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3 Secret Study Tips to Get the Best Grade and Become Topper

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School has never been a challenge for most students, but exams. The thought of participating in an examination is enough to give some students nightmares. That is why many students always hit the net for a way out. The question then is what I can do to improve my studying for better performance. I’ve got 3 secret study tips for you.

The main reason behind every examination performance is the study habits of students. You can’t excel above the way you study. Something is a secret not because it is mysterious but because that information or knowledge is hidden from you.

Your ability to unlock it removes the secrecy. In this post, we will be unlocking the 3 secret study tips for every student. This tip gives you a well-rounded approach to learning whatever study materials you are exposed to during a period. Before we go ahead with the 3 secret study tips, we will go through the following sequence to establish some key facts about studying.

What Are Study Tips?


Study tips are an array of techniques used by learners that boosts their ability to study and retain information, eventually increasing their ability to pass an exam.

These tips are considered ways of simplifying the assimilating process after teaching. Study tips can be learned and applied to different fields of study.

The Study Cycle

The study cycle is a 5-step effective study approach adapted from Frank Christ. It was designed to improve the learning outcomes of learners. We can easily apply these 5-step cycles to all disciplines.

Stage 1 – Preview

This stage of studying involves the activities you undertake before a lesson to give you the big picture of the whole lesson. That means you should be armed with the necessary materials and resources for your lesson.

The major activity here is skimming. Here, you are on the lookout for headings, subheadings, graphs, pictures, and summaries. Even though you have yet to assimilate the whole text properly, you have already gotten a hint of what the lesson is about.

Stage 2 – Attend

This stage implies you attend classes. That tells you that the cycle of studying is not complete if you fail to attend classes.

This obvious point is why students fail to get the best out of their studies. Applying this study cycle with the previous one gives you a better result from the whole process.

This stage allows you to witness the teaching process firsthand, take notes in your writing and ask questions for clarity.

Stage 3 – Review

This step is a build-up to the previous step. That entails reviewing what you were taught in class. Here, you are taking ten minutes of your time to read your notes. At this point, your brain is getting familiarized with the new concepts introduced in class.

Stage 4 – Study

This is the stage where you invest more time to ensure you thoroughly understand the subject matter taught.

Reading your notes and working on problems are major activities of this step. You do this over and again over a spaced period to ensure retention.

During this crucial stage of learning, not only do you focus on reviewing your notes and solving problems, but you may also want to explore additional support. To enhance your understanding, consider seeking personalized guidance from experienced tutors. Whether it’s through online platforms or local resources, finding tutors near you can provide valuable insights and assistance tailored to your learning needs.

Stage 5 – Assess

At this point, just like the name implies, you are trying to evaluate the whole process and assess your work. Here, you are gearing towards mastering and having confidence in the material studied.

This stage of assessing yourself is where you know where you lie. Proper observation of the various stages lets you understand why each stage is important.

An effective study tip lets you go through the various stages, which is vital in your learning and assimilation process.

What Are The 3 Secret Study Tips?

You probably have read till this point because you want to know the 3 secret study tips. We are about to unveil the secret to achieving better scores in your exams. Here they are for you:

3 Secret Study Tips #1 – Plan Your Day Ahead


Every successful venture begins with proper planning. You probably did not think this point should have made the list of our 3 secret study tips. That explains why you are missing out on your desired academic performance.

You can’t record an outstanding performance or feat without a concrete plan. In this case, planning your day saves you a lot and increases your assimilation ability.

Since you can’t spend 24 hours studying, you need to plan how you will spend the whole day. That is because what you do when you are not studying tends to affect your time studying.

Here are key things to factor in your planning to get maximum output from your studying endeavor.

  • Personal study timetable.
  • Block out time for social media.
  • Choose the perfect study arena.
  • Schedule other activities for the day.
  • Allocate appropriate time for each subject or course based on your strength and weaknesses.

3 Secret Study Tips #2 – Spaced Practice


The next item on our 3 secret study tips is “spaced practice .”This is a proven technique or tip for studying effectively.

That means spacing out your study time instead of doing a marathon. This tip helps your brain learn in the most relaxed manner.

Most students wait until the eleventh hour to start studying. At this point, their motivation is the bulky workload yet to be covered up. Hence, the reason for the marathon. Spaced practice allows you to have multiple reading sessions but in short sessions.

However, to get this tip to work for you, do the following:

  • Start early.
  • Have the syllable for the term or semester ready for use.
  • Devise a personal calendar where the exams start earlier than the schedule in the school calendar.
  • Take your learning in bits in multiple sessions at regular intervals. Ideally, 1 or 2-hour intervals for each subject.
  • Follow your calendar consistently to avoid skipping sessions.

Key Benefits of Spaced Reading or Practice

  • It eliminates cramming, which is not an ideal study technique.
  • It propels easier retention of more information in a more relaxed manner.

Spaced reading or distributive practice requires discipline and consistency on your part as a learner. Looking at this secret study tip, you can spot why we included it in our 3 secret study tips.

You certainly cannot apply what we have listed at this point without getting better output from your learning endeavor.

3 Secret Study Tips #3 – Utilize Practice Tests and Mock Exams

There is no way we could have left this out of our 3 secret study tips! So, let’s agree you have diligently followed through with your spaced reading personal study plan.

To perfect the preparation process for your learning endeavor or exams, you must evaluate yourself to measure your understanding of the course materials.

You can source practice tests from your textbooks, notebooks, and past questions online and create them yourself. There are also specialized courses and practice tests available online, such as curated LSAT prep lessons for law school aspirants.

Key Benefits of Practice Tests

This tip increases your brain’s ability to connect the information you have learned and increases your ability to recall answers.

  • Learning through retrieval is one way to ensure you know the study materials.
  • It also helps you identify knowledge gaps or areas you are lacking.
  • To perfect the timing allocated to each subject or course, you must practice taking that test to get your brain to adapt to the time.
  • This secret study tip helps you feel better about the real test.

Last Words From The 3 Secret Study Tips


It is obvious that the 3 secret study tips provided for you in this post are a wholesome guide to effective studying for whatever study materials you are provided.

The extra before the ordinary is what makes it extra-ordinary. What sets you above others is the availability of information at your disposal and what you do with them.

Knowing these 3 secret study tips is only a pathway to excellence and a game-changer for your academics, but applying them judiciously will give you real excellence.

Have you used any of these study tips? If yes, what was your experience? Please drop us a response in the comment section below.

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