3 Great Positive Thinking Techniques

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When it comes to succeeding, some things are unavoidable, and most times, these might keep you asking “why” because no man’s mind and thoughts stay Idle, which is a rule of nature. Here are 3 great positive thinking techniques that will help enhance your productivity and assertion of a positive life.

Positive thinking is the degeneration of the original state of the human heart into a state of higher perfection. However, thinking positively means building an atmosphere of possibilities and a better future through your thoughts. Positive thinking is like a journey you take deep in your consciousness. You remain on course and avoid distractions.

Thinking is one of the most straining activities the human mind can embark on. However, productivity is born only when thinking is on course and positive. To help make it easier to understand, these 3 great positive thinking techniques will help you master your wandering mind to be productive and bring positive results in your daily life.

What Is Positive Thinking?

The idea that man is born from within his mind lives from within his mind, and will die from within his mind, cannot be overlooked. The reality check in this board game is that whether you think you can make it or not, you are correct, and because of that, man as a being can’t just live and die without a conscious part of him trying to make something out of life.

Most times, the thoughts of the life of men that have not been mastered or kept under control cannot be tamed. Additionally, it is necessary to know that if you want to achieve success in life and your thoughts keep wandering, there is just one thing to do: convert your wandering thoughts into a journey of refreshing positive thinking.

For example, pushing away the ‘I can’t’ feelings, the ‘am a failure’ voices in your head, the ‘I won’t measure up demoralizing thoughts, and those ‘deflecting big dreams’ you have in your heart to embrace the conviction of the possibility of a successful life ahead which might be bigger than what your eyes can see.

Positive thinking is believing in yourself and believing within your consciousness. When the thoughts of impossibilities come, you are fast enough to picture yourself in a more achieving form than the lies your human mind is painting. However, when you have this powerful mindset, success is not far.

3 Positive Thinking Techniques

I wrote this article to help you understand and master 3 great positive thinking techniques to make your life more productive.

Technique #1. Relaxation And Avoiding Negative Vibes


This technique is greatly out of use when the world is weighing on you, and because the peculiarity of giving up is in all humans when they are faced with trying challenges, they can’t tend to curtail. However, Therapists have advised that whenever you feel tensed up and pressured to give up or quit, maybe a nap is all you need to revitalize.

Hence, next time the heat of life hits so hard on you that you feel like giving up and throwing in the towel, this is one of the 3 great positive thinking techniques that will help your mind rephrase and re-strategize. Most times, the negativity around you tends to leave a scar or echo on your brain, and provided that the brain keeps recycling without taking out toxicity, nothing will change in your life.

Relaxation is a tonic that helps the brain go on a short break from the busyness of the everyday buzz and cruise. As advised earlier, next time when you want to place yourself in a positive state. Try relaxing first.

Technique #2. Read Good Books And Listen To Motivations


Out of the 3 great Positive thinking techniques written here, this tends to be more crucial. Reading is the act of opening the pathways to a new and better idea. However, your mind understands letters and what you listen to, so the importance of what you read can not be underestimated, as this is responsible for the mental pictures your brain creates.

In addition, when choosing what to read or listen to, especially when you are distressed or weighed, you should be selective and mindful, knowing that you can be uplifted or broken more by what you read or listen to.

Some good books that will enlighten your mood and make you want to dream more and be optimistic about life are good to possess in your library, so when the waves of negative thinking come, you can flip through the pages and get your mind geared up again. But in cases where books don’t work for you, try listening to podcasts, motivational talks, inspirational stories, or even soothing songs.

Talks from Les Brown, Myles Munroe, etc., can make your mood lightened and your mind turn positive. That is the second of the 3 great positive thinking techniques I want you to know and take to heart whenever you feel like giving up.

Technique #3. Affirmations


The human mind is an ocean of endless discoveries, and that being true, you can start seeing your conscious life as a journey you just started and won’t end anytime soon.

Imagine being faced with a  scenario of disappointment, a discouraging situation where you had to stay alone and weep. Guess what your mind starts doing? You guessed right. It starts wandering and wandering deep into an endless imagination like wildfire bringing up and creating pictures of how useless you might be and how you can’t fit in. Nevertheless, If you try to follow through with all the 3 great positive thinking techniques here, every bit of negative thoughts won’t affect you or be an unconquerable aspect of your life.

The thoughts of giving up are negative and self-destructive and should be controlled or tamed, and that’s why you shouldn’t overlook these 3 great positive thinking techniques.

Additionally, in the days when these negative thoughts haunt your mind, you need to try using the affirmation skill where you have to be purposeful and intentional first, then say words like “I am not a failure” or “I am a success.” Say the words to yourself till your mind accepts them as your reality. Say it slowly but firmly, then like an ascending car, say it loud, so those around you will hear.

Affirmation works but needs patience, faithfulness, and dedication because many lives have been transformed with just the use of affirmative words.

Wrapping Up On 3 Great Positive Thinking Techniques

In your general pursuit of purpose, control your mind’s mood. These 3 great positive thinking techniques are for your self-development so that the way you see yourself and think about yourself will be positive and thereby give your life a fruitful meaning.

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