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When A Guy Locks Eyes with You And Doesn’t Look Away – 16 Reasons

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Several researches have shown that eye contact is a powerful mode of communication capable of revealing emotions, thoughts, and any hidden intentions of a person.

Many people in love subtly communicate with their eyes, they love it because it is silent and shows true feelings.

So when you come across a situation where a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, different kinds of thoughts run through your mind. You may get butterflies in your tummy, you may get a queasy feeling, or you may ignore it. Whatever feeling you get is dependent on the personality of the guy and how he looks at you.

There are looks that are sexy, there are looks that are creepy and there are looks that are downright rude.

In such a situation, your mind goes into overdrive, you begin to ask yourself countless questions, is there something on my face or hair I didn’t notice? Is he attracted to me? Is he just a creep that likes checking women out? Or is he trying to approach me? And finally, you ask the question that brought you here, what does it mean when a guy locks eyes with me and doesn’t look away?

Luckily for you, locking eyes with someone can tell you a lot about the person’s motive so this is your chance to find out. There is always a logical way to explain why a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away. With a little insight and deep observation, you can easily tell because it will show in his eyes.

When a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away: 16 possible reasons

We have finally come to the point where we explain one of the greatest but most obvious mysteries in the world of relationships, “what it means when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away.”

If you’ve been beating yourself up trying to figure out the motives behind prolonged eye contact with a guy, you are reading the right article.

We are going to explore and explain 16 possible reasons why a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away.

1. He is admiring you

Your looks and expression say a lot about you and some guys just tend to appreciate the way a woman carries herself without any hidden motive. So maybe you were in a group conversation or any other related scenario and the way you carried yourself, talked, moved, etc made this guy lock eyes with you.

He probably won’t approach you later, he is just admiring a beautiful, confident lady and thinks you are cool.

It may turn out to be something else but at that moment, he’s just admiring you. You should take it as a beautiful compliment.

2. He is attracted to you

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When a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away, it could mean that he is attracted to you. Somehow you sparked his interest and he wants to get to know you better.

You may be on a bus or even in a crowded street and you feel you are being watched. Turning around, you find someone staring at you, dazed. He even gives you a smile.  The clear message here is that he likes what he sees and is definitely attracted to you.

3. He is checking you out

A guy can lock eyes with you just to check you out. He looks you up and down, right to left, and tries to gauge your reaction. He holds eye contact just to see if you will reciprocate his gestures, then moves on to approach you.

This particular action is somehow creepy, even if he may not have any bad intentions. Still, you should be careful of how you interpret such eye contact. It could be a sign of attraction or manipulation.

4. He is confident or asserting himself

Holding eye contact means way more than you imagine. A guy can lock eyes with you, and you suddenly feel like your breath was knocked out. You couldn’t match his stare and felt your legs turn to jelly. He is undeniably attracted to you and wants you to know and feel it.

This kind of man knows the power of eye contact and makes full use of it to gain your interest, he is so confident of what his looks can do to any person. It’s his way of saying he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it.

Don’t also be deceived because this may go both ways. He may not be interested in you but just wants to assert dominance, in some cases, his stares can seem hostile.

5. He is studying you

When a guy makes strong eye contact with you, he is studying you. Obviously, he’s attracted but he wants to analyze you and get to know you. This may have little to do with your physical appearance because he’s not checking you out like looking you up and down, he’s intensely studying your body language.

You may wonder how possible it is when he’s not having a conversation with you. Well, my friend, you underestimate the power of eye contact because it is highly possible.

They say the eyes are a window to the soul, he can read your emotions by just looking at you if he’s perceptive enough.

6. He looks at everyone

Some guys randomly hold intense stares with people not because of any particular reason but just because. They don’t mean anything by it, it may be their way of paying attention to their surroundings.

7. He is flirting with you

Prolonged eye contact is one of the signs that a guy is flirting with you. Things you should consider in this case are how long he stares at you, if he winks, smiles, or changes his body pose, and if he exudes confidence in holding your stare instead of quickly looking away when you catch his eyes.

8. He wants to sleep with you

You catch a guy staring at you intensely, checking you out from head to toe, including your butt, cleavage, and dress. If you feel uncomfortable with that, it is a huge red flag, meaning he just wants to sleep with you. Most especially, when you catch his eyes and he smiles seductively and makes no sign of trying to hide it, his intentions are clear enough.

If that’s something you are comfortable with—a one-night stand—then you might have some going for you. If not, it’s best to steer clear of his path.

9. He is trying to corner you

This is one of the unfortunate aspects of a guy’s eye contact. Many ladies have found a situation where a guy looks at them and doesn’t look away as queasy because most times his kind of stare tells you his mind.

Maybe this guy has been looking at you for a long time, you may not be looking back but you feel eyes boring holes at your back whenever you’re in his line of sight, and his actions have been coming off as stalkerish.

You should exercise caution because it may mean that he is trying to corner you, Move away from his sight and try to lose him in the crowd.

10. He is warming up to approach you

The possibility of him being attracted to you but not knowing how to approach you is high. In this case, he locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away because he wants to analyze your reaction. He can get this information by looking at you for a brief moment. Who knows, He may be trying to come up with a cheesy line or romantic poem, and meeting your eyes is a good way to keep your attention on him.

11. He is just being polite

One of the legit and cool reasons a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away is because he is polite. It is good to maintain eye contact with a person during a conversation, he’s just keeping to the rules because he thinks it is rude and dislikes talking to someone while looking anywhere else but at the person.

So in this case, you have nothing big to read into. It is simply a case of the simple courtesy he is used to, and you should even imbibe it because it fosters deep conversation and shows people you are interested in their ideas.

12 He is teasing you

If there is a spark of sexual attraction between you too, his eyes are enough to keep whatever is going on. This kind of eye contact means he is teasing you with his eyes and you both can have a long conversation with your eyes and no one around can read what is going on.

Most people love to play along these lines and see where it leads them.

13. He is mirroring your actions

You may not be aware but this guy may be consciously or unconsciously mirroring your actions. You are staring at him, he is staring at you. You smile, and he smiles. You move your hands, he moves his. You touch your hair and he does the same.

So when he holds your stare, you were first doing it and he just complies. It is no big deal in this case, it may mean he’s obsessed with you and is really paying attention to your body language so much that he is compelled to mirror you.

14. He is lost in thought

You might have come across a situation where you caught an intense stare in your direction. This guy’s eye seemed locked on you and immovable, only for you to realize that he’s not actually looking at you but looking through you.

In this case, he is zoned out, deep in thought, or already lost in his surroundings. He doesn’t even know you are there.

15. He wants to connect with you

A guy sees you for the first time, your mannerisms have him spellbound and he keeps staring at you. His locking eyes with you is a tactic and strategy used to keep your attention focused on him when he wants to connect with you on a deeper level.

He may be trying to assure you of something or get you to trust or remember him. His main goal is to establish a connection with you at that moment that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

16. He is trying to tell you something

This is another major possibility when a guy locks eyes with you and doesn’t look away. He may be trying to pass a message across that he can’t say verbally. What if someone was stalking you on a lonely road and he was trying to get your attention, or your purse just fell and he’s too far away from you so he wants to gesture, or he’s sitting across from you and sees something lodged in your hair?

The scenarios are many and variable. It may not be a sign of attraction but just a nice gesture to let you know that something is going on around you of which you are not aware.

There are so many possible answers and variations to the question and it all depends on who the guy is.

This is something you can now figure out with the help of this article. However, if you are upfront enough, it may be easier for you to ask him what’s going on.

Also, do not forget the warnings of relationships expert on the matter, always pay attention to the kind of looks you are given. Some are nice and sexy, others are outright rude and creepy.

Do your due diligence to differentiate between them and act accordingly.

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