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How To Get Good Grades Without Studying – Can You?

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Getting good grades seems to be very important for students. Whether you are a college or university student, having good grades is a subject that matter. I’m sure the title of this article might sound disturbing because everyone knows the place of studying when it comes to getting good grades. But, can someone actually get good grades without studying? read further to get the concept.

It’s also verifiably true that some students still can’t study maximally even when they try so hard. If you are one, then you are in the right place. I know you are eager to find out how to get good grades without studying. Below are some tips that would help you fly to Zenith.

1. Attend all your classes

I happened to be one of those that remember spoken words more than words from journals, Wikipedia, and textbooks. I’m sure there are people like me who remember words heard more than words read.

This set of people might not be good at studying, but they can still make good grades. As stunning as it sounds, it is nothing less of a fact.

If you want to know how to make good grades without studying, try being a regular class attendant. Attending classes is vital, and as such, missing classes should be a rare occurrence. Your presence in class invariably does a lot to your grades. Don’t worry, I will tell you how.

Some lecturers or teachers grades students for attendance. So you are more likely to get a participation mark.

Furthermore, your brain seems to find a connection with life experiences and even assigned reading, which is the foundation of learning.

Attending classes doesn’t mean bodily present but being absent-minded. Both your physical and mental presence is maximally required. Pay attention to details and get every bit of the study. That’s how to get good grades without studying.

2. Seek assistance from your teacher


The best helper in this matter is the one that gives the grades. Every good teacher aspires to see their student succeed. Therefore, they can accommodate every kind of assistance you might need from them.

Politely let them know that you would need an extra approach to learning. You can directly ask your teacher how to make good grades without studying.

This can help the teacher understand your personality, then devise a strategy that would provide you with in-depth learning. Soaking in their wisdom can be the exact thing you need to climb the ladder of success.

3. Be positively minded

Terrible grades can be highly disappointing. But the mere fact that you are trying to know how to get good grades without studying means you are being positive.

Almost everyone encounters obstacles differently, so being positive is the key to learning. It is easier to achieve goals when you avoid a negative mindset.

That is because you can make better decisions in a positive frame of mind. Let me add this. Your mindset, in some ways, influences your reality.

4. Take a nap

Researchers took 39 students and separated them into two groups. The first group represents those who take a nap, and the second group is those who are on the contrary. At noon, both groups took a memory test. They did similarly.

And at 2 pm, the nap group took a 90-minute nap while the other group stayed awake. At 6 pm, both groups took another test, and the nap group did noticeably better. This finding explains why taking a nap is as important as studying hard to make good grades.

5. Do not joke about your sleep


Sleeping at the right time doesn’t mean you are lazy. It simply means you are doing the right thing. Aim at 8-10 hours per night.

That will help you to focus better and learn more in class. Those who experience sleep deprivation often struggle to focus, retain or remember vital information. The quality of your sleep will influence the quality of your grades.

Imagine that your brain is a library, and you create little or no time to organize it. It ends up being scattered. That is exactly how our brains operate.

Sleeping time is when it takes the brain to fix and organize information. When there is no room for that, the information fades away; hence you won’t achieve good grades.

The American medical association, after their research, came up with this; insufficient sleep in adolescents is recognized as a serious health risk.

Some people find sleep to be difficult, but I will tell you how to imbibe the habit of sleep when necessary. You can lie down, close your eyes, and still not fall asleep. Yes, it happens, but subsequently, you begin to fall asleep.

Try this for two weeks and enjoy the ride after that. I hope that after now you wouldn’t be worried about how to get good grades without studying. You’ve seen that a lot can be achieved when you know when to catch some sleep.

6. Avoid stressful activities

Research indicates that academic-related stress can reduce academic achievement, decrease motivation and increase the risk of school dropout.

Aside from impairing overall health and well-being, stress can adversely affect academic achievement. Students with high-stress levels are reported to have the worst health situation and low quality of life.

Stress wrecks a lot of havoc on your brain’s memory center. Here is the thing that most students do not realize: Stress isn’t a natural pathway to studying. It’s simply a sign that your study isn’t going well. Here are a few factors that contribute to a student’s stressful life.

  • Assignment
  • Social life
  • Parental pressure
  • Peer pressure
  • Unending workloads

There are more to these factors. I’m sure you can figure it out. Now here is a little piece of advice. Since there are inevitable activities, you should, by all means, cut down on every factor that matters less. That is how to get good grades without studying.

7. Meditate


If you still wonder about how to get good grades without studying, here is another way around it. Meditation is a great exercise that resets your attitude and keeps you focused.

It has been scientifically proven to improve academic performance and help raise grades. So when next you ask how to make good grades without studying, remember the place of meditation.

Final thoughts

I know you want to make good grades without having to rack your brain and put your life on hold. I also know how stressful and demanding studying can be. But then I still advise that you study as much as you can. This article isn’t a “study” proof.

However, if, for some reason, you find it difficult to study. And then you keep asking how to make good grades without studying; this piece is specifically for you.

Strictly follow the listed tips and stand a chance of grabbing good grades just as those that study. Remember, as much as no good thing comes easy; good grades aren’t an exception.

That means failure to keep rules leads to failure in achieving the reasons for which the rules were set in the first place.

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