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Success In Life – 6 Simple Hacks To Greatness

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Nobody loves to be called a loser; everyone desires to be successful. Nonetheless, it takes a diligent, hard-working, and consistent person to achieve success in life.

Different people measure success in different ways. To some people, it can be an educational achievement or a financial achievement. To some, it can be a career achievement, and to some, it can be a material achievement.

It is believed that everyone has the ability and potential to be successful. Being successful gives you a sense or feeling of achievement. Do you want to understand the secret to success? Are you tired of being stagnant and looking for a way out? Then this article is for you.

Understanding Success

Understanding what success means to you makes achieving your goals and dreams easy. You can’t start a journey without knowing your destination.

Success means the actualization of one’s set goals and purpose.

The fact that you are happy doesn’t mean you are successful. Success entails realizing your goals and purpose, pursuing them, and achieving them.

As I earlier said, different people, measure success in different ways. You don’t use another person’s success to measure your success; you might end up being frustrated if you do. Furthermore, the fact that someone is successful in business doesn’t mean you too will be successful in business.


You must know your success path and how to actualize it before striding on it.

For instance, if your success path is to become a medical doctor, you must first gain admission into a medical school offering medicine and surgery, pass all their tests and exams, and follow due protocols before becoming a medical doctor. These are some steps you should take in becoming a medical doctor.

Secrets To Success In Life

People make success look too easy to achieve; if only they could tell you the hard work and commitment, they put into achieving it. Many people think having enough money, traveling around the world, meeting top celebrities, and becoming famous would make them feel successful, only to discover they are pursuing shadows.

Here are some secrets that will help you have success in life

1. Consistency

What you do occasionally cannot make you great, but what you do consistently. Consistency is one powerful key that unlocks the door to success in life. Have you done one particular thing long enough until it worked out?

“A person becomes what he continually does, success is not an act but a habit,” Aristotle said.

Tobi Amusan, the first Nigerian athlete to win a world athletics championship gold, didn’t just win without consistency and determination. Consistency brought her into world history. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart rehearsed consistently on his keyboard and violin for more than 12 hours non-stop each day, making him who he was.


2. Embrace Failure But Do Not Stop There

Failure helps you learn from your mistakes and opens you up to a better way of doing things.

Thomas Edison made 1,000 futile attempts at inventing the light bulb, but he never gave up. His failure kept on showing him a better way to make it successful.

When a reporter asked, ” how did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, ” I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps”.

Henry Ford failed and went broke 5 times before he succeeded.

One big secret to success in life is turning your failure into a learning ground. Know the cause of your failure and bring up ideas that will prevent you from making such a failure.

3. Choose A Mentor From Your Field

You can’t achieve success in life all by yourself. It would be best if you had someone(a mentor) who would guide and direct you into achieving success in your desired field.

A mentor shares their experience with you, making you learn from their Mistakes. That will help you scale through some difficult challenges that may threaten to achieve your goals.

How To Achieve Success In Life

Success in life may not come at a platter of gold or luck; it is achievable through some patterns and principles.

1. Set SMART And Personal Goals

Smart is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable, and Time-calculated.


Know what you want to achieve and set a goal that defines it. For instance, if you want to become a successful businessman, set goals in line with business and how to achieve them.


Ensure your goals are measurable. It helps you to be more focused and targeted. Such as ” I’ll read 150 books in 2022″ instead of ” I’ll read a lot of books in 2022″.


Don’t create mirage goals. Set goals that are achievable.


Set reliable goals, goals that you can rely on, goals that will impact not just your life alone but the lives of people around you.


Time is an important factor in achieving your goals. Assume when you will achieve your goals and work towards that time.

2. Practice Purposeful Living

To achieve success in life, you must learn to live purposefully and spend time doing what makes you feel fulfilled rather than wasting that leisure time. For instance, read books that inspire you to keep pushing forward rather than gossiping with a friend.

Ask yourself questions that will motivate you. For example, ” what’s my gain watching this movie and how will it help me in achieving my goals? “

Pay attention to things around you to know if it’s related to your goal.


3. Know Your Passion

It is only you that can identify your passion. Stop waiting for someone to define your success because you may end up going the wrong way. To achieve success, you must know what success means to you.

Thomas Merton said, “ people may spend their whole lives climbing a ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top, that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

Learn from your mistakes and be open to correction

Learning from your mistakes opens you up to a better way of doing things. Failure is a pathway to success in life. If you must succeed, then be ready to fail or make mistakes. However, being open to corrections makes you learn faster.

4. Discard Procrastination

Stay away from procrastination to achieve optimum success in life. Learn to tackle any difficulty at that moment, don’t postpone it. Procrastination breeds laziness which can hinder you from achieving your goals.

Have faith in yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t allow the negative words of people to affect you from moving forward.

To become successful, you must believe in yourself and what you carry. You may feel discouraged along the way, but keep motivating yourself into reality. Everyone has a different part to success, don’t compare yourself with others because you feel they have gone ahead of you or are more successful than you.

5. Take A Break And Have Fun

You may be undergoing a difficult task, making you feel frustrated. The best solution at that moment is to take a break, give your brain a rest, and have fun. Success is not a do or die affair. Sometimes, you need rest and total sanity to pull through difficult situations.

6. Develop Positive Mindset By Adjusting Your Negative Perspectives

You must replace your negative mindset with a positive one by developing trust in your ability. A positive mindset and thoughts motivate you no matter your challenges.

Think about when you are on a journey; you don’t stop until you reach your destination. So also is success in life; you don’t stop until you achieve your goals. Have a warrior mentality that will ace through every storm.


Lets Wrap It Up

Achieving greatness in life is not a one day job. It takes months or years. But consistency makes it look shorter than you think. Hopefully, this article has put you on the right track and given you simple guidelines and tools to help you discover your passion and achieve your desired success in life.

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