7 Hidden Signs You Are Begging For Love

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Love is one of the wonders of nature; it’s so powerful and great that no matter what race you are from, you can’t deny its influence in this world today. Furthermore, love has been a major part of human history since time immemorial and has proven that time and space aren’t enough to bottle up such intense feelings.

There is no doubt that while love makes some people’s lives happier, for others, it can also be a tough nut to chew. While you may be swimming in an ocean of unending ecstasy of love, others are wishing they could rekindle the fire of love in their relationships. What if you were the one in that shoe? Wouldn’t you exhibit signs you are begging for love?

Here are a few pointers to help you recognize the signs you are begging for love, just in case you are caught in the web of neediness and zero affection.

7 Signs You Are Begging For Love

See the 7 hidden signs you are begging for love.

1. Feeling Insecure

If you feel insecure in your relationship, it’s a clear sign that you are begging for love. It’s a state of mind where you constantly seek approval from your partner before finding joy in anything you do.

When someone in a relationship lacks confidence and self-worth, they feel insecure, and some people seek constant validation out of a sense of neediness.

2. You Render Unnecessary Apologies

If you’re in a relationship and constantly feel like you’re wrong about almost everything, or if your partner always makes you feel sorry, needing your apology, it’s a clear sign you are begging for love.

Most of the time, you may be wrong in the cause of something, and it is expected that you apologize for the sake of peace, but if you find yourself apologizing constantly just to appeal to your partner, that is a sign you are begging for love.

3. Not Having Any Viable Boundaries


There is a great need for boundaries in every relationship. Its importance can’t be overlooked or pushed aside. Any relationship that has no boundaries has no control and no lasting respect.

However, if you find yourself always breaking your boundaries just to please your partner, that is a sign you are begging for love. That could be because you don’t see yourself as having enough value to be appreciated.

4. They Mistreat You And You Won’t Want to Leave

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were the target of physical violence and you still want to stay? Or have you been mentally abused or publicly humiliated by your partner and you still don’t want to leave?

The first thing you should understand is that a relationship is more than just an engagement to settle your emotions; it is also about relating to the people around you.

However, you can never force anyone to love you. Whoever remains in a relationship will remain, and whoever leaves will leave. Know this, and know peace. If you are being mistreated in a relationship and still want to stay, you could be showing signs you are begging for love.

5. You Keep The Relationship Surviving Alone

While this could be due to how your childhood was, it could also be evidence that you are with the wrong partner. You may have been deprived of the love that you deserve while growing up and have come to realize the importance of having someone who truly loves you.

However, along the line, your partner changes in attitude—that feeling of being loved is a nice experience, but sometimes people change, and when they do, you shouldn’t force them to change back to their earlier state.

When you alone strive to make everything work in a relationship, that means you have started showing signs you are begging for love instead of staying within your boundaries and values.

6. When You Choose To Stay To Avoid Loneliness


Humans, in general, have a strong desire to feel relevant among their peers. Staying with a partner who doesn’t care about you emotionally can be very draining, but you may feel like you have to remain so you won’t have to face loneliness.

Have you ever felt lonely even when you were in a relationship? Did you have a bad day and not have anybody to share your troubles with, even though you are in a relationship? And your partner doesn’t even care to listen at any point in time. Then that’s a bad sign you are begging for love.

This feeling can be so pressing emotionally that you ask yourself, “What do I have outside this relationship?” Sometimes you are convinced that you don’t have any other premise to lay your foot on than love, so you resort to remaining in a bad relationship rather than staying alone.

7. Your Calls And Texts Aren’t Responded To

While this might mean something different for some individuals in situations where their partners are working and are quite busy, your relationship should have a history and you should understand it very well.

If your relationship has a history of you being snubbed and neglected on a regular basis and you are still hanging in there, you may have obtained real proof and a sign that you are begging for love.

While communication is a key to preserving a relationship, you should also know that your partner can deliberately break the communication aspect of your relationship because he doesn’t want you again, and you should be bold enough to admit it so you can work on it.

However, the signs that you are begging for love won’t go away, and once you’ve established such a pattern, you’ll have a hard time breaking it.

Last Words On Signs You Are Begging For Love

Love has always been humans’ greatest need, and all cravings are geared toward being loved. When these desires aren’t met, a hormone is released to indicate that there’s a void in an area of your life.

However, that might lead to you forcing your way into some people’s lives who don’t even value you. In this situation, you are exhibiting signs you are begging for love, and this is an unhealthy lifestyle on its own. Most of these signs result from damaged self-image and esteem. Instead of roaming about seeking utopian love, spend time on yourself. Keep developing yourself. Sooner or later, you’ll be the one people want to be with, not the other way around.


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