5 Secret Tips for Exam

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If only there were a way out, most students would have opted for that instead of sitting for exams. Well, exams remain one of the best and most commonly used forms of evaluation for learners.

How about if we told you we have 5 secret tips for Exams? Yes, 5 tips to help you achieve a better result. With these tips, you get to sit for exams without panicking successfully. Being ill-informed or poorly informed is why many fail in different aspects of life, like academics.

The more informed you are, the more progress you can make in life. I believe you are on this site because of your desire to make progress. Now, if you have not been getting your desired result from your academic pursuit, it doesn’t mean you are a dullard or too lazy to be ready.

It simply implies you need to employ the services of a tip or a hack. And this in case, we have the 5 secret tips for exams. So, let’s dive in.

Here are the 5 secret tips for exams:

1. Tidy and Organize Your Space

First on our list of 5 secret tips for exams is tidy and organize your space. Well, you may be wondering what is spectacular about this point, but of course, that is why it is a secret tip.

It is the seemingly little and extra things that make one extra-ordinary. Tidying and organizing space has a psychological effect on your brain. It brings a sense of order to your study environment and prepares your mind and brain for the task ahead.

Launching out to study without organizing your space first would have you dealing with a cluttered space where you may not have all your study resource materials readily available and at your disposal. Here are what to note while organizing your space:

  • Shut out all forms of distraction, including computer games, television, the internet, and social media.
  • Remove all unnecessary materials in your study space and keep all the study materials for your studying within your reach.
  • Ensure your study space has good lighting.
  • Get a comfortable chair as you will be sitting down for some time
  • Keep your study plan within reach, so you know what you are studying at what time.

The essence of this tip is to ensure you have the right atmosphere to facilitate effective studying and help you manage stress easily.

2. Set Out Enough Time for Your Studies



Let’s agree there is almost nothing you can do if you fail to study for your exams. You only have to retrieve from your brain what you have studied. That is why the second on our 5 secret exam tips list is to set out enough time for your studies.

Some students wait till the exam timetable is out before preparing for exams. If you have the whole semester to prepare, why wait until the dying minute?

Why not spread your studying across the whole semester to avail yourself enough time to do all your studying? To get this secret tip to work for you, consider the following:

  • Have a personal timetable to enable you to manage your time appropriately across all your courses.
  • Study consistently and in bits.
  • Avoid last-minute prep.
  • Give priority to courses according to your strength and weaknesses.
  • Make the most use of each allocated time for studying.

3. Take Practice Test


Now, this point right here is one big tip we couldn’t sideline from our 5 secret tips for exams. This tip has proven to result in high outcomes in students’ exams.

A practice test is a good way to recall everything you have studied. To do this, you must look for past exam questions and exercises from textbooks and classes. Try out solving them using the allocated time.

Another way to do this is also coming up with your test questions. Taking practice tests helps prepare your mind for what the real deal looks like and gives you the near feeling of being in the exam hall.

Doing these avails you the opportunity to know your ability to recall what you have read and the lag areas. That will now form the basics of your further revision. Another point to note is that you get to familiarize yourself with the format and formulations of the exam questions and guide you on what to expect.

4. Seek Help or Clarification


Next on the list of our 5 secret tips for an exam is to seek help or clarification. At this point, you have done your reading and have realized where you need help. Don’t hesitate to seek help when necessary and where necessary.

Make a note of all the areas you need help with and ask a senior colleague or go online. You could also register for a private tutorial offline or online. Khan Academy and U lessons are good options to try out if you need tutorials for science courses. In some cases, your tutors or lecturers may be willing to help.

5. Plan the Day of Your Exam

If you observe closely, you will see that all the tips in our 5 secret tips for exams involve things you should do before the exam day. That is because what you do before the exam hugely determines the outcome of the exam.

This particular tip, however, comprises what you do both before and on exam day. The exam day is the day you have been looking forward to. It is the day to show forth all you have put in behind the scenes.

Hence, the reason to prep for it very well. You don’t want to see yourself running helter-skelter on the exam day or being thrown off balance because you missed the venue.

Here is a quick guide to help you with planning for your exam day:

  • Ensure you know the right venue or location for your exams.
  • Get all your necessary materials ready and handy, including your identity card, mathematical set, calculator, and biros.
  • Get all your exam requirements ready.
  • Wake up on time so you can arrive early at the venue.

Having done this, we have now come to the next phase of the exam day. The big day is finally here. Here is what to do to make it worthwhile:

  • Don’t panic. Keep your calm to allow your brain to function well.
  • Avoid over-revising before the exam starts.
  • When you get to the exam hall and use the time allocated, don’t be in a hurry to leave.

Last Words


Now we have shown you our 5 secret tips for exam preparation. Following through with this tip guarantees your success in your exam. Having access to this information doesn’t do the magic but act on it, and we believe you are ready to work, and that is why you are seeking answers and have read through to this point. As you follow these tips, we wish you the best of luck.

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