120 Things Toxic Partners Say – Never Use These Phrases

You wouldn't want to catch yourself using these lines on your partner. Avoid these phrases except you are merely teasing...

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Let’s deal with the things toxic partners say.

Did you know? The words you speak have more power than you can imagine. They can make or mar your relationships. There are certain words you shouldn’t use on your partner, no matter how relaxed you are with each other. Your relationship will find it difficult to flourish and may terminate if you continue using toxic words toward one another.

I am sure you desire to be someone who lifts your partner and makes them feel wonderful, not terrible. However, it is crucial to know things toxic partners say to examine yourself and know if you are guilty of using such phrases too. If you are, it is not yet late to evolve into a better partner. It could even be that your partner uses such words on you, you have to tackle it fast. Let’s dive in!

The 120 things toxic partners say

You don’t want to catch yourself using these lines on your partner if you value your relationship.

1.You’re Just Being Overly Emotional.”

You should be able to communicate your feelings with your partner about a situation freely. if it’s difficult, try to create a comfortable atmosphere and see if they respond positively.

2. “This Is Not A Big Deal!”

Saying it’s not a big deal removes your feelings and eliminates any remorse from your partner. Instead, that makes them continue hurting you with their actions.

3. “You Never Trust Me.”


This is especially when your partner has consistently broken that trust. Wanting you to trust them again instantly is unreasonable.

4. “You’re The Most Impatient Partner I Have Ever Courted.”

If a person truly loves you, they will lift and help you. They will love you together with your weaknesses. You don’t have to yell out your partner’s weakness. That’s not love’s way of dealing with issues.

5. “But I Told You When You Asked.”

This can mean your partner is trying to conceal a matter, and it’s unfair. Do not force explanations out of them.

6. “I’m Going To Bed!”

If your partner has the heart to go to bed when you’re sobbing or angry, they don’t care about you.

7. “This Is All Your Fault!”

This is saying that everything going wrong in the relationship is all your fault, and you’re the only person who needs to change.

8. “You Are Just Not Doing Enough to Make Me Happy.”

This type of partner will be difficult to please and unreasonable.

9. “Why Are You Annoyed? I Don’t See Reasons Why You Should Be.”

This is a wrong statement. Dismissing your feelings is not right. It would help if you were allowed to air your feelings.

10. “Stop Overreacting, Please!”

You have every right to react to a person’s nasty attitude.

11. “I’m Right So Just Admit It.”


12. “You Should Know I Am Always Right.”

13. “You Should Know I Don’t Make Mistakes.”

When your partner claims they are always right, it’s a way of showing you can’t correct your partner, and it’s a red flag.

14. “Your Family Drives Me Haywire.”

This goes beyond being honest with their feelings about your family. Instead, it’s a means of showing they’re uninterested in spending moments with your family.

15. “We Can Visit Your Parents Some Other Time, Not Now.”

16. “I Am Busy; I Can’t Call Your Parents.”

When your partner makes frequent excuses on why they can’t visit, call, or attend important occasions, it reveals they care little or less about your family.

17. “I Care Less About That!”

18. “That Is Not My Problem To Care About”

19. “Not My Worries, Please!”

If your partner claims to love you as they profess, your concerns are worth considering.

20. “Stop Disturbing Me With That!”

A toxic partner sees your request as a disturbance and often gets irritated when you request a favor.

21. “Don’t Tell Your Friends/Family About This”

If your partner is always conscious that you will expose them and are always dictating what you tell your friends or family, that is a red flag.

22. “Now Look What You’ve Made Me Do.”

Is your partner always criticizing you for something they did, and because of that, you stay in a pool of endless guilt? When this happens, you keep wondering what you did wrong and feel like you are never good enough for them. At this point, you need to stand your ground and refuse to be manipulated into accepting the mistake you didn’t commit.

23. “Even At That, You Still Need To Apologize.”


When your partner always demands you to apologize for mistakes you didn’t make, then you’re being manipulated

24. “Should You Be Doing That?”

25. “You Have To Obey Me!”

If your partner does not give you the freedom to exercise your choice, then it is a red flag. The desire to control your partner or monitor their behavior is deeply toxic.

26. “You Will Never Change!”

27. “You’re Just Like Your Father/Mother!”

Your partner reminding you of making the same mistakes your parents made is not something that should be employed as a weapon in a quarrel.

28. “Being With You Is A Hard Job.”

29. “It Is Hard To Love You.”

30. “I Prefer Him/Her To You.”

Your partner should be able to love and accept you for who you are and not for who they want you to become. Most importantly, you’re developing into a better person daily.

31. “You Never….”

Don’t make your partner feel like they never do anything right.

32. “You’re Always….”

It is unfair to always remind your partner about their past shortcomings. Instead, focus on the present challenge and how to bring solutions.

33. “You’re Very Bad At Communication.”


There are better ways to communicate a message to your partner without hurting them with words. Be kind with words.

34. “You’re Too Fat.”

35. “You’re Too Dark.”

36. “I Prefer Slim Ladies/Men.”

37. “I Prefer Light-Skinned Men/Women.”

When your partner constantly reminds you that they don’t appreciate your looks, it’s unreasonable of them. Instead, your partner should be willing to love you for who you are. Avoid these phrases except you are merely teasing her.

38. “No One Else Would Be With You.”

39. “No One Can Care For You Like Me.”

40. “No One Can Love You Like Me.”

41. “You Can’t Amount To Anything In Life Without Me.”

This is a false statement, possibly from a partner who is too overbearing. Unfortunately, they often do that to get you trapped in the relationship, even if it’s going sour.

42. “You’re Crazy.”

43. “You’re Insane.”

44. “You Sound Foolish.”

There might be a context where your partner saying “You’re crazy” is fair, especially if you said something funny that made them laugh out loud. However, if your partner is truly demeaning your opinion, that indicates a toxic relationship.

45. “I Got This”

It’s totally fine to request assistance when you need it. It makes your partner know you acknowledge their existence in your life. So if your partner wants to help, allow them.

46. “Shut The Hell Up!”

47. “Your Opinion Is Not Welcomed Here!”

48. “The Entire Fault Is From You.”

49. “Stop Disturbing My Life!”

What if your partner’s motive is not to disturb you? Could it be that they’re simply craving your attention because they feel deprived of it?

50. “Do You Know How Much I Bought This?”

51. “I Don’t Appreciate That”


This statement can be a way of expressing disapproval of something a partner did wrong. Which is not bad. However, it can be disturbing if a partner uses that statement to disapprove of something good you’ve done. Like buying a gift. There is always a better way to register disapprovals without using the word.

52. “I Hate You!”

There are better ways to express your displeasure than saying you hate your partner. You can start by asking why they behaved awkwardly.

53. “I Won’t Eat That Trash You Cooked!”

54. “This Is The Worst Birthday Celebration I Have Experienced!”

55. “You Didn’t Do Well At All!”

56. “You Will Not understand.”

Telling your partner, “you won’t understand,” indirectly means they’re incapable of helping you overcome your challenge. But, if you don’t communicate with your partner, how will they understand what you’re going through?

57. “I Loved Your Shape Before I Met You.”

So what happened now? Does it mean you love your partner only when they’re in good shape? Instead of making your partner feel bad about their new shape, why not enroll them in a gym class?

58. “I’m Not Going To Explain That!”

59. “Figure That Out Yourself!”

60. “It’s Fine.”

If it’s not fine, talk about it, and don’t pretend it is. Unfortunately, most partners use this phrase to cover up negative emotions, especially if they feel their partner isn’t sensitive enough or caring.

61. “I Can’t Continue With This!”


62. “I Will Leave This Relationship For You If You Do That Again!”

Stop acting like you’re playing in your relationship or you’re one leg in and one leg out. If your partner does something that hurts you severely, talk it over with them or report them to their mentors or role models.

63. “You’re Too Anxious for My Liking.”

64. “I’m Too Old For Such”

65. “I Am Not Your Age, Mate!”

That’s way too harsh. It’s not the best way to command loyalty from a partner. Unfortunately, most partners usually resort to such words when they’ve exhausted their mental capacity or wisdom in handling conflicts in the relationship.

66. “You Must Respect Me Or…!”

Your partner is your partner, not your little brother or sister, whom you can order around. You don’t force your partner to respect you. If you love, respect, cherish and honor your partner, you get it back in multiple measures. Respect is mutual.

67. “Your Demand Is Too Much.”

68. “I Didn’t Offend You!”

If your partner is the type that refuses to admit they’re wrong, then it is a toxic sign. There’s no harm in saying ‘I am sorry.’ if one partner is wronged.

69. “Don’t Trust Your Family/Friends.”

70. “Stop Visiting Your Family/Friends.”

71. “Can You Just Listen To Yourself?”

72. “You’re Too Perceptive.”

A toxic partner will try to disprove you and make you feel like your response to an issue is bad. However, don’t be too critical. Instead, learn to ignore some shortcomings of your partner.

73. “You Were Just My Last Resort.”

74. “I am Just Managing You For Now.”

This is a toxic sign in any relationship. That means you can be sent packing or replaced once they see a partner they feel is better than you.

75. “I Will Die If You Leave Me.”

76. “You Always Dress So Shabbily.”

77. “You Look So Unkempt!”

78. “I Don’t Repeat My Words Twice.”

79. “I Mustn’t Listen To You.”

This means that you’re not too important to be paid attention to.

80. “I Am Not Good At Apologizing.”


81. “With All Due Respect.”

Most times, when a person says these words, the following word will be disrespectful.

82. “Never Mind.”

83. “Whatever!”

Phrases like this shutdown communication. It shows that you don’t trust your partner to be that important to share something with. It leaves your partner confused and unable to read your mind.

84. “I Am Not Just In The Mood To Talk.”

Instead of telling your partner that you’re not just in the mood to talk, you can use phrases like “I feel exhausted right now, let’s discuss this subject later,”

85. “I Am Done With This Relationship!”

86. “I Quit!”

87. “You’ll Never See Me Again!”

88. “I Wish I Never Met You!”

89. “I Am Leaving This Relationship For You!”

There are better ways to communicate this. If you want to end your relationship with your partner, you should settle with them amicably. It should stem from mutual understanding and not just throw it to their face like some trash.

90. “You Have Nothing To Offer.”

91. “I Was On My Own, You Sent Me A Message.”

92. “But I Was Not Looking For A Partner.”


This means your partner was the one that forced themself to be with you in the relationship. It makes your partner look like the desperate one who wants a relationship badly.

93. “You’re Just Jealous Of The Attention I Get That You Don’t.”

94. “You’re A Terrible Partner!”

95. “You Don’t Know Anything.”

96. “I Am More Intelligent Than You.”

Your partner should be able to help you grow in specific areas you need growth. It is unreasonable to make your partner feel mediocre, especially when it seems you’re smarter than them. Instead, you can help your partner come up higher.

97. “Something Is Wrong With Your Head.”

98. “You’re So Dumb.”

Even if your partner did something unreasonable, don’t tell them that they are dumb because it is just going to demotivate them.

99. “You’re Very Irresponsible.”

100. “I Am Ashamed Of You.”

101. “You Don’t Have Sense”

102. “I Am More Smarter Than You”

103. “If You Don’t Do It For Me, I’ll Find Someone Else Who Will”

Phrases like this can make you question the security of the relationship or even your self-worth.

104. “After All The Things I Did For You”

105. “You’re Just A Disappointment”

106. “I Don’t Trust Any word You Say.”

107. “You’re A Burden To Me”

108. “I Wish I Never Knew You”

109. “You’re The Worst Mistake Of My Life”


If your partner is making you feel like the worst mistake they have ever made was to meet you, that is a toxic sign. That is worst, especially when they’re beginning to love another person.

110. “You Are Wicked!”

111. “I’m Just Trying To Save You”

112. “I’m Only Trying To Assist”

They will affirm that their motives are good, but their actions often speak louder than words.

113. “You’re Getting Me Furious “

114. “That’s Just The Way I Am”

A toxic partner will want you to endure their silly behavior with the excuse that that is how their character is.

115. “How Many Times Do I Have To Repeat Myself?”

116. “Go To Hell!”


117. “You Seem To Be A Dullard”

Using abusive words on your partner will only demoralize them.

118. “I Would Have Appreciated It If You Had Done More”

A toxic partner is always difficult to please.

119. “Don’t Touch Me!”

120. “Silence”

According to Brittany Bouffard, a Denver psychotherapist, “It is wrong to shut down, leave the room, or refuse to talk about your challenge especially when your partner is trying to have a mature discussion with you. This attitude can leave your partner feeling alone & ignored at a period when they need emotional rapport.”

Wrapping Up On Things Toxic Partners Say


In this article, I have shared the 120 things toxic partners say. If you have a toxic partner who uses these words on you, you shouldn’t keep quiet about it, as it is a toxic sign. But, on the other hand, if you’re guilty of using these words, now is the time to change if you desire a quality relationship.


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