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8 Sneaky Signs He Will Never Ask You Out

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What are some signs he will never ask you out on a date, even when you are interested in him? Have you ever met a guy who is all over you, buys you lots of goodies, and takes you shopping, but never ask you out?

You may have created a fantasy world with him because of all the affection he’s shown you, and you may have even been waiting for him to ask you out on a date, but he never actually did.

Unfortunately, many ladies fall victim to such men. In the love lexicon of any man, there is no such thing as an “in-between feeling.” There are some signs that, if you notice them in a guy, you know he will never ask you out.

Signs like; he has no interest in meeting or knowing your family members, he flirts with other women even in your presence, he’s never interested in how your future looks like, he does see you as one of his friends and nothing more, etc.

If you face challenges like these, this article is for you. Instead of waiting patiently for such a guy, you might have to explore other options and find something meaningful to do with your life. Let’s dive right into the signs he will never ask you out on a date.

The Signs He Will Never Ask You Out


Here are 8 subtle signs he will never ask you out. If you pay attention to these red flags, you’ll be able to tell when a guy or man in a relationship is a time waster and move on without wasting any more time on him.

1. He Doesn’t Ask for Your Opinion in Decision Making

This is a sign he will never ask you out, regardless of how you feel about him. When your supposed guy doesn’t ask for your opinions in decision-making. Instead, he values the words and advice of others over yours; that’s a sign he won’t ask you out. It simply means he doesn’t value you and takes you for granted.

When a guy is not interested in you and won’t ask you out, he doesn’t bother asking for your advice, especially on life decisions, even if you feel very useful to him. For instance, if he is seeking advice on moving his business forward, he won’t ask you for it because he knows you won’t be part of it.

This first sign he will never ask you out is very important. Don’t overlook it; run from such a guy.

2. He Calls You Only When He Needs Something from You

Suppose he ignores your calls but calls you when he needs intimacy with you, when he is broke and needs some money, or when he needs emotional support from you. That is a very subtle indication that he will never ask you out.

Many ladies and women fail to look out for this sign in a friend or supposed lover, and at the end of everything, the lady will feel used.

3. He Doesn’t Want to Be Seen with You in Public

Someone once said that if a guy loves a lady and is willing to settle down with her, he will always be proud of her and want to hang out with her at any time and any place.

If your supposed lover is ashamed of you and does not want people to see you with him in public, that’s a sign that he will never ask you out and is never interested in you.

4. He Is Always Acting Very Busy Toward You


if your supposed lover is always busy to the point that he can’t spare anytime for you, it is a sign he will never ask you out. No matter how busy he claims to be, if he truly loves you and plans to ask you out or settle down with you, he will always make time out of his busy schedule.

5. He Flirts with Other Women Even in Your Presence

This is a big blow to any lady in a relationship with a guy. It clearly shows that he is uninterested in you and doesn’t respect you. For the time being, you’re probably just feeling the void in his life.

If a man loves you, he will do all it takes to keep you happy and please you. However, flirting with other women or discussing a specific lady in your presence is a red flag and a sign that he will never ask you out.

6. He Is Never Interested in Meeting Your Parents or Introducing You to His Parents

If he shows no signs of wanting to introduce you to his family or wanting to get to know yours, either by showing interest or by inviting you to meet your potential in-laws, he is probably not the guy for you.

That is a sign he will never ask you out, because if he is interested in you, he will be happy to see your parents and for you to meet his parents.

7. He Is Never Interested in Talking About Relationship When He Is with You

You may have noticed that whenever you bring up the topic of him getting into a serious relationship with you, he tries to dodge and divert the topic. That is already a red flag.

It is better to run from such a guy instead of staying, no matter what he gives you because he will end up wasting your time.

8. He Is Only Interested in Your Body and Nothing Else


Instead of thinking about the future or how to take the relationship to the next level, all he can think about is the next time he can have physical intimacy with you or chat you up for a sex chat.

However, it is normal for you to feel irritated and used after physical intimacy. That is one sign he will never ask you out because he is obviously only interested in your body and nothing else.

Final Words

You must look out for any of these signs and call off the relationship with him instead of staying and wasting your time. The signs he will never ask you out cannot be hidden. It is very obvious in men. Hopefully, I’ve helped you identify the signs he will never ask you out. Retrace your steps and do the needful.



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