15 Prefect Body Language You’ll Notice When A Guy Likes You

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When a guy likes you, there are body language you’ll notice when a guy likes you.

It can be really frustrating when you don’t know for certain if a guy likes you, especially when he isn’t saying anything.

The eagerness to know what’s on his mind worsens when he’s someone you have feelings for too.

You can daydream all you want, but if you don’t know if the feeling is mutual, your dreams will always fade with the wind.

Thankfully, there’s a cheat code to decipher what a guy isn’t saying, even when he is an expert at hiding his true emotions.

This code requires keen observation but is usually a surefire gateway to knowing how a guy really feels about you.

Not only will this help you discern what the guy isn’t saying, but it will also help you read other people you come across better. Being able to read a guy’s body language will give you insight into what’s in their heart as they head towards you.

If they have feelings for you, they may be shy, afraid of rejection, unsure of the timing, or uncertain if their feelings for you are mutual.

They may also be giving your friendship time to bloom before taking it to the next level. Thus, they haven’t found the willpower to speak up just yet.

This article will help you understand 15 body language you’ll notice when a guy likes you.

Body Language You’ll Notice When A Guy Likes You


Panajiotis, Pixabay

1. Open position

Body language experts say that if a guy’s feet are shoulder width apart, his chin is unclenched, his arms are uncrossed, and you can see his hands, and if his shoulders are relaxed, then he is into you.

He has gone beyond being interested in you to being comfortable with you. You’ve won his heart, and his posture shows he is curious to learn more about you.

2. He tilts his head to the side

When a man is being professional, his head is in straight alignment with the rest of his body. Even his gait and posture would scream professionalism. When that same man is around a woman he is interested in, he tilts his head to either side.

A tilted head shows that he is curious and wants to get to know and understand you more. He wants to hear both what you are saying and what your underlying ideologies are.

It also shows that he is paying rapt attention to you. A tilted head also depicts warmth and intimacy.

3. Fidgeting

It takes a lot of courage for a man to speak to you. And so if he walks up to you and each time he has sweaty palms and can’t stop touching his face, he is obviously nervous.

Self touching is a way to soothe oneself when nervous. It is also a way to draw attention to themselves.

And being nervous is a good sign for you because it shows that he summoned the courage to go past his social fear to talk to you. It could indicate that he is real and so are his intentions. And that you are important to him and he doesn’t want to mess things up.

Some ladies sometimes rule out the nervous guy as not bold enough to go for what he wants. Relationship experts totally disagree with such ladies.

They say that these “nervous guys” have proven to be authentic and usually sustain longer and more enriching relationships.

So next time a “nervous guy” walks up to you, don’t rule him off; he just might be the one.

4. Looks for any and every opportunity to be with you

It may or may not be a coincidence, but have you noticed that this guy seems to always be in places where you are? It could be your favorite spot for lunch, your local assembly, or at the gym.

He’ll attend conferences and meetings you invite him for, not because it’s of interest to him or would contribute to his career.

But because he’ll be in the same place as you. For him, that’s enough.

This is a sign that they want to spend time with you. Plus being in the same environment as you means that they have a first hand experience of what being in your space feels like.

It also means that they will be a part of the memories created in that space and at that time such that you both will have that memory in common. It gives them a sense of belonging.

I remember having a similar experience with my husband two years before he popped the question. I had invited him for a program that was taking place about 4 hours away from where he lived.

At that time we were just friends plus I didn’t think he would come since it was quite some distance.

Well he showed up and we had a lovely weekend at that event. And that is one memory that we both cherish till date.

5. He takes extra care of his appearance

Have you noticed that the guy, who may have not been doing so good in the wardrobe department suddenly upgrades his game whenever you are together?

He pays a little more attention to his hair, beard, and he changes his perfume. It’s pretty obvious he is making an effort to impress you and to get you to notice him more.

He may sometimes ask your opinions around fashion and show up next time having implemented your suggestion.

It’s a sign he is interested in you since he wants you to find him attractive.

6. He walks beside you


Panajiotis, Pixabay

Body language experts believe that when a man likes a woman he walks beside her. Not ahead and definitely not behind.

Sometimes, unconsciously, he falls in step with you when you are walking together.

He does his best to maintain your pace as well.

And when you pause to stand together, he doesn’t stand away from you. He stands pretty close to you.

This goes to show that he wants to be close and intune with and his body is simply playing that out.

7. Looks deep into your eyes

The eyes, they say,  are a gateway to a man’s heart. When you are with someone who really likes you, they stare into your eyes longer than usual.

They don’t do this to intimidate you, not all. It’s a long but soft stare to try to see into your heart. He is trying to understand you better. To get to know what makes you tick. He wants to better understand your perspectives and thought patterns.

They are doing all this to establish a better connection with you as the woman that they want to be with.

8. Lean in towards you

When someone really likes you, one thing they do that is really obvious is that they want to be close to you. They establish attachment by seeking proximity.

If you were sitting in a park they’ll intentionally move closer to you in order to establish physical contact.

They touch you in a non- intrusive manner – a light brush of the arm, a hug that lasts a few seconds longer than normal, they reach out to take your hand instinctively.

They are aware of space boundaries and honour them but at the same time break the touch barrier to have that connection with you.

9. They keep smiling when you are around

Do you need further signs to know that you light up his world? Whenever you are around he is constantly smiling. There may be nothing funny being said but he’s just glad he is with you.

He also finds your jokes funny even when no one else does. He laughs longer and harder should everyone else find it funny.

It goes a long way to show that he is enjoying your company and the conversations you have are wholesome and engaging.

One thing he is going to invest in is to keep your smile as well. He’s going to do anything in his power to ensure that you are happy.

10. He notices every change

He notices your new hairstyle, a new outfit, a new phone pouch, anything new. He has subconsciously taken note of your appearance and when there’s a change, he spots it.

He also notices you. He knows when you are happy, sad, or discontented. He seems to read you so well.

He remembers little details about you – your favorite food, your birthday, your itinerary and he works with it. He likes you even though he isn’t saying anything about it just yet.

11. He mimics you (Mirroring)

A guy who likes you will subconsciously begin to mirror your body language. He’ll say things the way you do, copy your gesticulations and intonation, cross his arms/feet like you do.

He’ll try to speak at the same speed and volume as you do, using the special words that accentuate your speech. He will begin to love the things and places that you love, and then he’ll adopt your hobbies, favourite movies and even your friends.

He is gradually infusing himself into your world because he really wants to be part of it. He is also trying to make you feel accepted and comfortable.

12. He gets jealous of other guys in your life

While this might be a little subtle it is a great sign that a guy wants more than being your friend.

You’ll probably notice him eyeballing a guy who seems to be getting too close to you for their comfort. He’ll ask questions about them or try to outdo something that person did for you.

He will attempt to change the topic when those people come up in a conversation.

Whenever those people are around, he’ll get tensed or make negative comments about them, all in a bid to make you focus on him instead.

Note that this is different from being obsessive and abusive. He is only trying to keep you for himself because he is really into you.

13. Sharing personal things with you

Who do you share deep things with about yourself? Definitely not just everyone but someone that you have come to trust over time.

So when a guy begins to tell you details of things that are personal to him, pay close attention, girl. Not only does he like you, he trusts you. He is comfortable with and respects you.

A good relationship is built on trust. If he trusts you, then it’s a good sign that your friendship is headed in the right direction, and will become more intimate and real.

14. Seeks out your opinion before making decisions

Have you noticed how a certain guy in your life is always coming to you for advice? He always wants to hear your opinion even on trivial matters like what movie to watch.

When he’s about to make any decision, he wants your input. It shows he values your opinions and wants you to be happy with the choices he makes.

It also shows that not only is he thinking of himself and the short-term effects of his decisions, he is factoring you and the future in as well.

15. They want to be in constant communication with you

Apart from getting your opinion on things and being in the same space with you, a guy who likes you would keep the communication lines open.

He could establish a routine of specific days and times when he calls you or hangs out with you. He wants to have conversations with you, to get emotionally and intellectually attached to you.

Body language is a powerful tool that can show you what someone isn’t telling you. If you notice 50% of these cues I have outlined in this article, then there’s a high chance that the guy likes you.

Still, do not base your life and decisions on these cues alone. It’s best to hear from the horse’s mouth what is on his heart.

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