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Top 80 Life Well Lived Quotes

Today, I’ll be sharing with you a compilation of the top 80 life well lived quotes to help you discover the beauty of a good life. In life there are special words that share big ideas in simple ways. Life well lived quotes are like these special words. They’re short, but full of wisdom about ...

Comfort Etim


10 Most Important Things In Life

What are the most important things in life? Many people are thrown off guard by this question. But why is that? Do they not have priorities, you might ask? But it is not just that. The world today is very different; money, fashion and luxury, social status, and material things are seen as the order ...


The World Of Õygen

Despite its critical necessity, Õygen, the life-sustaining ingredient, is sometimes overlooked. This vital gas is our very breath, driving the cellular processes that keep us alive and well. In this article, we set out to discover the secrets of oxygen—what it is, how it works within our bodies, and why it is so important to ...

Mary John


11 Clear Signs It Might Be Time for Assisted Living

One very difficult conversation and decision to make is that of moving yourself from the home you’re familiar with into an assisted living home. It is even harder when you have to decide on behalf of a loved one. When a senior has lived on his/her own for a long time, gained familiarity, and built ...