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7 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

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This article is centered on signs your friend doesn’t care about you. Everyone desires caring, loving, and loyal friends who would cross oceans if need be to see or make them happy. But alas, this is becoming hard to find nowadays as many people have been disappointed by the attitude of those they call friends.

Suppose you’re in the company of good friends; lucky you! Because good friends are rare, and some will help you become a better version of yourself. The holy bible says that “there’s a friend that sticks more than a brother”.

However, if you aren’t so lucky with friendships, signs like your friends not being there for you when you need them, exhibit selfishness. Also, disrespecting your boundaries, never supporting you, and being unhappy or jealous of you when you make progress should be noted.

And if you notice any of the signs above, it’d be better to distance yourself from such friends. There are many more signs to be wary of; this article will show you different signs your friend doesn’t care about you and what steps to take. Ok, let’s discuss.

7 Signs Your Friend Doesn’t Care About You

It may be hard to believe at first, but it’s a sad reality that those you call friends may not truly be your true friends. Hence, these signs will be a guide to know if your friends care about you or not.

1. Always Absent Whenever You Need Them


This happens often, and many people overlook it as if nothing happened. I’ve had this kind of experience and felt hurt and less valued. My best friend at the time didn’t attend my wedding ceremony over an unacceptable excuse. I felt so bad and hurt, but I shrugged it off and moved on.

Suppose you notice that your friends are always absent whenever you need them most and don’t feel remorseful when they disappoint you. Then it’s a glaring sign that your friend doesn’t care about you. However, you can give them the benefit of the doubt by reaching out to get an answer for their absence. If you receive a calm answer, or they change the subject of discussion, do well to cut off from them.

2. Always Eager To Use You

When your friends are only interested in what they’ll gain from you at every slightest opportunity they get. Then that’s a wrong signal. You may also notice that they only come around when they need your help (help may be advice, monetary help, or physical assistance).

Note that you can help your friends if you’re capable, there’s nothing wrong with that, but when you feel exploited, you may need to check that. Or when they don’t come around except when they need something from you.

Sometimes they rarely appreciate your help or reciprocate your kindness towards them. That is a sign that your friend doesn’t value you. So you need to soft-pedal in the relationship and avoid these sets of friends.

3. They Hardly Support you


Your friends are expected to be your number one fan, encourage you, and support you in all your pursuit. But if they only bring you down and celebrate your downfall instead of supporting or encouraging you, this isn’t good for your mental wellness. Distance yourself from them and surround yourself with people who genuinely love and value you.

4. Never Shares In Your Joy

Celebration of your achievements should be moments your friends anticipate for. But when they care less about celebrating you or with you but rather make derogatory comments or negative statements to ruin your happiness, that’s a red flag.

You’d also notice that your success repels or makes them feel insecure. And often react negatively or talk down on your success or achievements. That is a big sign your friend doesn’t care about you. Hence, you must separate yourself from every bad energy friendship and stay around positive people.

5. Disrespects Your Boundaries

A caring and loyal friend will respect your boundaries and try not to violate your “dos and don’ts.” A relationship without mutual respect will soon end abruptly. When you share personal information with them and request it stays between both of you, only to hear it elsewhere, that’s absolute disrespect.

Also, you may give an instruction expecting they’ll comply, but they end up disregarding it. All these are clear signs of disrespect and no value to you. You may want to change your friends to be with people who respect your boundaries.

6. They Vanish Whenever You Face Difficulties

A true friend will always be there in good and bad times. But fake friends will vanish anytime things aren’t going well for you. And once you overcome those difficulties and bounce back, they reappear from nowhere again. By now, you should read the handwriting on the wall.

Is your friend only interested in showing up for party invitations at your house but never showing care or sympathy whenever you’re bereaved or sick? You need to pause and ponder on the exact role of your friend in your life. If you can figure out any valuable role they are playing in your life, you need to give that friendship a break.

7. They’re Not Familiar With Your Real Personality


“If you want to know anything about me, ask my friends; they’ll tell you.” Can you boldly use this phrase behind your friends? Do they know the real you from the outside world? Are they aware of your dreams and goals, future plans, and aspirations?

If your friends cannot exactly say what you can and cannot do or your dreams and pursuits, then you’ve got no friends. It’s a clear sign your friend doesn’t care about you. You may need to give them a wide gap and surround yourself with people who want to know the real you and pay attention to every detail of your life.

Final Words

Your desire for friendship shouldn’t turn a blind eye when you see warning signs that your friends don’t care about you. You should note all the signs mentioned in this article and take necessary precautions once you notice some of them in your friends.

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