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17 Best Craft Presents

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Are you looking for the best way to appreciate the people in your life? Which other way is more special than hand-made gifts? In this article, we will be discussing the best craft presents that you can give to anyone.

Handmade or home-made crafts have proven to be one of the most effective ways of expressing thoughtfulness. Some of the best craft presents include embroidery headphones, a knitted cozy chunky blanket, homemade scented candles, gift cards, string art, a glass case, cinnamon sugar hand scrub, DIY essential oil perfume, DIY flower gift wrap and many more.

The good thing about hand-made gifts is that they are not found in the market; therefore, they are unique and are the only ones in the world. They are one of the practical ways of showing you care; this is more vocal because your action, which is one of the best crafts, presents backs your words in the most vocal way.

Some Of The Best Crafts Presents To Make

There are so many different types of handcrafted crafts you can try out and they will be discussed in the following subheadings. The best craft presents help awaken your creativity and help you go all out as you want. Whether its for your spouse, child or relatives, giving people the best crafts presents you made is very well appreciated.

1. Hand-Embroidered Onesie

Are you expecting a baby? or you have a baby shower to attend? Leaving your mark on a new baby onesie is one of the best craft presents to go for. This is very simple and inexpensive; all you have to do is embroider whatever you think is cute on the onesie. It could be one of your favorite emojis like smiliey or a beautiful baby’s face.

2. Embroidered Leather Gift Card Holder

This gift is a very thoughtful one out of the best craft presents, It shows that you are very observant. The embriodered gift card holder is a better way to present gift cards than the usual way, which involves the use of envelopes. This gift holder can serve the purpose of not only keeping your own gift card but others as well.

3. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are always special when they are personalized. Having your name or a short message written on a coffee mug makes you want to drink coffee with that mug every day. To achieve a personalized coffee mug, all you have to do is get a plain white mug and leave a message on it. It could be a short phrase or just one word—just anything that shows how special that person is to you. After inscribing your words, bake the mug in the oven and you have gotten yourself a personalized coffee mug.

4. Personalized Plates

Just like the personalized coffee mug, you can make personalized plates as well. The same technique applies here; just get a plain white plate. How would it feel to eat from a plate that was made for just you? How amazing that is!

5. DIY Essential Oils Perfume

This gift is so unique because you get a chance to try out different fragrances and mix up the ones that you know the other person really loves. It could be lavender or any other fragrance, and then you get the essential oils and a customized bottle. After getting them, mix them up in appropriate portions and perceive the mixture to know which of the essential oils to add more. Pour out the newly made essential oil perfume into the perfume bottle you have, and you are done.

6. Homemade Scented Candles

Candles were made for the purpose giving light and they are one of the best gift presents that you can make. Home-made candles give candles a whole new meaning as they signify warmth as much as they provide it. Making candles is great, you can also go the extra mile by adding nice fragrance to them to give the room a more welcoming scent. The scents will remind the recipient of your good thoughts for them. The amazingness does not end there; you can also customize the candle to any color of your choice.

7. Arm Knitted Cozy Chunky Blanket

This gift is one of the best craft presents and is very warm. This is a very thoughtful gift that can be presented just before winter or during the winter season. These chunky arm knitted blankets are very trendy now. You can look up different chunky arm-knitted blankets and decide which one to make.

8. Embroidery Headphones

You must have noticed that most of the times, headphones don’t last because they break a lot of times. Having an embroidered cover over them will help increase their lifespan and also make them pretty. To make these embroidery headphones more unique, you can choose to use different colors that you know the other person likes. One of the amazing things about these embroidery headphones is that they prevent your headphones from tangling up as they used to.

9. String Art

A spring art, as the name implies, is the use of strings to make artworks; it doesn’t sound pretty, right? not to worry. String art can be very colorful and beautiful. You can choose to make house string art on a piece of wood as a gift for a housewarming party. You can also make a very green tree for Christmas and many other creative things. All you need is plenty of strings, glue and some beads to create defined boundaries on the artwork.

10. Sunglasses Case

Can you imagine how thoughtful a sunglasses case is? Usually, when sunglasses are bought, they don’t come with a case; you just see them being displayed on a customized sunglasses stand and you pick your choice. This gift is one of the most practical of the best craft presents.

11. Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub

Gifting your friend a cinnamon sugar hand scrub is a very thoughtful gift because it means you want your friend to continue to look or to look more beautiful. Sugar scrubs are very good for exfoliation and they cause your skin to shine brighter and more beautiful. This gift is very much appreciated.

12. DIY Flower Gift Wrap

Ever tried making a DIY flower gift wrap? well this is a good opportunity to showcase your creativity. This way, the flowers will not look so bare when you gift them.

13. Marbled Nail Polish Phone Case

Do you have a friend who is brave enough to go about with their phones without putting it in a phone case? or are you that person? Do cushion the effects of falling; having your phone in a phone case will help to a good degree. You can also gift this present anyone, because there is hardly anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a new phone case.

14. DIY Peaches And Cream Soap

You might be thinking along the lines of “making soap is hard,” but its hardly so because you are not making a large batch. The steps to making DIY peaches and cream soap are very practical and simple, so much so that you can be done in just ten minutes. You make this soap more beautiful by using molds of different shapes and sizes, you can also make use of different colors to make them more outstanding.

15. DIY Coffee Mug Holder

A DIY coffee mug holder is the best gift to accompany the personalized coffee mug out of all the best craft presents. They give your personalized coffee mugs the best finishing touches ever. They definitely make your present stand out more, even when placed in the midst of other coffee mugs.

16. Stress Balls

Stress balls, as the name implies, are very good at relieving stress. They are squishy and so colorful; their colors are very aesthetic, especially their squishy nature. When you squeeze them, they have a way of helping your tensed hands relax and before you know it, your whole body is relaxed. You can pair these stress balls with some bath salts and chocolates as well.

17. Crochet Oven Mitt

Everyone would love an extra oven mitt; therefore, it is a very thoughtful gift. A crochet oven mitt gives off a warm, homely feeling cause it means you want the hands of the recipient to be safe while working in the kitchen. It is one of the best craft presents for any event, especially a housewarming party.


Homemade gifts are the best types of presents to give others and even yourself. They go a long way toward boosting your creativity and saving you a lot of cash. So its safe to say that most of the best craft presents are pocket-friendly and, at the same time, very unique. Everyone of these presents are thoughtful but handmade presents are not limited to them. There are other handmade presents you can make as well; you just have to observe what the recipients would truly appreciate and give it a try.




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