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Keys To Success In Life—8 Powerful Secrets

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How can you attain success in business? What are the basic keys to success in life? These and more questions are being asked on the internet daily. However, success is not a result of what you never put effort into obtaining, but the result of your hard work and sacrifices.

Many people quickly define success as having many wives and children, owning the latest car, building a mansion, and traveling to and fro the world. Yes, that’s because all these are noticeable signs of success.

However, many neglect the process and keys to success in life; they pursue material things because they never ask themselves what success looks like. This article will guide you into knowing what success looks like to you and ways to achieve success.

What Is Success?

Zig Ziglar was an author and highly recommended success and motivational speaker expert. In his book, Born to Win! He said that success encompasses various aspects and cannot be specified in a particular direction. However, success is defined on an individual basis.

Success entails putting your “all” into things that make you happy and give you a sense of fulfillment, even though the result is not massive. However, being consistent in what you do makes you good at what you do.

Success indicates anything you do that gives you a feeling of achievement, satisfaction, fulfillment, and contentment. It can be traveling home to see your parents, drinking a lot of water, buying a new phone, reading for an exam, or believing in your abilities.

Having team goals in your office or place of work doesn’t deprive you of having personal success goals. But, focusing more on your team goal and leaving behind your personal goal is wrong; you may only achieve someone else’s goal instead of yours.

8 Keys To Success


Success is attainable if hard work and diligence are put to action. In attaining success, there are no lay down rules and regulations, but there are keys to success in life and steps that will help you to achieve your desired success.

Let’s look at eight proven keys to success in life.

1. Persistence and Commitment

Commitment and persistence are keys to success in life that open several doors. Commitment helps you to be encouraged or motivated to achieve your goals. Being committed to whatever you do can be somewhat difficult, but when determination comes in, it becomes easy.

The dictionary defines commitment as dedicating oneself to something or someone. It is also an act of binding yourself (emotionally, mentally, socially, or intellectually) to a course of action.

You must be committed to what you do to draw closer each day to achieving your goals. The question is, how can you be committed?

Firstly, you must have a desire to succeed in what you do. Secondly, have a mentor who will monitor your progress, support you, and encourage you. Thirdly, cultivate a successful routine. Lastly, make success your only option.

On the other hand, persistence entails you denying or refusing to give up on achieving success. There are many pathways to success, but only persistence can get you to the endpoint.

There is every tendency that you will give up when the going gets tougher, but persistence helps you push through those trying moments and makes you come out stronger.

2. Be Disciplined


The second key to success in life is discipline. Discipline means having self-control over things that can cause setbacks or make you lose focus or having the courage and determination to fight your self-desire or cravings.

Self-discipline entails you fighting your self-will or flesh in order to make the right choice or decision. To achieve success, you must be disciplined, fight your self-will, and put it under subjection.

Discipline discourages negligence and procrastination. However, it helps you stay focused on achieving your goal. It also helps you to take charge and take responsibility for your life.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn.

3. Set Realistic Goals And Prioritize Them

It’s easy to set goals but very difficult to choose the right goals or set real ones. Some people set goals that are not achievable, which will, in turn, make them discouraged and yield bad results.

Let’s look at some examples of unachievable goals – climbing the ladder of success without experiencing failure or mistake, trying to be at peace with everyone and pleasing everybody, or becoming the best student in your school without any passion for reading and studying your books.

To set realistic goals, choose the right ones and jot them down in a diary or journal. You must create and set out plans that will help you achieve your goal. Be committed to your goal, and lastly, make your goals your priority.

4. Have A Mentor Or Personal Coach

Having a mentor or personal coach will serve as a guide in achieving success. Most successful people often talk about how their mentor assisted them in becoming who they are today.

Mentorship or personal coaching is inevitable in achieving success. Having a mentor opens you up to several opportunities, enlightens you more on what you are venturing into, and can help you think of a better strategy to achieve your goal. Mentors tell you about their mistakes so you can learn from them.

Having a mentor or personal coach is good because they can go as far as solving your problems or challenges on your way to success or even sponsoring you, giving you a promotion even when you don’t deserve it.

5. Learn From your Mistakes

“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again.” _ Roy H. Williams.

We are humans, and mistakes are inevitable. But when you never learn from those mistakes, you will end up repeating those mistakes over and over again.

6. Confidence


Self-confidence can be somewhat difficult to build. How can you build your self-confidence? To build your self-confidence, you must first stop comparing yourself with other people. Don’t compare your level of success with others. Focus!

Secondly, avoid negativity, never surround yourself with negative people, and select your friends wisely.

Lastly, embrace positive thoughts and affirmation, celebrate your little victory, show kindness to yourself, be good at confronting your fears, learn to say no, and set boundaries.

7. Invest In Relationships


Investing in relationships is like buying a plot of land and building an estate. After completing that house, you begin to reap the fruit; you will even get more than what you invested in building the house.

Find people who are undervalued, underappreciated, and show great potential, and double down on them. You’ll be glad you did.”

Offer help to people you feel need it. Some people are just at the crossroad in achieving their goal but need a resource or aid in other for them to get their desired success. Your contribution to their well-being might be the solution needed at that point.

Helping people makes them translate faster from their present state to their desired success.

8. Learn to Retreat And Have Fun

Researchers discovered that the brain tends to be more stressed if adequate rest is not given.

After much stress on the brain, it is important to pause, relax, and have fun. You will discover that you tend to reason more after relaxing, and your brain becomes sharper, giving you new ideas on the topic you have been struggling with.

Wrapping Up…


Have you failed consistently? It may not be easy but try again. Even after following the guidelines and keys to success in life, the result may not come as expected. Don’t give up. Continue to try; use a different strategy this time; do it in a new and dynamic way, and you will surely achieve your desired success in life.

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