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Steps To Success – 8 Values Of Highly Successful People

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Success in life is considered an endpoint of past endeavors. We see it as proof of hard work and consistency. Our hard work paying off proves that we had put in enough of our dedication.

Success is a measure of achievements and accomplishments, which has a feeling it comes with a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. But no journey starts with a limp, always with a step. The steps to success are the most vital note in a classical orchestra.

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone wants to pay the price to be successful. Failure is inevitable; the fact that you fail doesn’t mean the world has come to an end. However, I’ll guide you through these 8 steps to success to help you achieve your goals.

Step To Success #1 – Define Success In Your Opinion

As your visions and goals are broad and peculiar to you, so is your success. Success is interpreted in different ways by different people.

Defining success, in your opinion, helps you get a clearer picture of how to achieve that success. It also helps you to know the right people to meet that can transport you towards achieving your goals.

Your friend succeeding as a businesswoman doesn’t mean you will also succeed in business. Never compare yourself with others. Grab what you enjoy doing and do them, don’t feel intimidated by someone’s success.

Know what you want, and write them down clearly. Writing your goals down is important because a goal that is not written down is assumed to be just an ordinary wish. Think about your goals critically and find strategies to put in place for your goals to be achieved.

“See what you are naturally good at and make it a part of your routine. That little spark of your natural talent has tremendous power to take you places.” – Hiral Nagda

Step To Success #2 – Create Real And Valid Goals.


Success is not measured by how big and weighty your goal is. But how well you were able to achieve it.

To make your goal catchy and exciting, don’t set goals that will be almost impossible to achieve or accomplish. Ask yourself questions about why and how.

For instance, someone setting a goal of studying all the courses in a faculty for 10 years. However, it may seem possible to achieve but unachievable in 10 years.

Set achievable goals that can be achieved within such a time frame or create a relevant time frame.


Step To Success #3 – Be Focused And Run From Distractions

Distraction is an enemy to success. You cannot succeed when surrounded by distractions from friends, social media, and families.

The path to success is not easy; there are many hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. However, “Focus on your goals, not your fear.

“Focus like a laser beam on your goals.” – Roy T. Bennett.

Stop comparing yourself with people out there. Some individuals might have a smooth path to success due to family background or financial capacity, whereas you have little or no financial capacity.

You might not focus on your goals in trying to please others and doing what they feel or think will make you successful. Instead, you will end up achieving their goals, not yours.

Low self-esteem, bad influence, drugs, dwelling on your current financial status, living in fear, doubt, and multitasking can make you lose focus and distract you from achieving your desired success.

Step To Success #4 – Be Good At What You Do


“Be so good at what You do . . .  Even those who hate You, or want to, wouldn’t naturally have a chance to despise what You do.” – Ufuoma Apoki.

Being good at what you do does make you outstanding. Read books and make research related to your passion, and make friends with people of the same interest.

The method or procedure you put into achieving success might not take you far, but what you are good at and what you have to offer will take you far.

Have a self-improvement routine, give yourself to reading, research, ask questions, and have quality rest and sleep. It will help broaden your goals and vision.

When you do all these, you will discover that you have gained mastery in that field, and your work becomes easier and less time-consuming.

Step To Success #5 – Put Away Fear And Embrace Failure

Stephen Richards said, “The true measure of success is how many times you can bounce back from failure.”

Many are afraid of failing, so they end up not starting something. Fear can hinder you from achieving your goals. To overcome fear, you must start by building your self-confidence and belief.

It’s nearly impossible to pass through the journey of success without encountering failure on your way. It’s your decision to choose failure as your endpoint or learning ground.

Think about how to change your failure to become successful. That can be a continuous step to success, so don’t relent.

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” –Winston Churchill

Step To Success #6 – Be Hardworking And Time Conscious



Set a deadline because it motivates you to put necessary things in place to achieve your goals. Work hard and don’t relent. Also, laziness, which can result in procrastination, can hinder you from achieving your goals.

Some people say, ” I am still very young and have a lot of years to achieve my goals .” An adage says, ” time waits for no man .”It will help if you put more effort into achieving your goals even at a young age than struggling to attain success when you are old.

Many believe success to be the product of hard work, and people judge your success by the level of hard work you invested in. However, it is advised to strive for excellence by improving the level of your hard work, which is one of the most valid steps to success.

Step To Success #7 – Learn From Your Predecessors

Regardless of how perfect you think you might be, it would help if you learned from people that have gone before you. Find out how they started, their pitfalls, their strength, their strategy, and how they could rise after falling.

I have seen many entrepreneurs that at first were flourishing and prosperous, but along the line, they were hooked up, and everything crumbled. I began to ask myself what would have happened. How did they start falling?

And I discovered that the root of some downfall is “ignorance .”In such a situation, they were so ignorant about a particular process and didn’t ask their predecessor the strategy used in overcoming such a situation.

Learning from people who are ahead of you has some added advantages. For example, students who learn from seniors are likely to pass without fail.

Researchers discovered that individuals who learn from their predecessors have higher chances of success without recurring failure.

Step To Success #8 – Be Your Motivation


The final step to success is self-motivation because it comes from you, making it difficult to practice. Believe in your goals, be self-confident, learn to defend your goals, and give no room for discouragement.

Success is intentional. Learn to be determined. Inspire on how successful you want to become and work towards it, be happy and celebrate when you feel you are making valid steps to success in life.

Last Words

Success is achievable when the required steps are taken.

Thomas A. Edison said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

You are closer to success than you could imagine. Just be consistent with what you do, and in no time, you’d break the limits.


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