14 simple, actionable ways to develop the habit of excellence


Do you know that EXCELLENCE IS A HABIT?

Most times we settle for the bad habits, than the good ones because they are much easier to start and maintain. Truly, perfection never comes by, without some effort. How about you start today by forming some beautiful habits?

You’ve got habits

Perhaps you’ve not heard it before that excellence is a habit. In the words of Will Durant “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit”
Anything you repeatedly do automatically becomes a habit. Expecially when it’s now part of you that you can do it without thinking. You may struggle at first but when you keep doing the same thing over and over again you start mastering it and even when you are unconscious you still see yourself doing it.

Excellence is a good habit

Excellence is a habit and reaching the point where it becomes a habit like your every day task, depicts perfection. It doesn’t happen in one day. And you sure can’t reach that feat by trying only once and settling for any result you get.
An Excellent habit is one born out of striving to get the very best result in everything you do. Here you don’t go to rest until the results comes out perfect.

How then do you develop the habit of Excellence? Here are 14 things you need to do to develop the habit of excellence today:

Don’t ever tell yourself there is time

Time waits for no one, and any time wasted can never be regained. Now is the best time to position yourself for excellence in every sphere of your life. There is time for everything under the sun. Don’t say: I can always do it tomorrow because most times you never did it. If you ever did, it wasn’t timely.

The best time to do anything you want to do was yesterday, today is already getting late, tomorrow will be completely impossible

Bishop David A.

Discover your purpose

I don’t believe anyone wants to live a purposeless life, one without direction. The earlier you discover your destination in life the better. It helps you to curb distractions, and it gives you a sense of focus. Excellence cannot be built when you don’t have a sense of direction and purpose in life.

Your everyday action must be lived in line with your purpose. That’s how to begin the journey of excellence. You must know why you are living, what you are living for, your values and what you don’t mind dying for.

Improve your mindset

This is a key point to cultivating the habit of Excellence.

At a point in my life, I had the mindset that a particular height is not for people like me but for some persons and therefore I didn’t see the need to strive for Excellence. It made me relax for the average. There’s no need to strive for more, let me just stick to what I already have . Maybe I was created to be average, and the most surprising part is that almost everything I did came out average. I never crossed a certain limit. When I understood excellence, my eyes popped open, and I quickly changed that poor old mindset.

Same could be your story. Get angry with your status quo now!

Identify, List and Develop required success habits

For you to be excellent in any thing, you need to identify the habits that are required to achieve excellent results. List the habits. Use them to form your to-dos. Plan your life with them.

Develop Successful Habits

After aligning your mindset towards excellence, start building those habits into your lifestyle. The habits will build a system of excellence around you. You don’t wish to excell academically when you can’t read some hours per day. You can’t stay on track in your industry if you can’t upgrade your knowledge daily, through reading and research. Form the right habits that will make you excel in that front were you are.
Form the habits of meditation, learn to listen to your heart. Also learn to stay at peace with everyone around you. Why? Because peace of mind is required, if you wish to prudently follow those right promptings from your heart.

Be Disciplined

Don’t be sleeping when you are supposed to be working, tell yourself no sleep till I’m done with this task.
You can’t cultivate the habit of Excellence when you are not disciplined. You must discipline yourself to prudently follow those quiet promptings from your mind/heart. Pay attention to them. Excellence is a spirit. It guides, and demands that you follow along humbly.
For example, can you count how many times your mind reminded you to take that course because you’ll need that skill in the nearest future? But you kept shaking it off. Now you are faced with same opportunities that your heart saw years ago, but without the proper skills to secure them.
When you are able to timely follow the right promptings of your heart, That’s excellence at work. So we can say that discipline is at the core of excellence.

Be diligent

“Seest thou a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings, he shall not stand before mean men” – Proverbs 22:29
This is one of the secrets for cultivating the Excellence habit. When you are diligent in whatever you do, you tend to open the door for excellence. And if you remain consistent, you will land in greatness.

Act! Always

Don’t think you will get a heads up from people when you are not making any reasonable effort with what you are doing. Nobody wants to help or associate with a lazy person who is not ready to act. Do something. The moment you get an impulse to “do” just start doing. Never permit laziness in your life. Excellence doesn’t tolerate Laziness. Excellence acts, it doesn’t wait for no one. Except when wisdom directs so. People can only detect excellence in you when you act. Not when you are idle. Start acting today. Follow that good prompting within you now.

Avoid being too comfortable with your present state

Excellent men are always in motion. No stagnancy.
Perhaps you have made some progress in your business, that is awesome but don’t think you have arrived. Because, it will blind your eyes and stop you from seeing new and greater opportunities.

Credit: quoteistan.com Habit keeps you going

Excellent habits begins to form in you when you become visionary. The moment you begin to look ahead, then you begin to see the need to inculcate in yourself some excellent habits to match your vision. Always remember that excellence aims for perfection. If were you are now is not the perfect spot, then start moving.

Don’t avoid “Uniqueness”

If you desire Excellence in everything, then you shouldn’t shun the drive for uniqueness. Because excellence is not the “general thing”. You can’t avoid being unique and different from the status quo. Don’t die following just what everybody does. Know that there is always something to improve. Always think of new ways to achieve a particular task, to get the best results. It gives you an edge over others.

Be Unique

The biblical Daniel who was referred to by the Holy bible as a man with an excellent spirit, portrayed this attitude when he refused the king’s meat that everyone longed for.
He dared to be unique, despite all criticisms.

Beware of men’s praise

When you start developing the habit of Excellence, don’t get carried away by the praises of men. Which is inevitable especially when you start getting results. It can throw you off balance if you are not careful enough. Succumbing to praises has a way of keeping you on a spot. Mind you, if you stop making progress in life, you’ll start going down. Remember, excellence is the goal. Whatever you are doing now can be improved. You can do something better. Never allow complements make you to lose focus.

The praises of men are like chewing gum don’t swallow it

Dr. Yongii Cho

Do not get carried away by other people’s success

There are times you watch people you started with, already going ahead of you and you desire to be like them.
Understand that no two person’s are the same. Some are faster in learning, while others are excellent in business. The fact that you are slow in learning now, doesn’t mean you can’t outperform a professor or a business mogul, if you remain consistent with the right excellence habits. The most important thing is that you are making progress.
“Slow but steady wins the race”

Be content

Contentment is excellent

Learn to be content with who you are, who you have become, and what ever you have. As you walk towards greatness, don’t forget to enjoy and celebrate your present state. By so doing, you ease your mind from the pressure of trying to become, to face whatever and whoever you ought to be. Contentment sharpens your focus. And focus eliminates the obstacles to excellence.

Say no to inferiority complex

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Take charge of your life or someone else will. Don’t allow fear to hold you back from striving for Excellence in everything you do.
Inferiority complex has a way of keeping you on the average. It makes you doubt your abilities.

Excellence only

Know that excellence is far from you, the moment you can’t really trust your abilities.

Take action now

The major aim of inferiority complex is to stop you from taking action. Start doing something now. Its time to follow your heart. Be courageous and self disciplined. You can’t develop the habit of Excellence by just wishing. Start doing something no matter how little, and be consistent with it.
You have long-limited what the great you could achieve. Its time to arise. Forget the past and start reaching to the top, with the proper excellence habits.

Know that everything you need to hit your dreams is already in you. You only need to brush it up, improve it and put it to action, to conquer that destiny.
Arise! dust your diaries, review those goals you have set. Revisit your purpose and values in life. Start working on them with the proper excellence habits. And in no time, you will see the scent of excellence in everything you do.

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