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21 Ways To Get Good Grades – Must-read For Students

Getting fantastic grade is what every student aspire to. However, not everyone makes it out of school with the desired grade. It is important to know that there are factors to this thing. Some factors influence a perfect grade, and some also influence terrible grades. We chose to be positive in this article, and I’m sure you will learn a lot. Below are the 21 ways to get good grades.

1. Don’t Depend On Memorization

If you’ve ever memorized anything, you’ll probably attest that it gets lost in the count of days. Sometimes, it takes more than a few days, but it will eventually slip off your brain. The reason is that it is stored in your short-term memory. Therefore, retaining memorized information for a long time is nearly impossible.

That is one major reason students fail. There’s a huge difference when it comes to studying. Students who use the memorization method of reading often forget all they’ve read even before the start of the examination. Especially when exposed to uneasiness prior to exams. The ones they get to remember, they’d write successfully and forget after the exam.

Most time, it isn’t easy to keep track of what they’ve learned so far. Avoiding the memorization method and sticking to thorough study is one of the 21 ways to get good grades in school.

2. Read Your Textbooks

Due to time constraints and other factors, some lecturers or teachers don’t get to bolster their points while in class. They would assign textbooks to expose students to details.

Well, I’ve come across some students that would blatantly act negatively. They forget that not every topic could be exhausted in class, yet anything can emerge in the examination booklet. Reading your textbooks thoroughly is one of the 21 ways to get good grades.

3. Have A Good Time Management Skill


Overcoming procrastination is a big win, but time management is another factor that demands maximum attention. If you fail to see and understand the place of time management, I’m afraid you just might be making a terrible mistake.

Manage your time wisely as a student. Know how and when to carry out certain activities. Sometimes you might need to fulfill a harder task to find it easy to complete. And at other times, you’d have to attend to pleasures. The point is; you should be able to decipher the actual time that would work best for a particular activity.

4. Be Organized

This is similar to time management, as we all know, student life requires a bit of multitasking. So many things need our attention. Sports, team meetings, fellowships, etc. A student that yearns for good grades should be conscious of not getting overwhelmed by irrelevant things. Stay organized.

5. Know Every Lecturers Approach

Some lecturers take their assignment very seriously and grades students for that. Some others don’t joke with their quizzes; examination remains the grading focus for others. Every one of them has its unique approach. Being conversant with their different methods will help to keep your focus in check. Knowing the aspect that matters to every lecturer is one of the 21 ways to get good grades.

6. Never Miss Any Class

I want to speak from a place of experience. Students skip classes for many reasons, which could be a step toward failure. There is a very powerful relationship between the number of absences a student has and their final course grade.

When you skip classes often, you are already fast-tracking to poor performance, low CGPA, and even dropping out of school. Attending classes gives your lecturer a good impression of you. Absence from classes is what you should avoid at all costs if you are searching for ways to get good grades.

7. Improve Your Communication Skills

Some of the courses offered in tertiary institutions require a verbal presentation. In most cases, they carry a heavy credit unit load.

Having a faulty communication skill, in this case, reduces your grades. The fact that you can’t communicate your claimed knowledge properly during seminars and project defenses gives the impression that you’ve got nothing to offer. There’s a need to improve your communication skills as it turns out to be one of the powerful 21 ways to get good grades.

8. Study Hard


Studying is not only relevant for good grades; it also helps in building personal skills. Good study habit, in so many ways, improves one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall competence. Also, it helps maximally in reducing fear and anxiety about deadlines and examinations.

There is no history of good grades without the practice of studying. We have different categories of students. Some formed this study habit right from their tender age. On the other hand, are those who, for some reason, couldn’t practice studying.

Although it’s difficult to form certain habits as adults or teenagers, it is still possible. Consider where you want to get to. Also, consider where your grades would finally get you to. Motivate yourself to study because that’s one of the 21 ways to get good grades.

9. Always Sit At The Front


This has a lot to do with a student’s performance. But no rules forbid the choice of where to sit. Studies have shown that students who sit in the first few rows perform better than those that sit in the back.

Grabbing the front seat has so many advantages. Firstly, it provides an ability to see what is done clearly, and grab and understand lectures or teachings. Secondly, it creates an impression that you are cut out for success.

10. Create A Relaxation Time

This may sound absurd, but it’s one of the ways to get good grades. Long study hours without relaxation can be stressful and lead to lesser concentration. Set a resting time.

A saying goes, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” Relaxation slows your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and relieves tension. It is necessary for mental and physical well-being. Most students can only concentrate for about 1-2hours at a go. It’s understandable, and it’s not entirely out of place. All you need to do is, understand your capabilities and set a schedule or relaxation at intervals.

11. Always Submit A Well Written Assignment

Since assignments can help you develop good study habits, they can also fetch you a good grade. Many students take cognizance of tests and examinations only. Assignments also carry notable weight in your overall score. I urge you to spend time drafting quality content for your assignment.

12. Do Not Be A Ghost Attendant

By this, I mean actively participating in all class activities. The question and answer sessions, the quiz sessions, the practical. Be fully involved. Just being physically present isn’t enough. Ask and answer questions.

I’ve experienced situations whereby a lecturer got to grade a student in class unexpectedly. That happens a lot. Do not underrate yourself. As ludicrous as your questions might seem, ask them. Giving full-class participation is one of the ways to get good grades.

13. Do Not Entertain Distractions

It is ideal to know your peculiar source of distraction and avoid every form of it. Try studying at night if you get distracted during the day, probably because of neighbors and friends. The goal should be 100% “focus.”

Most times, our smartphones become the highest source of distraction. Put it away or place it on silent mode pending when you are done studying. Distractions can hinder you from studying and making good grades.

14. Read Ahead Of Every Lecture

Trust me; I’ve always been a bit of a keener; it wasn’t bad for me at all. There was always a remarkable difference between those courses I covered prior to the lecture time.

Studying ahead is one of the surest ways to get good grades. Do you know why? It helps you understand better and exposes you to the hierarchy of relevance in the topics. That would help you draft notes that would entail salient points.

15. Know Your Weaknesses And Work On Them

Virtually everyone experiences likes and dislikes regarding some subject of study. Some people do not want to hear mathematics mentioned around them. To others, it’s physics, and it goes on and on.

I want you to intentionally and wholeheartedly face your weak point squarely. Trust me; your weak points are out to destroy your academic performance and weary your confidence. If you fail to tackle and overcome it, your overall success might be at bay.

16. Ask For Help


Some students naturally don’t perform well in academics like their mates. Hey! It’s not a crime to be one. But it could if you fail to take extra steps to level up. Do not be shy to ask your classmate for help.

Sometimes asking your teachers for help is a perfect approach. Asking for help won’t speak less of you, but having a poor grade will. Endeavor always to seek assistance when need be because that’s one of the ways to get good grades.

17. If Need Be, Get A Private Tutor

It’s ok to struggle with some courses/subjects. If you find it difficult flowing with any subject, get a tutor to help you out. That might be the smartest way to tackle the issue. A tutor will be closer to you than your teacher.

Also, they would like to carry out the job efficiently by implementing every possible means to break the subject down. This method can enhance your understanding and help you pursue good grades.

18. Take Notes In Class


Taking notes forces you to pay attention to details and helps you focus in class. Studies have shown that taking notes in class and summarizing them in your own words boosts understanding. You can as well recall details by taking notes manually.

That is one of the ways to get good grades. You mustn’t necessarily write everything the teacher says word for word. You only need to include their salient points, probably in your own words.

19. Join A Study Group

A study group helps to clarify and solidify course materials leading to a better grade. Decades of research by educational psychologists have shown that students learn better when they collaborate than when they study alone. A study group is formed by the students involved. They help each other become successful by working together.

20. Eat Healthy Breakfast Everyday

Children who take complete breakfast show improved concentration, alertness, comprehension, and learning. Before you leave for your morning lecture, grab something to eat. You can take a little bit of a healthy meal if you aren’t hungry. It gives you the energy you’ll need for morning activities. Strictly attending to your breakfast is one of the ways to get good grades.

21. Review Your Lessons After Class

This means that you would need time to review your lessons immediately after every class session. Lessons reviewed immediately stick faster and stay longer than those left for days before review. Not only will this make learning easier for you, but it will also demonstrate your willingness to learn in front of your teachers.

One more thing, Get Writing Assistance

No one knows your situation — you may be excellent at dealing with writing assignments but too busy with family or health challenges right now. If you need assistance getting over the hump, just write a paper with someone’s help. You can find experts who will create excellent papers for you before the deadline. This approach is more robust and virtuous than hiring a tutor in urgent situations. Choose your way to deal with writing challenges and just move to your goal steadily.

Final Thoughts

You are very much capable of making good grades. I can guarantee that. Your responsibility would be to adhere to these tips shared in this article. Following these guidelines will help your grade immensely. Do not forget that your success is in your hands, so go for it.

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