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Quotes on Being Used

The topic of feeling used is something we can all relate to, and it’s often described in quotes that express how it feels when others take advantage of us. Over time, different people have shared their thoughts on this feeling, capturing the hurt and disappointment when we believe someone is treating us unfairly or using ...

Grace Nwajiaku

60+ Quotes Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has become a thing of great concern in many homes all over the world. It has hurt a lot of people and wrecked several homes. These Quotes Domestic Violence show the strong feelings, the pain, and the bravery of those who survive domestic violence. Furthermore, they remind us how important it is to ...

Grace Nwajiaku


50 Narcissist Cheating Quotes To Handle their Manipulations

In a world where self-obsession has become a prevailing trait, narcissism has taken center stage. Narcissists, individuals with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, often exhibit a disturbing pattern of manipulating and deceiving others for their gain. The betrayal that accompanies a narcissist’s infidelity can be very devastating as it leaves their partners feeling utterly broken ...



5 Popular Inspirational Quotes For Students by Teachers

Inspirational quotes for students by teachers motivate, trigger endurance, and spark aspirations for greatness in students. Educators have an essential function in forming learners’ brains and personalities. They have the power to inspire and provide guidance to learners in their pursuits. Inspirational quotes for students from teachers reinforce every learner’s belief in unlimited capabilities. The ...