experiences and what they’ve read. So they know the negative effects it could have on them.

There is a nonsense about intelligent women not being beautiful. – Margaret Thatcher

A less intelligent woman may not be able to resist or overcome short-term gratification since she doesn’t know the bad side effects it could have on her in the long run.

However, if you see the direct opposite in a woman, you are likely seeing one of the 10 signs of an intelligent woman.

8. She Doesn’t Claim to Know Everything

Learning is an everyday thing. Someone who thinks they know everything is not intelligent. It only shows that they have made up their minds and won’t listen to any new information that goes against what they already know.

An intelligent woman knows that she doesn’t know everything and would not claim that wrongly. She’s open to learning more and wouldn’t mind learning from anyone, even a child. That is a good sign of an intelligent woman.

9. They are Highly Adaptable

Being adaptable means that you are flexible enough to learn new things. Highly intelligent women never complain about difficult situations. Rather, they look for a solution. That way, they overcome and are able to learn new things in the process.

So, for a woman to be smart, she needs to be able to adjust to new things and situations and never complains or moan when things are hard.

10. They Enjoy Solitude


Being introverted and spending time alone in a serene environment is something you would likely find an intelligent woman doing. It helps them reflect and think deeply about new ideas and innovations they should come up with to do things better and more efficiently.

Relaxing and recharging are two things most intelligent women have in common. According to studies, intelligent people find their lives unfulfilling when they spend most of their lives socializing with their friends.

That does not mean that they hate people or dislike going out. It seems that being alone gives them a lot of time to think about how they can reach their goals and do well in life.

If you come across a woman who enjoys spending time alone, this could be a sign that she is intelligent.

Wrapping Up On 10 Signs of an Intelligent Woman

These signs are not hard to notice in a woman if you pay close attention. We believe these 10 signs of an intelligent woman, clearly detailed above, will help you in your quest to look for signs of an intelligent woman.

Also, I’d like to get ahead of you by saying that being smart has more than one side. They are quite diverse and vast. So do not limit your research to this list of 10 signs of an intelligent woman that we’ve compiled above.




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