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How To Think Positive When Depressed – 5 Powerful Secrets

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Depression is a medical condition that characterizes the state of being unhappy, sad, worried, frustrated, and overthinking, probably because of the current happenings within and around you. Depression has been a major problem in our society that seems difficult to handle or control, and the solution I will give you is how to think positive when depressed.

It may look like a big deal to think positively when depressed. Besides, there’s no full proof that thinking positive is the cure for depression. However, thinking positively will go a long way in helping your depressed state. The people that surround you matter a lot.

Being around positive people who will help your journey toward positivity is important. That will gradually replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Moreover, having a gratitude journal where you write down things that you are grateful for will also go a long way in making you exhibit a positive lifestyle.

It might not be an easy journey, but it’s worth the while, depression will leave an individual with no option but to commit suicide, and death will come knocking, whereas there are better things life has to offer you. However, it is good you learn to knock out the voice of depression by filling your thoughts with positive ones. This article will show you how to think positive when depressed.

Benefits Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking starts with a change of mindset, and it is an intentional step. There are many benefits when you think positively as a depressed person, even in life in general. Some benefits of positive thinking are:

  • It will reduce your risk of being depressed.
  • It will lower your blood pressure.
  • Positive thinking helps you find a better way of solving problems.
  • It also reduces your anger rate.
  • It reduces your risk of developing heart failure.
  • Positive thinking has a way of reducing your stress level.

How To Think Positive When Depressed

Are you eager to know how to think positively when depressed? There are many ways to think positive when depressed, but we will only be looking at 5 ways.

1. Replace Those Negative Thoughts With Positive ones


It is common for you to ask, “how can I replace my negative thoughts with positive ones”? “Is it even possible”?

Yes, you can. Don’t be carried away with “I can’t” or “it’s not possible .”It is normal for depressed people to have a series of negative thoughts lined up in their minds. However, you have to challenge such thoughts with a positive one.

For instance, you were thinking, “I am a failure,” “I can’t be good at anything I do,” or “I am always useless and irrelevant.” Challenge those negative thoughts by saying to yourself, “I might not get it right now doesn’t mean I’ll not get it right tomorrow after all failure they say is a stepping stone to success,” or “I may not be good at what I do now, but I will put in more effort to be better than yesterday.”This way, you can think positively when depressed.

2. Practice Gratitude

We start to think or feel positive by showing gratitude even for the least experiences we’ve had or encountered. Researchers discovered that practicing gratitude often has a way of building a positive and stable mental life.

Being depressed might deprive you of seeing the good you have experienced. Put in all effort (don’t expect it to be as easy as said) on how to think about at least 4-8 things that you are grateful for, get a gratitude journal (for remembrance purposes), and write down all you have been grateful for, don’t mind if your list is being repeated, i.e., you are grateful for a particular thing over and over again.

For example, you breathe every day, and it won’t be bad if your list keeps saying I am grateful for the air I breathe.

3. Get Busy


Getting busy has a way of keeping your mind out of negative thoughts. It has been proven that being lonely or staying idle when depressed increases your rate of negative thoughts.

When you are idle, the brain needs to get busy, and in such a way, you begin to remember all the things you have been through and how you have never made any progress in life, how life has been so unfair to you, that way negative ideas begin to set in.

Yes, you can get busy doing one thing, like watching your favorite comedy show, listening to music you love that keeps your vibes alive, or going to the beach.

You can probably watch how the children play and run around. And I bet you will be super excited you did that instead of locking yourself up in one dark corner, all in the name of feeling depressed. Getting busy may help you learn how to think positive when depressed.

4. Practice Self-Love

You must love yourself no matter the challenges you are going through and do things that make you happy even if you don’t feel like it. Note that depression will leave you with no option but to stay sad. You have to be intentional about your happiness.

Yes! be responsible for your happiness. Your happiness is in your hands. Nobody and no situation should determine it for you.

Decide to be happy. Watch your favorite movies, go to the cinema if possible, listen to your favorite music, go to recreational centers, and pray. That way, you’ll lighten your mood and go a long way into your journey of positivity.

5. Seek Solutions Instead Of Dwelling On Your Problems

You tend to figure out all your problems when you are depressed, and this way, instead of dwelling on that problem, it is better you seek solutions. Although it might not be easy because problems easily cloud the mind, looking for solutions might be your last thought. Hence, endeavor to list all the solutions to your problem, even if it looks very big.

For example, if you have a problem passing an examination no matter how hard you read, the simple solution might be meeting with some of your coursemates who passed the exams and asking them how they did it. It may be that the lecturer has a particular marking scheme that you don’t follow, which is why you keep failing.

Similarly, you may be depressed because you are financially down. The best way out is to think of other ways to generate an income, no matter how small the money might be. Additionally, you can start a side hustle like selling goods offline or online. That way, you can think positively and be happy again.

Wrapping Up On How To Think Positive When Depressed


Depression is a medical condition caused by a chemical imbalance. That is to say; positive thinking might not be the total cure for depression. However, positive thinking will go a long way in making you happy and cheering up your sad mood. Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the secrets of how to think positive when depressed. Go over it again to ensure you aren’t missing out on anything. Cheers to a life of positivity.


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